Video Hall Of Fame: The Best Animated And Explainer Videos Case Studies

Blog Image Video Hall Of Fame The Best Animated-And-Explainer Videos Success Stories

Explainer Videos. Animated Videos.. Interactive Videos…

No matter what form they come in, videos are everywhere.

You just can’t treat videos as a good-to-have piece of your overall marketing strategy.

They are an absolute must and are the new growth fuel. In fact,

  • 54% of people want to see more video content from businesses.
  • 83% of consumers worldwide prefer YouTube to watch video content.
  • 73% of consumers worldwide prefer seeing videos on social media that are “entertaining.”

From big brands to startups, companies of all sizes rely on videos to grow their business.

At Explainify, we have been fortunate to work with some of the world’s best companies and help them share their stories with our videos.

In this post, we’re listing a few of our favorite Animated and Explainer Video case studies we are super proud of.

Let’s jump in!

1) Animated Marketing Video – Tyson Hunger Relief

It’s almost not fair how much fun we get to have. We work with some incredible brands – who trust us to tell their story in fresh, fun, new ways.

Tyson Foods had an important story to tell. Since 2000, they’ve donated 100 million pounds of food through partnerships with hunger relief organizations across the US.

We are always incredibly inspired to get the chance to work with companies that are making such a big difference.

So of course we said yes to making an animated marketing video that would display their amazing results and work that inspires communities around the globe.

But the folks at Tyson weren’t satisfied with a cliche, feel-good video to deliver the news. Tyson was looking for fresh ways to breathe life into their historic brand initiatives and opportunities.

The result was this goofy, fun, and ultimately compelling video that helps viewers understand just how much food 100 million pounds really is.

2) Animated Marketing Video – GE Power and Water Egypt Project

Sometimes, dreams come true.

We’ve been fans of GE‘s marketing/advertising for a long, long time. So when their Power and Water division approached us to make an animated brand video announcing their recent partnership with the country of Egypt, we said “Absolutely!”

When they asked us if we could do it in three weeks? We said, “We’ll do it in two.”

After more than a few late nights and Saturdays fueled by caffeine and enthusiasm, we had this marketing video on our hands – and we knew it was something special.

The animated brand video was part of broader press release announcing the partnership – a story that was featured on thousands of top news sites like Bloomberg and Reuters. We were so excited to be a part of this project and help to bring this video to life for GE.

The best part? The GE team was so blown away, they planned on working with us for the foreseeable future.

3) Animated Marketing Video – Demandbase Sales Accelerator

When sales and marketing aren’t aligned, your company suffers.

We got a chance to work with a company that helps to align marketing and sales for an animated explainer video.

Here are some important stats that show how of not aligning your sales and marketing goals can have a significant effect on your business. Take a look here:

  • 84% of sales and marketing teams are misaligned.
  • 79% of leads never convert to sales.
  • 80% of sales content never gets used by your salespeople.
  • 57% of customers feel like salespeople walk into a meeting unprepared.

Read those stats again. How crazy are those stats?

Thankfully, Sales Accelerator from Demandbase helps align marketing and sales.

We can’t turn down the chance to work with companies who are creating innovative business solutions, so when Demandbase came to us requesting an animated explainer video for their sales/marketing alignment tool, we were intrigued.

Using a combination of live software screens and conceptual animation, we created a Demandbase explainer video that shows off Sales Accelerator – and looks good at the same time.

4) Animated Marketing Video – LaunchHub

If you’re a mobile app marketer looking to take your app to the next level and you want to make sure that your marketing campaign really pays off. With all the unknowns, you need to know how your app will perform in the future. You need LaunchHub.

Working with LaunchHub was truly a collaborative process. It took our storytelling expertise and their domain-specific knowledge working in tandem to figure out the best way to explain what they do.

We wanted to craft an animated marketing video that presented their predictive mobile analytics platform in an engaging way to mobile marketers – while still showing that the team at LaunchHub knows their stuff.

We think you’ll agree that this one’s a win!

5) Animated Explainer Video – Real Agent Guard

Making an animated explainer video for your app is something that nearly every app company should take advantage of.

