Seriously, guys. Seriously. What can we even say about this video?

We could talk about how SMACK is revolutionizing the way brands connect with their consumers – and they need a video that’s as revolutionary as they are.

Or, we could talk about how we agonized over developing just the right graphic style, just the right visual metaphors to communicate SMACK’s message.

Or, we could just show you the video. Yeah, that’s what we’ll do.

Three powerful forces have collided and are transforming the marketing and advertising landscape.

Millennials who demand a constant flow of content and engagement – are becoming the primary purchasing force in retail…

Thanks to mobile, people have more choice and more control right in their hands all day – making marketers work harder across more channels.

AND in today’s post-Great Recession financial world, stakeholders and executives demand accountable, measurable marketing and advertising.

Unfortunately, agencies haven’t made it easy for brands to respond to these changes: working with multiple micro-focused, single-media or niche audience partners make communication and integration a nightmare – and exponentially drive up costs.

Now is the right time for a single, powerful, measurable marketing program built for the mobile-first, digital native, content-hungry culture.

Meet SMACK: A content marketing company built of this challenge.

We’ll help your brand build an audience of raving fans – and turn those fans into loyal customers.

Here’s how:

First, we’ll find that audience with targeted advertising – using content that grabs attention – and compels action.

Next, we’ll educate them with a series of onboarding emails. By learning all about your brand, product, company, and category… your audience will be captivated from day one.

From there, we’ll keep them engaged with incredible stories, beautiful imagery, and world-class video content, all about your brand: the stuff consumers will actually engage with and share…

And of course, they’re going to buy product, too.

Ads, emails, and content. You can buy them separately…

Or together as one seamless Content Marketing Program – that delivers 5 times the results over digital advertising. Whatever you choose, we should be the first dollar – or the first million dollars – you spend on marketing.

Sure, you can keep trying to manage a host of specialized partners…

Or you can work with us: One partner, one program, one result. It’s up to you.

SMACK isn’t for everyone.

Some brands want traditional methods…

From traditional agencies…

That deliver traditional results.

We are none of those. What about you?

Want to get started building an audience of raving fans?

The future of marketing is just a click away.


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