Quartz Events Animated Video


We’ve been to a lot of conferences in our day. Some have been unforgettable, but others…

You know how it goes. You go to sessions that are supposed to be helpful, but end up being thinly-veiled sales pitches. You eat the boxed lunches, trying to remember the last time you had Ruffles and a sandwich. And worst of all, you do all that awkward network, only to find that 9 out of 10 people aren’t your ideal customer – and have zero interest in your company.

Thank goodness for Quartz Events. They host events without any of the B.S. Hyper-relevant sessions, awesome networking opportunities, and one-on-one sessions with decision-makers from ideal clients. Sounds pretty heavenly, right?

Attending a traditional trade show comes with a lot of work…. You have to book a hotel, research companies, find them among a sea of vendors and ultimately rely on pure luck to connect you with an appropriate contact. Try and do all that while attending important conference sessions and you are bound to have limited results.

But imagine this: All the planning taken care of. You simply show up and spend 100% of your time in useful ways.

Welcome to Quartz Events. Our invitation-only events combine peer led industry content with intelligently scheduled one-on-one meetings that address your company’s immediate needs. Plus, we top it off with first class meals, and lively networking opportunities in some of the finest resort hotels in North America…

…and for qualified attendees? It’s free.

We know what you’re thinking. What’s the catch?

To be honest, there isn’t one.

You’ll spend 75% of your time at our networking functions and in educational sessions created by your industry peers to maximize the relevancy of the content. 25% of your time is spent in targeted one-on-one meetings. Based on our extensive research and planning, we’re confident these will be the most productive and useful part of your time with us.

So why is it free? Because it’s a win-win… Our sponsors love the opportunity to educate you on their newest services and technology, so they’re happy to make the premium investment that covers the cost of your attendance… you can even bring your spouse!

See? Win-win.

Animated video production by http://explainify.com