GrassRoots Animated Video


There are tons of people out there who would prefer to buy organic, locally-raised meat to feed their families. But the number of people who actually know where they can find that organic, locally-raised meat?

Not so high. That’s why we love GrassRoots coop, a local coop that’s built a network of local farmers who provide high-quality meat to consumers.

The folks at GrassRoots needed a way to establish trust with consumers and explain how they work with a cooperative of real local farmers to deliver farm-fresh beef, pork, and chicken straight to your door. We combined a simple, storybook style with warm narration to bring that promise to life.

The best food comes from the farmers you know.  

But learning all about their farms and practices can be tricky. So can figuring out how to buy from them.

You know local humanely-raised meats are best for you and your family, but you can’t always find them when you want them.

That’s why Grass Roots has brought our farmers together. Operating as a co-op allows us—and our meats—to be more easily available. In fact, we bring them right to you!

Our Herds to Homes service offers pastured poultry, forested pork, and grass-fed beef and lamb in packages that are designed to fit the way you eat.

Just visit our website and learn all about our farmers and our animal-husbandry standards…

Pick out the meats you want…

And we’ll deliver them to your home.

So when it’s time to graze, the only place you have to forage is your freezer.

Our CSA-style shares give you a taste of everything our farms have to offer…  

And our sustainable practices mean that you feel good about eating healthy, humanely raised meat.

Support the farmers you know, as they grow strong together. Sign up today!

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