Best B2B Explainer Videos (Our Top 7 Choices)

Best B2B Explainer Videos

Need some inspiration for an upcoming B2B explainer video?

You want something great, not just good. Something tasteful and creative, not tacky and bland. You want something that represents your brand well while getting the message across to your ideal buyers in target industries.

We get it. And we’ve put together a formula to help you make a great B2B explainer video and a list of some examples of our favorites to show you exactly what’s possible and highlight aspects of each that put them on our list. 

The Common Formula

All of these videos are wildly different (as you’ll see). Not just different companies and products but themes, production style, and tone. That said, there are a few things they all have in common.

  • Customer = Hero: Many, if not all of these begin by calling out to those meant to watch the explainer. You’ll hear things like, “You’re a business owner” very early on. Each video is tailored specifically with particular viewers that would be most interested in a B2B explainer video. 
  • Problems Personified: Products and services solve problems. Explainer videos highlight those pains in order to showcase the usefulness of the company’s offer. Each of these b2b explainer videos include pain points.
  • Simple Solution: Some on our list go into more detail than others, but none of them give a detailed expose on their gadgets. However, they all paint a scenario that is possible by using the solution.
  • Call-to-Action (CTA): There is always a next step. Even though explainers are sometimes the introduction into an organization, they can still call people to action. If there isn’t a button, there is a clear CTA in each of our top b2b explainer videos.

Let’s see how some of our favorite videos apply the different parts of this formula successfully.

1: A message that perfectly sets you apart


DexterEdward (by Explainify)

DexterEdward is a cyber defense firm that knows how to protect the world’s most sensitive data. Their product, Fognigma, helps those who need to keep their intel secure while working in a collaborative online environment.

What’s Awesome: It’s Exclusive

The product isn’t a firewall for gamers and home networks. Fognigma is a highly sophisticated system for keeping important data safe without slowing down progress. The video is technical enough to attract only those people who could use the product, but it’s also got a cool spy vibe that sets the tone.

2: A subtle argument to persuade your audience to upgrade

Who doesn’t know what Dropbox is, right? But the company also has a product for businesses. It helps them collaborate and edit documents and virtually never lose any data ever again.

What’s Awesome: Highlights the Problem

Unlike Fognigma, Dropbox is for just about anyone.

This video had to highlight a pain amongst business owners and managers that would prompt them to move to a paid solution. If you’ve been in an office at all, certain parts of this explainer will make you cringe. Needing an older version, losing data, not being able to work from other devices — all nightmares that some still deal with today.

3: A great hook to speak directly to your audiences pain


Crawford&Co. Recall 360 (by Explainify)

Product recalls are never planned, but when they occur, they require immediate response to protect customers, margins, and a company’s brand. That’s why Crawford has a solution that allows companies to plan for, respond to and mitigate product recalls.

What’s Awesome: Great Introduction

This explainer points out the pain that a recall can have on a company and paints a simpler life with a partner that can help you get back to business. 

4: A captivating visual concept for a technical message

AT&T | Network Firewall from VeracityColab on Vimeo.

AT&T is a huge company that traverses all telecommunications. This particular explainer is for their network firewall to protect businesses from the increasingly hostile internet.  

What’s Awesome: It’s Really Pretty

Technical, right? Watching this thing makes you feel like you’ve got your popcorn and have sat down at a movie theater and this is the first preview. It looks good. The whole thing has a Tron feel and some nice bass sound to go along with it. All of this helps to differentiate an otherwise complex message.

5: A vision that meets what the audience craves


Onera (by Explainify)

With online ordering, customer expectations are shifting – they want more products with fast and free shipping. That’s where Onera comes in. They provide retailers the right insight to make dynamic fulfillment for themselves and their customers seamless. Managing that process has been difficult but Onera has a goal to change this.

What’s Awesome: It Taps Into Desire

This video is for the retailer who wants to provide optimal fulfillment (in-store or online) without the headaches and understands the value of customer experience. Onera makes this dream a reality. What would normally be complex is made simple, while also improving sales, profitability and the customer experience.

6: A way to approach a diverse audience 

Practicus is an outcome delivery firm that works with a plethora of industries and businesses. Essentially, when a business wants to change, implement a business plan, or consult about major changes — Practicus can help.

What’s Awesome: Vague in a Good Way

This company is trying to sell easier change. No one likes change. In fact, most people are terribly afraid of uncertainty. Usually, you want to be precise, but sometimes you have a broad offer. Take a cue from Practicus.

7: A balanced focus between your company and your audience


Alation (by Explainify)

Alation wants to help IT teams and business users with metadata adoption. This is done with an easy to use platform that allows users to search, review, and receive recommendations on their data.

What’s Awesome: A Good Ratio

Most explainers are heavily weighted toward pointing out the features and good points of the company. However, focusing on a well-balanced mix of what you do and how your buyers benefit is the perfect recipe for an effective video. Alation pulls this off well. You understand the client’s pain points and learn how Alation can help users.

Feeling Inspired?

Now that you’ve seen the common elements in action and want to chat about how you can apply these features to your next explainer video, book a call to chat with us.



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