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Back in the day, when you snagged a cab at the airport, you sort of just sat there. You twiddled your thumbs, scrolled through your phone, and tried not to watch as your driver made some brazen moves to navigate traffic.

But now, maybe you’ve noticed the small TV screens in the back of your cab. They’re interactive, they have special offers for the restaurants and bars around you, and they feature fun video content that you can watch on your way to the hotel.

ShowMedia is one of the companies getting in on this game. They give advertisers in the US and in Macau, China, advertise to tourists as they come into town, trying to plan their week away.

Macau is quickly becoming the hotspot for mass market tourists in China. You know this. But the real question is – How can you make sure these high-value guests include you in their visit?

What if you could reach your most promising potential customers – one on one? You know, the ones staying in five-star hotels, and spending 13 times more than the average visitor?

Well, you can.

At Show Media, we’re delivering highly targeted advertising only to the people who are most likely to buy – right as they’re deciding where to spend their time and money…

So you only get the views that matter.

We’re delivering a one-of-a-kind high-definition, interactive experience in a closed environment – the taxi cab!

Think about it: you’ve got a passenger’s attention for a full 10 minute ride… and they’re more engaged here than any other medium.

And… The Show Media network is already live in the majority of Macau’s taxis and reaching more than 2 million people a month! That’s quite an impression for you.

Are you ready to influence buying decisions and be the resort, hotel or brand people think of first?

Join Macau’s most powerful media network. Contact us today to learn more!

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