NetSuite’s LightCMS Partner Explainer Video


Welcome to the LightCMS Partner Platform!

For this video, our client asked to explain and explore all of the awesome benefits of the Partner Platform for web developers in a way that’s fun and compelling. Once we hammered down their messaging, we got to work dreaming up a killer concept for their video. Inspired by the Platform’s mix of technology and creativity, we decided to use a hand-drawn visual style, combined with scribbles and bleeps, to capture their story perfectly.

Imagine doing what you do best – creating awesome websites.

Not hosting, not maintaining – just making great sites that your clients can manage on their own…

While you’re growing your business from 10, to 100, to 1,000 clients – that all manage their very own websites.

Seriously, just doing what you love: That’d be pretty great, right?

Welcome to the LightCMS Partner Platform – offering industry-leading flexibility, so you can create websites the way you want, using your favorite familiar design tools.

Each site comes with unlimited pages… Unlimited storage… Unlimited products… and every LightCMS feature…

At a huge discount.

The best part? We handle the hassles of server maintenance, hosting, and upgrades – so you don’t have to.

Plus, we offer a ton of innovative tools and features to help your website business thrive.

Maintain all your clients under a single account featuring your brand…

Utilize our automated sign-up and client billing…

You can even mark up our low, monthly fee to set the price you want clients to pay – which means you can earn money every month, and stay in control of your profits.

And, it’s scalable. So whether you’ve got 5 clients – or 500… We’ll give you the support you need to make it happen.

Our website tools are so easy to use, you can teach clients to manage their own sites in a heartbeat – saving you precious time, so you can get back to doing what you love.

Boost your website business today at!

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