Mobstar Animated Video


There’s no doubt that the digital age has created a new kind of star. From Kickstarter successes to YouTube celebrities, the internet makes it possible for more people to get their moment in the spotlight – and get their chance at hitting it big.

MobStar is all over this new wave of stardom. Through their mobile app, aspiring musicians, dancers, comedians, and celebs can upload short, 15-second video snippets – and get real-time feedback from friends and industry mentors.

The MobStar team wanted to show off how the app works, but more importantly they wanted to create a sense of energy and excitement around their new brand. So we combined a rich, vibrant color palette with a highly kinetic animation style (lots of movement, split frames, and energy) and a 60’s surf track to create the perfect look and feel for their brand.

In keeping with the client’s 15-second concept, we also divided the video into four, shorter clips that could be viewed separately – or as a full, 60-second video.

First clip.

Are you talented and want to prove it? If you have 15 seconds, MobStar can show you how. Just grab your smartphone, sign in, upload your video,  and get your friends to vote.

Second clip.

Our industry experts mentor the best talent in all categories through our contests, making sure the cream rises to the top. That’s where you want to be.

Third Clip.

If you just want to be cool, don’t come here. But, if you want to be iconic and create a career, MobStar is for you.

Fourth Clip.

MobStar allows your passion to find an audience – supported by mentoring, fans, crowd funding and development via our partners.

The World will give you feedback in real time so build your fan base and allow the spotlight to shine on you.

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