United Way NWA Animated Explainer Video


At Explainify, we love working with nonprofits, and we love working with local businesses. Which means working with our local chapter of the United Way was a win-win.

In preparation for a meeting with some serious potential donors, United Way really wanted to drive home just how much impact they have in our community – but also emphasize that this impact is the accumulation of hundreds of people taking small, seemingly insignificant steps.

So we developed this concept of “Brick by Brick.” Each donation has it’s own impact – feeding a family, providing a child with school supplies – but they’re also part of a much bigger whole.

This was also an opportunity for United Way to explore shorter video content. In kickoff, we learned that much of their past video content was 4-7 minutes, which hurts engagement and dilutes viewer attention. We wanted to equip them with something that could deliver a powerful message that drives action – in a fraction of that time.

We’re honored to work with our friends at United Way, and we hope you enjoy the results.

1 in 4 NWA kids live in poverty.

 But together, we can change that.

Together, we can create a pathway out of poverty.

 Every brick in this path makes a difference.

“My donation put books into the homes of low-income children.”

“My donation provided 7 children with snacks to take home throughout the year.”

“My donation provided 3 children with a caring adult mentor.”

See, each brick is small on its own…  

But together, they make a big difference.

So pick up your brick and join us.

Donate today at unitedway.org. OR United Way pledge form OR employee pledge form.

Animated video production by http://explainify.com

For more on the United Way’s incredible work – and to find your own local chapter – check out unitedway.org