Secured Communications Animated Video


We really, really love technology that makes us feel like badasses. So when we come across a mobile app that makes us feel like secret agents, naturally our ears perk up.

Well, that’s exactly what Secured Communications does. Their security software utilizes NSA-level encryption to protect your mobile communications. They encrypt everything from phone calls to video messages, and if you’re a little bit paranoid? You can even burn your correspondence, so it disappears without a trace.

It’s great for individuals, but it’s also ideal for law enforcement, government agencies, high-powered execs… basically, anyone operating at the highest level of security. Pretty awesome, right?

So to do this product justice, we wanted to create a video with an air of elegant, intense simplicity. Mission accomplished!

If you’re in a position of importance, odds are you discuss sensitive information on a daily basis.

And odds are – you’re not talking about it on a 2-way secure radio system.

You’re probably using your smartphone.

Confidential communications, trade secrets, mission critical operations, or any other private information…

This is the kind of stuff you need to keep safe… I mean really safe.

The good news is – you can.

Secured Communications offers the ultimate end-to-end mobile encryption. Calls, texts, and video – they’re all 100% protected. For added security, you can burn your communications at any time. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

And using our Command Center, an administrator can communicate securely to any of your team’s devices!

This is mobile security designed by public safety officials using NSA-approved encryption –  specifically designed to protect information at the highest level of security…

All in an easy-to-use app. So whether you’re a law enforcement or security officer… government agent… corporate executive… or just someone looking to keep their conversations private

We’re here to help you protect what’s yours.

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