SeniorComps Explainer Video


When housing operators, appraisers, and bankers are trying to make intelligent decisions regarding new seniors housing developments, it all comes down to one thing: comps.

These documents give insight into the value and costs associated with seniors house – and they’re darn near impossible to get.

Thankfully, SeniorComps has created an online marketplace where these different stakeholders can share, request, and exchange whatever comps they need… whenever they need them.

A seniors housing operator was working on a new construction deal, but his analyst couldn’t get all of the market data. Without the right data, how could they make an informed decision whether or not to build?

Meanwhile, during an acquisition, the appraisal came in lower than expected when the sale comps had higher than expected cap rates, and the buyer had to come up with more cash to close.

A banker also had a refinance get stalled when he couldn’t get expense comps to support the facility’s high profit margins. After asking around, he only came up with one similar comp, but the data was stale.

If you’re in the seniors housing industry… these stories probably sound familiar.

And you know… when your data is limited – so are you.

Thankfully, there’s SeniorComps –  where industry professionals have property-level market data – at their fingertips.

Forget bartering comps with colleagues and competitors. SeniorComps has a vast database that other professionals like you are uploading to every day.

Need market data? Simply upload comps of your own and get credits that let you download the extra comps you need.

Sale comps, expense comps, and rent comps – they’re all here waiting for you!

And the next time someone asks you to spend time digging up a comp for them – just tell them you already uploaded it to SeniorComps.

Never get stuck without the right data again. Join SeniorComps today.

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