The Trade Desk Explainer Video


At Explainify, we’re big believers that a video is only valuable if people actually, y’know, watch it.

So when we met the folks at The Trade Desk – a programmatic ad distribution company – and found out that they not only believe in the power of video, but also help brands get those videos in front of the right people, we knew this was a partnership that makes sense.

We chose live action for this project because it was so important for The Trade Desk to make a human connection with their video. The point is that video has the power to create connections and inspire action, so featuring real people in situations where they’re interacting with one another was a must.

The result? An inspiring tribute to the power of video.

If a picture is worth a thousand words – Just imagine what a video’s worth.

Like a great joke or a hit song, video gives us a common language…  

Measured in moments…

Even likes – and shares.

Video And brings us together like nothing else.

And when we harness the power of video? Amazing things happen.  

Video creates connections… builds communities…

Inspires action.

But first, it has to be seen.  

That’s where we come in. 

At The Trade Desk, we believe in the power of video – and we’re here to help you distribute your best content where it counts.

Target the perfect audience for your message – and prioritize your spending based on what matters most to you…

Share your content with the right people  – anywhere, anytime, on any device… 

And measure the success of your videos against your other advertising efforts – so you can be sure you’re making a real impact…

 You can do it all – at The Trade Desk.

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