Off Day Trainer Animated Video


You’ve heard the question, “Who watches the watchmen?”

Well, here’s an equally mysterious question: “Who trains the personal trainer?”

While they still have to get themselves out of bed to tackle that early-morning workout, fitness instructors now have Off Day Trainer to help them grow their business. Harnessing the power of mobile technology, personal trainers can quickly and easily sign on new clients, schedule training sessions, encourage clients, and keep their business running strong.

For this video, we knew we needed to tap into authoritative, aggressive visuals and messaging that these instructors would respond to – without coming off as a cliched caricature. We think we hit the mark!

If you’re a personal trainer, odds are “good enough…” isn’t good enough.

You want to do more. Train more. And build your business.

But being the best? Takes work. And it takes a lot more than just delivering a killer workout. You’ve got to think beyond the session – keep your clients inspired, accountable, and focused on results… all while signing up new leads and growing your client base.

This stuff is hard to do. It takes a lot of time – and you know what they say? Time is money.

Off Day Trainer saves you time – and makes you money. Our innovative technology combines text messaging and mobile marketing to reach your clients in real time.

With Off Day Trainer, you’ll…

Build your client base. New leads text a unique keyword to your assigned number, fill out a questionnaire, and easily schedule their first session with you.

Once they’re in, they automatically get session reminders, plus daily inspiration and encouragement based on their unique goals – keeping your clients accountable and focused all week long!

You can even keep in touch with former clients… ensure they stay in shape, or let them know you are ready to help them get back on track – even if they fall behind.

Just setup your account, and we’ll handle the rest.

Sign up today to raise the bar – and say goodbye to  “good enough.”

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