Sometimes it is difficult for consumers to understand exactly what your app does or how it works and an animated explainer video really helps to clarify those details for your readers.

We were asked by an amazing company called Real Agent Guard to help them to create an animated explainer video that would explain the value of their app and much, much more.

Real Agent Guard keeps real estate agents safe – and deters criminals.

When we were asked to make a video explaining their security app and platform specifically designed to keep real estate agents safe, we knew we could do something really special for them.

We fell in love with the “secret agent tech” feel to this product, and we really played it up in the explainer video. The result is a fun, sleek, and surprisingly thrilling animated explainer video. This video totally landed with a splash and we’re very excited to share it with you.

If you’d like to take a look at some of the other awesome animated explainer videos we’ve made for other app companies, click here.

6) Animated Explainer Video – Buy Hold Sell

Investing is a big part of many people’s financial portfolio and future plans. It can also be complicated and cumbersome for people with large portfolios all the way to those that don’t know where to start.

Many people hire agencies to take care of their investment portfolio but what if you can’t afford that kind of special assistance? That’s what this explainer video is about and…

That’s where Buy Hold Sell comes in. If investing is important to you and you don’t have a large portfolio, you don’t need tons of research. You need Buy Hold Sell.

We were asked by our friends at Intelligent Investor to create an animated explainer video to help explain and promote their new reduced advice offering for Australian investors.

We knew to do justice and deliver a high quality video, the first step is being able to understand their target audience. So we dug in deep and worked with their team to determine what mattered most to their potential clients.

We found out that their audience cared about getting a great value without sacrificing the quality financial analysis they’d come to expect from Intelligent Investor. That’s exactly what Buy Hold Sell delivers.

With such perfectly tailored messaging in place, we were able to design a beautiful, high-end video that shows just what a premium offering Buy Hold Sell is.

7) Collective Bias: An Adventure in Live-Action Video

One of the great things about building long-term friendships with our clients is that we get to work with them time and again as their needs and strategy change. So when Collective Bias asked us to collaborate with them on a series of live-action brand-positioning videos, there was no hesitation.

This was such a great opportunity for us to try something new, something innovative: We wanted to combine beautiful, rich, live shots with the killer explanatory power of our animated motion graphics.

A lot of scripting, revising, storyboarding, revising, scheduling, and… well, you get it. There are always so many moving pieces to consider that it’s easy to lose track – and the cameras aren’t even rolling yet!

And it’s all totally worth it, as we discovered when the main video finally went live:

When we watched it with the client for the first time, there might have been some joyful tears.

Fueled by coffee and fried chicken – we are in the South, after all – we took our crew and cameras to multiple locations over multiple days. We worked with dogs, college students, and Collective Bias execs to tell a great visual story. And in the end, it all came together.

Experiences like these make us thankful:

  • For clients who entrust us with the hefty responsibility of telling their story well.
  • For a creative team that courageously says “yes.”
  • For opportunities to break new ground and push beyond the borders of what seems possible.

More than that, though, experiences like these make us eager.

8) Explainer Video: ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan is dispatch software on steroids, turning your business into the ultimate service machine!

The folks at ServiceTitan approached us looking for a simple, professional explainer video that would explain their software while communicating clearly with their target audience: service sector business owners.

Our main job is really to take our clients business offerings and holistically craft them into 60-90 second masterpieces that are easily digestible for everyone to see.

We’re so ecstatic with the final product! The video is crisp and clean, with beautifully simple design, eye-catching color, and just a hint of humor.

Client Happiness:

I was impressed by their ability to deliver a remarkable product on time and within budget. What’s more, I’m astounded by how they were able to understand our (admittedly complicated) business, summarize it succinctly, and market it powerfully in a beautiful explainer video… I didn’t have to lift a finger. I spent 5 minutes discussing my business with them, and a few weeks later, I got a world-class video.

9) Animated Explainer Video: Shell Energy Connect

In a world buzzing with energy options, facts, and factors, it’s important to track down the information that actually matters to you – so you can make smart decisions.

Shell Energy Connect allows you to do that so you have all the information you need to support your day-to-day business.

