GuitarTricks Animated Video


It’s a scientific fact that everyone, at some point in their lives, wants to learn how to play guitar. And when they do, they should definitely check out GuitarTricks.

GuitarTricks offers all the support of one-on-one learning – with the self-paced convenience of learning online. But they had trouble getting people to understand what made them different than just trying learn guitar from YouTube. So we created this fun, quirky video to quickly and clearly explain why GuitarTricks is the most effective way to learn how to jam.

Have you always wanted to play guitar?

Whether you’ve had dreams of becoming a rockstar… Or you just want to play your favorite songs for friends and family… being able to play guitar is the best feeling on earth.

So why haven’t more people learned how?

Well, up until now it’s been way too hard.

You could try finding a guitar teacher… and risk getting stuck with someone who’s a wannabe rockstar – but can’t really teach.

Or you could try YouTube… But most of those videos go way too fast, and they don’t teach you the RIGHT way to play.

Buuuuut… if you’re looking for something that works? You should try Guitar Tricks.

At Guitar Tricks, we’ve broken down topics into easy step-by-step video lessons. Each video offers instruction from multiple angles – with all the tabs and notation right there!

Forget boring theory and repetitive exercises – with our Core Learning System, beginners start playing songs right away to master the fundamentals.

Once you’re ready, you can learn different styles – like rock, blues, and country.

Here to learn specific songs? Guitar Tricks has lessons that teach classics by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eagles… almost any artist you can think of!

And you’re never alone. If you get stuck, there’s a Guitar Tricks instructor ready to help.

Guitar Tricks is the easy, fast, and FUN way to learn guitar. It’s worked for millions.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it out and get a free gift just for signing up!

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