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When your A/C goes out or one of your pipes breaks, you just call a repairman, right?

Turns out, if you’re a massive retailer – it’s not that simple. You have to sift through dozens of proposals from a variety of contractors, keep up with invoices, and navigate a ton of risk and compliance concerns.

ServiceChannel makes all of this a breeze. With all your facilities management needs taken care of on one platform, you can spend less time on all those individual responsibilities and keep an eye on the bigger picture.

If you’re in facilities management…

Chances are your responsibilities are growing faster than your team.

Which means you’ve got a lot to watch over, without a lot of resources.

The bad news is, you can’t get by anymore with just spreadsheets or clunky CMMS software and limited functionality.

It’s time for a more powerful tool.

Here’s the good news: ServiceChannel completely automates the service delivery process.

With ServiceChannel Service Automation, you’ll get everything you need to manage contractors, work orders, preventative maintenance, assets, proposals, invoices, payments, compliance, risk, and sourcing…

All in one place.

With ServiceChannel, you’ll get unparalleled visibility into your FM operation…

So you can focus less on the little things, and more on the big picture:

Like performance score-carding… benchmarking… best practices… and creating robust reports for management.

ServiceChannel also offers additional tools to watch over even more of your operation, including parts and equipment suppliers…

And with mobile tools like Site Audit, your team can even generate work orders on the fly.

Payment Manager lets you consolidate payments to third parties…

And our advanced analytics package offers even more state-of-the-art business intelligence customized to your business.

When you’re ready to watch you’re ready to watch your FM operation thrive, and lead your team to success, look into ServiceChannel Service Automation.

ServiceChannel. Watch and Lead.

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