Yes You Can! Diet Plan


Working at a video marketing company, you get to learn about so many parts of the world that you never knew existed.

Like the Yes You Can! Diet Plan, a diet plan with a Latin flair, sponsored by Latin celebrity Alejandro Chaban. And when it was time for them to do a brand refresh in the winter of December 2014? They came to us!

We worked with them to create three videos: one overarching explainer, and two video exploring each of their specialized diet plans.

We all know someone who’s been on a diet, who’s dieting right now or who’s always thinking about starting a diet.

So… Why are most diets NOT designed for people like you and me?

Flavorless food, counting calories, hours at the gym, risky product…. (

Does this sound like you? No way!

That’s why we created the Yes You Can! Diet Plan – the first and only plan with a Latin flavor. This is a complete solution designed specifically for you.

Here’s how it works:

First, what’s your goal? Are you looking to Lose weight? Or do you want to maintain your ideal weight? We’re here to help you succeed, wherever you are on the path to feeling healthy and looking amazing.

Next – pick the plan that matches your needs.

Our Food Lover kit let’s you enjoy tasting your favorite food, planning your menus and cooking your favorite recipes.


Our On-the-Go kit simplifies your life with delicious, instantaneous and convenient Meal Replacements whenever you want, wherever you are.

It’s THAT simple: choose your kit and you’re ready to start your journey.

We’ll give you all the tools you need to get real and long-lasting results. The best part is.. you won’t have to do this alone. You’re part of the family now, so you’ll have –  emotional support, an empowering community, and all the guidance you need from our Yes You Can! Diet Coaches.

Get ready to feel great, and look spectacular. Join our VIP membership TODAY!

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