Green Street Energy Animated Video


We’re always on the lookout for companies who are doing something that matters. As you review our portfolio, you’ll see just how many of our clients have important stories that need to be told.

Green Street Energy is one of those clients. They’re doing something truly incredible: They’ve found a way to sell companies solar energy that actually costs those companies less than their electricity. GSE even handles all the installation and maintenance!

It’s not often that business objectives and social responsibility go 100% hand in hand – but when they do, we think people deserve to hear about it.

Is your business still paying high prices for electricity generated by fossil fuels?

What if you could cut your bill by up to 40% with zero out of pocket costs – and at the same time, become more environmentally responsible?

Well, you can. And the answer  – is right above you. The Sun.

Green Street Energy will custom design and install a quality commercial solar power array on your property for free. You never have to pay a penny for equipment, ever.

We’ll even maintain the system for you.

How can we do all this?

Instead of paying your utility company, you simply pay us for the electricity that’s generated by the sun…

In fact, we guarantee a fixed rate cheaper than what you’re currently paying them.

And when we bring solar to you, we create a clean alternative that offsets your fossil-fuel-powered utility costs. It’s a sustainable win for you – and for us.

At Green Street Energy, we make solar simple. Contact us today to start saving on your energy bills!

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