TownSuite Animated Video


Forget about those big cities for a minute. Even in smaller townships and municipalities, communication between departments and civic leaders can be a nightmare – especially when they all use different, outdated legacy softwares to do it.

Thank goodness for TownSuite! They put the “pal” in “municipal government.” Their suite of software solutions makes it super easy for different governmental departments to communicate, collaborate, and make their community better.

For this video, TownSuite asked us to use their own isometric town design and characters. We were able to take their designs, expand on them, and create this beautiful video!

This – is your community.

It’s one municipality, with one mission: to meet the needs of your citizens, your stakeholders.

But it takes a lot of moving parts to keep things running.

Different departments… Different roles…

And they’re all disconnected.

Information is trapped within the walls of individual software and workflows… This information isn’t easy to share, so decision-making is hindered – and relatively simple tasks can often take longer than necessary.

Shouldn’t it be easier to work together?

TownSuite municipal software lets you take control of your information.

Financial, Planning, GIS- Mapping, Asset Management, and Community Services – are all connected across your municipality, and also connected to it.

Which means it’s easy to access critical information from every source, and make smarter decisions – faster…

Reporting, planning, work orders, transactions … it’s all intuitive, everything works in real time…

And every department can collaborate to respond to the needs of your community.

This is customer-centric software designed with the municipality in mind – configurable to your unique processes and work flows.

As you grow, it grows with you. It’s Living Software.

This is TownSuite. Your municipality – your way.

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