SimpleDial Animated Video


Thanks to the rise of inbound marketing, a lot of us don’t have to worry about spending our entire day dialing customer after customer, or prospect after prospect.

But for everyone else, there’s SimpleDial. It’s a predictive dialer that lets individuals and teams make hundreds of calls at a time – no call center required!

This is one of those wonderfully weird videos with tons of quirky, off-beat imagery that keeps you watching for all 60 seconds. And these videos do not happen on their own. It takes a client who’s willing to laugh at themselves, trust our creative direction, and have a high enough opinion of their viewers to know that they’re going to get it.

The result? A fun, simple video that we’re proud to share.

Does your business depend on making dozens, hundreds, or thousands of calls to grow?

Things like appointment reminders, sales calls, and fundraising calls? Well, you’re going to need the right tool. Something budget-friendly, something that won’t break the bank.

SimpleDial is that tool. It’s a predictive dialer – designed for small businesses!

You control the pace; call up-to 5 people at a single time or one at a time – either way, spend more time talking and less time listening to the dial tone… Saving your business time and money.

All you need is a computer, headset, and internet connection. The best part? With SimpleDial, you pay month to month and you can use your existing phone number. And whether you work from home or manage a sales team, SimpleDial is scalable – you can add agents in minutes.

There’s no skimping on quality here. You get unlimited minutes, free call recordings, 24-hour support… you can even assign call dispositions to track outcomes.

Take your calls into overdrive. Right. Now!

Powerful – Efficient – Affordable. SimpleDial.

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