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You know those times when you can’t get something to print, and it drives you crazy? Well, just imagine dealing with hundreds of printers, across dozens of offices around the world.

Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?

But there’s good news. LRS Output Management Solutions makes printing in the enterprise simple – like it’s supposed to be.


From a distance, your organization’s print environment doesn’t look too bad. Sure, you’ve got a confusing variety of printers and applications, but IT has it under control, right?

Not so fast.

Unnecessary printing redundancies cause your IT team to spend more time fighting fires than working on value-add tasks. In fact, for every 100 printers, this complexity costs you $50,000 or more…every year.

As you add platforms, applications, and output devices, things just get worse… So when users report printing problems, your help desk is left to untangle this complex web of output—especially in large-scale enterprise environments— while the end users become more frustrated as these delays constantly interrupt their work.

Shouldn’t printing just work?

LRS Output Management Solutions offer a single solution suite to standardise the way you manage output – any document, from any platform and application, to any device. We’re talking mobile to mainframe here! And when all of your output is sent to one place, it becomes simple to manage your whole printing environment and to resolve any problems quickly.

Your printing operations become standardized, which means greater efficiency in your business processes. And when that happens, you reduce your costs – saving on IT labor, unnecessary servers, and other infrastructure.

Like us, our customers are global – so our solutions are scalable. A single instance of our server handles 98,000 jobs per hour with more than 30,000 printers defined. And reliability, high availability, and unrivalled performance were designed in from the ground up.

Make your life simpler. Make managing output simpler. Contact LRS to find out how.

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