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There’s a lot of printing that goes into a great healthcare system. But if those systems don’t communicate with one another or the underlying electronic records, things can get confusing.

That’s where LRS comes in. They help simplify and automate printing and output in the healthcare workplace, so doctors, nurses, and administrators can spend less time worrying about documents – and more time treating patients.

The path to great patient care is paved with critical documents. Test results, patient records, even armbands and prescription labels… doctors and nurses require fast, reliable and secure delivery of all these in order to provide the best care – quickly.

But like most large organizations, hospitals face a complicated web of output, with a plethora of applications, platforms, and devices…which leads to printing redundancies, unnecessary IT labor, and delays in daily operations. And while your clinical systems house your patient information, it can’t ensure that critical patient documents are printed where they’re needed most – or even that they’re printed at all.

These problems cost you time… money… and worse, lead to lapses and delays in patient care. LRS Healthcare Solutions is a single solution for managing all print and electronic output – across the enterprise. We provide a quick, reliable, and secure printing environment, so you can deliver the best patient care – when it matters.

We’ve developed interfaces that integrate with major EMR systems.

Now, your system’s records aren’t trapped behind hospital walls. LRS enables your EMR applications to print directly to remote clinics and affiliate institutions – without any extra headaches.

Our virtual desktop printing – intelligently connects users and printers, so doctors and nurses can print from any device, wherever they are!

And with pull printing authentication and audits, your organization stays HIPAA and PHI compliant.

And we provide electronic, up-to-date access to critical reports, even during system downtime and outages – So doctors and nurses can access the current versions of their reports when they need them.

We’re building a healthcare environment where output is secure, efficient, and guaranteed.

So spend less time worried about delivering reports, and more time delivering great care.

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