Powerlinx Animated Video


When you think of old-school, multi-national corporations, you probably imagine gigantic organizations who take care of everything in-house. Manufacturing, distribution, product development… the whole nine yards.

But when it comes to startups, it doesn’t work that way. They may be really good at one specific thing, and they can’t always add departments and capabilities. So what do these companies do when they want to expand into new territories, increase distribution, or develop new products?

They turn to Powerlinx. Powerlinx is a platform that connects businesses to the right strategic partners who can help them achieve their business goals. They even include a PowerScore for each company, which lets you know just how valuable of a partner they could be!

As your business grows, so do your goals.

You’re ready to do something big – like launch a brand-new product or expand into new markets.

But growing your business takes more than just an idea – it takes finding the right companies to partner with along the way.

Strategic partners such as suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and even investors are all crucial to your success. In fact, around 75 percent of executives report that these partnerships are essential to their growth plans.

But how do you find the right strategic partner? Directories, search engines and business advisors are time consuming, expensive and come with no guarantees.

In today’s world you need a smart, fast approach.

Powerlinx is a data-driven platform that redefines how companies come together to drive growth. We’ve built a global database with millions of companies – and designed the technology to match you to the right partner!

Getting started is easy. Simply tell us a bit about your business – and describe your goals.

Then our business engine goes to work to find and recommend companies on the platform that are best suited to help meet your goals. And our unique PowerScore tells you which of those are most compatible so you can find the right match – faster.

Even if you don’t have a specific goal in mind, Powerlinx can get you started by sharing how other companies just like yours have grown their business.

When you’re ready to start the conversation, we’ll make the introduction – and let you take it from there.

It’s time to grow your business with the right partner. Sign up for Powerlinx today!

Animated video production by http://explainify.com