Examples of Great 2d 3d Animated Explainer Videos

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By guest author Nathalie Bassanesi

The growing popularity of explainer videos stems from needing to showcase a product simply and effectively. Research shows that 74% of customers that watched a product explainer video ended up buying. And 83% of companies that used video advertising reported considerable improvement in sales, as video engages even the laziest viewers.

2d and 3d Animation Explainer Videos in Examples

Whether it’s 2D or 3D, animation is a clever storytelling device that gives unique emotional stimulation that all audience members can relate to. In this article, we’ll showcase both 2D and 3D examples.

2D animated explainer videos

When you want to successfully break down concepts concerning complex technology, 2D animation is best when it comes to effectiveness and budget.

Plus, when you consider the return on investment, both B2C and B2B companies tend to choose 2D over live movies because it evokes emotion and concentrates on the message, without overwhelming the audience.

We’ll order this list roughly from highest to lowest quality, to give you an idea of ranges.

IKEA Sales Tool

Fulfilling client’s expectations is never easy, but Ikea appears to have found the best service with a smart phone tool that helps sales teams assist clients. This video has a mix of excellent narration and copywriting that show the value of each item. Plus, having the color palette in line with their brand, customers begin to associate this helpful tool with Ikea!

My Cloud Demo

Buck TV is known for their excellent digital production skills. And their work on the My Cloud personal storage device explainer video, is no exception to that. With an inspiring tone, this video does an excellent job illustrating exactly how their product works for their customers.


We all understand the value of communication and when you consider applying this value across multiple languages…it can seem hard to overcome. However, P&C put together this remarkable video clip, which shows the world that quality free language learning is possible.


With the help of Grumo media, Padmapper says it like it is. Searching for an apartment is stressful and their job is to make things easier. Using humor and creativity the video holds people’s attention and helps them find their next home from the comfort of the couch.


3D animated explainer videos

Over the past couple years, companies have been investing a lot more money and time into their brand image. One of the ways they’ve been doing that is with 3D explainer videos. This level of animation allows you to go into deep photorealistic detail when explaining certain attributes of a product. Here are some examples, again listed from highest quality to lowest.

GE 3D Digital Solutions

Are you familiar with the phrase “industrial net”? If not, imagine a highway where cars have the ability to move around without a driver. GE assists industrial businesses in their expansion by using the very best modern technology solutions. To name one example, it uses a wind turbine to show how these brilliant machines offer insights to make much better choices as well as how they’ll affect the future. What better way to convey such a message than in 3D!

Med Mart

This app offers users a new way to find the best local doctors to plan a cosmetic procedure. Through the app, the user is able to select their treatment, choose which doctors they want to bid on their procedure, send pictures of the body part they would like to operate on and fund it. By having the visual style very bright, eclectic and fun helps the viewer relate to the stress-free option that Med Mart offers!

Xbox One S.

Serious gamers like to know the ends and outs that a console can provide. So when Xbox came out with their One S console, 3D animation helped relay the info their audience wanted to see: slimmer, faster, sleeker and sharper. Compared to its predecessors, this device provides a high dynamic range technology with additional performance for 4K and HDR.


Nightingale is the very first smart home sleeping system developed to conceal troubling noises. The video displays its functions as well as how it helps people fall sleep faster. Having the animation in 3D, customers are able to recognize how this product would work in their day-to-day, or should I say “night-to-night”, lives.

Flowater filtration

Aiming at sustainable development, The Flowater 3D explainer video shows how to purify regular tap water with their refill station, providing the cleanest, mineral-enriched water. Using high-tech methods, Flowater manufacturers aim to disrupt the drinking water industry.

Whatever the product may be, 2D or 3D animation can bring any brand’s vision to life. Whether it’s relatable, funny, inspiring, or informative, with an explainer video, you set the tone. Because animation can effectively target an audience, boost the product’s qualities and helps to place organizations at the forefront of innovation.

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