The Pack Shack Animated Explainer Video


When it comes to serving others and doing good, it seems like people aren’t always very creative. They give money, they buy the socially conscious products… and those are great! But can’t we shake things up every once in a while?

The Pack Shack definitely thinks so. To combat food insecurity and hunger in the US, they host crazy-fun parties where people pack nutritious meals for those who need them, while dancing to music and ringing a giant gong to celebrate.

We’re huge supporters of The Pack Shack. We’ve been to several of their “Feed the Funnel” parties and seen firsthand how much fun they have – and at the same time  making a huge impact on the world around them.

At The Pack Shack, we believe in being neighborly – especially to the 50 million Americans at risk of hunger.

What if serving neighbors in need could be fun … like CRAZY fun?

That’s why we bring people together for Feed the Funnel parties… where you and your friends pack thousands of delicious healthy meals for neighbors in need – in your community.

Put on some groovy hairnets, roll up your sleeves, and showcase your best dance moves! We’ll even smash a gong as you pack toward your goal.

Then – the local charities of your choice will pick up the meals. Yep – right there, at your party.

Hosting your own Feed the Funnel party is easy! You just need four things:

One, an indoor space.

Two, some tables.

Three, people. The more the merrier, and there’s a job for everyone, ages 3 to 103!

Four, funding for the party. Each meal is just 25 cents!

That’s it! We bring everything else you need!

So if you’re looking for a service opportunity where fun and impact collide … Start the party – right now – at  (hashtag #beneighborly on the screen)

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