2013: A Year in Review

Oh hey there,

We hope you had some super happy holidays. I guess it’s that time where we kick the figgie pudding, pumpkin pies and the santa shaped chocolate bars. Before we do, let’s review all we’ve been able to accomplish thanks to you!

We had the opportunity to work with the most incredible clients, including Expedia, NBC Universal, Collective Bias, Field Agent and many more.

  • Our videos blasted through over 60 countries, increased conversions and sales
  • Named Top 10 Explainer Company
  • Won a trip to SXSW via a 60 second pitch contest
  • Welcomed 6 new team members
  • Built a new office
  • Mentored at Startup Weekend and spoke at numerous events in our region
  • Built a new website (another new one coming early 2014!)
  • Started tracking analytics via Wistia, making for better conversions
  • Created a new homepage video
  • Honored to write for Unbounce, Kissmetrics, Wistia, MeetAdvisors, Start-ups.co, Blog Growth and many more awesome sites
  • We were blessed to work with so many amazing clients. Thank you for all your support!

Looking at 2014

What’s next for us in 2014? We’re adding live action to our capabilities where we’ll be shooting impact-making corporate positioning videos, explainers, customer testimonials, case studies and more. We’ll do a lot more blogging on our own (new) site and for some of the top video/marketing blogs – providing useful, educational content, FAQs and more.

We know the power of good video and want to help companies with their complete video marketing strategy, so we are seeking strategic partnerships with studios, agencies and startup deal flow organizations. If you are interested or can make any introductions, we’d love that.

Let’s Make More Videos

If you haven’t figured it out yet, online video is happening. Companies are finding more creative ways to use it and it’s paying off big time with increased conversion, which means increased sales, and increased revenue!

If you are or know of a truly cool company that’s looking to close more deals online or off, forward this blog post. We can help.

2014 and beyond! Happy New Year!

The Year In Photos

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Top Posts of 2013:

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Explainify Young Creatives Competition Winner: Skanda Ravindra

As part of Explainify’s 10-Year Anniversary, we’re spotlighting up-and-coming artists throughout the year in our Young Creatives Competition. The competition is open to creatives between the ages of 12 and 30, with monthly winners’ artwork showcased across Explainify’s website and social media platforms. Entrants can create their art from any medium, but must include the Explainify logo and/or Explainify’s “play-button’ icon within the artwork itself.


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