Explainer videos are a great way to deliver your core message to your audience in an incredibly engaging way. This isn’t a marketing technique that only works for big brands or small startups – any business can benefit from these 60-second bad boys. Including yours! 

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use an explainer video as part of your overall marketing strategy. You don’t need to have a specific type of business for people to quickly gain the info they need and help them form an opinion about your brand.

The best explainer videos are usually short, but always powerful. To give you some inspiration to get you started, we’ve provided 21 of our favorite examples.

1. Pinterest (Bread N’ Beyond)

Pinterest did their explainer video right. They stated their video’s length in the first few seconds to set expectations, then tailored this simple how-to video to their audience’s unique likes and needs.

2. Insightly (Explainify)

Opening with eye-catching colors, this is a perfect on-brand explainer video. Moving icons, dynamic characters, and intriguing transitions tell the story while staying true to the brand’s look and feel.

3. Verikai (Explainify)

An explainer video that covers all the bases while taking a complicated process and simplifying it into a fun and easy-to-understand.

4. GiveForward (ILLO)

A heartwarming video about how you can use GiveForward to start fundraising for someone you care about, and invite the entire community involved. Using Jeff’s story to show off the site makes it easy for viewers understand the service – with a powerful emotional punch to boot.

5. VeriFi (IV)

VeriFi breaks down their construction management tool, clearly explaining the complexities of the industry, who they can help, and how they do it. With little to no jargon and a bright, simple design, VeriFi makes construction lending seem elementary.

6. SMART Logistics

Making the complex simple is the key to a great explainer video. In this Smart Logistics animated video, all the components to this supply chain tool is explained in a captivating and creative way. All while staying true to the brand colors and tonality.

7. Spotify

60 seconds is all Spotify needed. Bold colors, clear text and a joyful tune with minimal animation capture the essence of the brand’s appeal – modern and fun.

8. YouCaring (ThinkMojo)

YouCaring features smooth, beautiful animation with no voiceover strike an emotional chord while making it easy to understand how they help you, help others. It’s a  reminder that the key to a great explainer video is simplicity.

9. Explainify Packages Explained! (Explainify)

This is a great example of how to explain your different products and services. Colorful graphics with brand placement is the perfect way to engage your audience while giving them a clear view into what makes your brand stand out.

10. Olark (Bread N’ Beyond)

Simple but engaging, Olark highlights how you can use live business chat on your website to increase retention and create a better online experience for your visitors.

11. Dupont “Food” (James Bartley)

Dupont Food proves you can get a lot of information into an explainer video. Simple design and empathic voiceover blend with company colors and branding to communicate a corporate message in an inspiring way.

12. Twitter: Flight School (Oddfellows)

Simple animation and a clear message are all you need, but if you can afford to invest in bright, dynamic movement and 3D graphics to showcase your service like this video does – you should do it. When you create video this beautiful, it becomes less of a sales piece, and more of a manifesto to express your values and vision.

13. Mint (Nate Whitson)

Another video from the explainer video hall of fame. It’s the perfect overview video, with captivating motion graphics and detailed screenshots. Mint created this video to match their website redesign. Making a video that reflects your overall brand style increases engagement and turns it into a lving example of what your brand is all about.

14. How A Bean Becomes A Fart (Giant Ant)

A cute video infographic to answer this age-old question for us – it’s not gross, it’s science! It’s also oh-so-subtly branded. Notice there is no reference to the video being for Men’s health until the very end.

15. Delta-Q Technologies (Explainify)

New technology in any space needs to be explained! And Explainify does that better than anyone as seen in this simple explainer video for Delta-Q Technologies stackable batteries. This video gives us the how, why, and what of this valuable product in a little over one minute.

16. What Is Dropbox (Buck)

Clear animation easily explains what Dropbox can do in this video. 60 seconds is more than enough time to pitch your product if you know which points and pieces really matter – hint, it’s the things that make your customer’s lives better.

17. PadMapper (Grumo)

The animation in this video is so simple, it’s almost bad. But that’s the genius of PadMapper! By refusing to be overly polished, professional, or formal, this video feels so real. And because of that, you want to give their software a try.

18. PerkinElmer Life Sciences (Explainify)

This explainer video shows how any subject, regardless of the complexity, can be explained with a simple script, colorful animation, and dynamic graphics. Watch how this complex topic is made into a wonderful, easy-to-understand explainer video!

19. Tonx (Sandwich Video)

This video, like the Dollar Shave Club video, is funny – first and foremost. We live in an incredibly self-aware world, so when a video knows how to laugh at itself and lets us in on the joke, we’re more likely to pay attention.

20. How to Get Started with Premium Animated Explainer Videos (Explainify)

This is an example of how a great explainer video can tell your whole brand story in 1-minute and 36-seconds. Colorful animation to match your brand colors and a captivating storyline, can be used as a lead-in on your webpage, landing page, or social media channels. This is how it’s done right!

21. Costa Sunglasses (Giant Ant)

This video is proof that you don’t have to force your branding down people’s throats. With only one reference to Costa, this video is so beautiful that you can’t help but watch all 3 minutes.

Costa Sunglasses // Kick Plastic from Giant Ant on Vimeo.


There you go! That’s a double-digit helping of explainer video goodness. They’re not all animated, they’re not all high-quality, and some of them are barely branded at all. But they all tell great stories with crystal clarity.

Now get out there and tell your own!


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