The team at Shell Energy North America decided it was time to give their commercial and industrial customer portal a reboot, and they asked us to help them tell that story. We learned the Shell style guidelines and created a video that was clear, straightforward, engaging… and totally on-brand for this storied company.

Oh yeah – they were also a blast to work with!

10) Animated Explainer Video: Infinity

Every once in a while, a project comes along that’s just plain fun.

Infinity was that kind of project. The guys at WeMod have created a platform that makes modding (modifying) computer games easy. Right away, we knew we could have a blast with this one. And we think the results show just how much fun we had.

11) Animated Explainer Video: Priory Solutions

When you think “institutional research,” you may not automatically think “fun.”

That was exactly our thought before we had the chance to work with Priory Solutions. But our client trusted us to make a video that was fun, effective, and a bit quirky.

This isn’t your standard demo for a research platform. No sir, it’s about adventurers on the quest for knowledge. Watch this video, and enjoy. When brands are willing to take risks, this is the kind of video they get.

12) Interactive Video: Clean & Clear

As professional storytellers, we have to constantly put ourselves in the minds of marketers, decision makers, and consumers.

We don’t usually have to get inside the head of a pre-teen.

But when Clean & Clear brought us on to create two animated videos for their in-class middle-school campaign, that’s exactly what we had to do.

We loved working with Clean & Clear. They trusted us to take some big risks, allowing us to think outside the box, tell some fun stories, and even to try our hand at interactive video for the very first time.

The production process unfolded over several months, and we worked in tandem with web-development and copywriting teams. In the end, it all came together in time for launch and when Clean & Clear watched the final video, they were overjoyed.

13) Animated Explainer Video: Ditto

Every day, more than 750 million pictures are shared on social media. They capture what people are passionate about and, thanks to the fans who love your brand, your logo is in many of them.

To measure your brand’s reputation or equity on social media, you need to know how many people are sharing your brand logos or pictures.

And Ditto’s logo detection engine provides you the social media insight you need – through photos!

The folks at Ditto approached us to make a video explaining to businesses how they can harness the power of logo recognition to boost their social media campaigns, and we took that mission seriously.

For their video, we made use of silhouettes so that our example brand, “Awesome Water,” would show up clearly in every frame. Combined with a bright and exciting color palette and a killer script, this is yet another video we’re proud to share.

14) Sales Explainer Video: DialedIN

If you’re a sales and marketing professional who spends a lot of time creating client presentations and you’re wondering if your presentation is even being read and/or connecting with your audience?

You need to get DialedIN.

Client Happiness:

Eric and his team at Explainify were simply superb to work with. They have in mind only one thing … the customer. These guys went above and beyond the call of duty and it was clear from the beginning of our project that their sole objective was to deliver DialedIN a video that truly sells our company. It was also reassuring to know that Eric kept his promise of his fee being his fee. That is, no added extras, no cream on top, no extra $$ for unexpected ancillaries (as can often be the case for media production). They quoted the job and they stuck to that quote, a rare delight. Explainify are true are masters of their craft and I’ll certainly be engaging their services again.

–Hamish Cook, DialedIN

15) Explainer Video: Expedia Affiliate Network

Expedia’s CTO reached out and tasked us with creating a 90-120 second video that explains to developers / entrepreneurs how simple and easy their Expedia Affiliate Network API is to use.

It’s a bit complicated for the layman, but turned out to be a great fit for their target audience.

Expedia is extremely happy with the way their video turned out. We were honored to assist such a cool company and look forward to future projects with them!

16) Explainer Video: PrivacyStar

PrivacyStar is a mobile app that helps you stop annoying, harassing calls – and texts – from people and places you don’t even know!

We were tasked with creating a short & simple video that features a family receiving annoying calls and using the app to deal with those pesky callers.

Because the video will also be played in-store with no sound, we created this version with text overlays. Fun Fact: This video has been played over 106,000 times!


There you have it.

These are sixteen of our favorite animated and explainer videos projects we’ve worked on. We had a blast working on these and learned a lot in the process.

Which one did you like the most?

Tell us in the comments below!

And if you are looking for a trusted partner for videos and to tell your story to the audience, you’ve come to the right place.

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