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September 2014

3 Reasons Your Customers Demand Video Marketing

By | Explainify, Featured

I was a Junior in college when YouTube hit it big. I can remember the first time someone pulled me into their dorm room to show me the X-Men cartoons that had been dubbed over. YouTube videos quickly took their place alongside jokes and pranks – a man’s sense of humor was now determined by whether he could point you to the newest, funniest video. Cats on Roombas and laughing babies ran rampant. And by the time I graduated, everyone was watching. Now, we use online video for everything. Whether we want to change a tire, catch up on the…

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Animated Marketing Video – LaunchHub

By | Explainify

So you’re a mobile app marketer looking to take your app to the next level, and you want to make sure that your marketing campaign really pays off. With all the unknowns, you need to know how your app will perform in the future. You need LaunchHub. Working with LaunchHub was truly a collaborative process. It took our storytelling expertise and their domain-specific knowledge working in tandem to figure out the best way to explain what they do. We wanted to craft an animated marketing video that presented their predictive mobile analytics platform in an engaging way to mobile marketers – while still…

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