ProudCrowd Animated Video


Universities rise and fall with alumni support. So how can schools keep their alumni engaged in campus life when there are so many digital distractions out there?

With ProudCrowd. ProudCrowd will build a unique, branded app for your university, and your supporters can download that app to keep up with campus news, school athletics, stories about other alumni…

All the stuff that keeps former students interested, and giving back to their alma mater.

As we geared up for this project, we learned that university marketing departments are not what you call “cutting edge”. So we knew we had to create a video that was fun and engaging, while at the same time showing these decision-makers that using ProudCrowd is a no-brainer.

Your university has a lot of fans.

They look like this on the weekend…

And this during the week.

Alumni and community leaders… people who support your school.

There’s just one problem. There’s no easy way for them to see all the exciting things happening in one place.

Athletics website, departmental email lists, university Facebook pages – which makes you pay for most of your fans to read your posts, by the way…

They’re all disconnected, hard to discover and difficult to maintain. And none of them provide a holistic, easily accessible experience that keeps your school top of mind.

ProudCrowd is here to save the day… by delivering unified content where your audience will actually see it.

Their smartphones.

We’ll build a beautiful, branded app specifically for your school…

That supplies content from across the university – academics, alumni AND athletics…

It’s easily customizable, so your audience will only hear about – what they want to hear about.

With all your messaging in one place, you’ll keep your most valuable supporters engaged – and the university top of mind.

Advance your university’s support to the next level

With ProudCrowd.

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