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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to have your mind blown… just try to to wrap your brain around the Internet of Things (IoT).

Well, the folks at MachineShop deal with the Industrial Internet of Things, which is like IoT on steroids! They’ve created a software that makes it easy for enterprise organizations to build APIs that connect countless devices, systems and workflows together.

For such a premium service, we knew we needed to make a premium video. We used MachineShop’s color palette and icons in fresh ways to make their software feel elegant and powerful.

At MachineShop, we believe there is a better and easier way to access, understand and act upon all the data coming from the Internet of Things.

Legacy middleware platforms weren’t designed to meet the realities of how the Internet of Things actually presents itself to organizations, applications and end users. Data from the real world is heterogeneous, asynchronous and distributed. That makes it hard to ingest, process and manage in real time.

What’s needed is an entirely new approach that breaks the mold of traditional black box platforms and embraces the way data is shared and integrated today. What is needed is an API-centric approach that consumes, understands and shares IoT data no matter where or how it is generated and who wants to consume it.

MachineShop is the first and only IoT-focused integration platform that is 100% API based. A collection of hundreds of unique services – like building blocks – to ingest and normalize data, filter and act upon critical events and securely allow applications and developers to engage the Internet of Things.

MachineShop also built its own API management framework that allows businesses to authenticate, meter, proxy and even monetize APIs for developers inside and outside its organization.

From small projects to global-scale mission-critical operations, MachineShop is available as a service in any cloud or even on secured local networks. You can even combine Edge and Cloud deployments for maximum flexibility and control.

Its time to put the Internet of Things to work for you.

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