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Sometimes, dreams come true. We’ve been fans of GE‘s marketing/advertising for a long, long time. So when their Power and Water division approached us to make a video announcing their recent partnership with the country of Egypt, we said “Absolutely!” When they asked us if we could do it in three weeks? We said, “We’ll do it in two.”

After more than a few late nights and Saturdays fueled by caffeine and enthusiasm, we had this video on our hands – and we knew it was something special.

The video was part of broader press release announcing the partnership – a story that was featured on thousands of top news sites like Bloomberg and Reuters.

The best part? The GE team was so blown away, they’re planning to work with us for the foreseeable future.

We hope you adore it as much as we do!

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Economic growth and energy demand go hand in hand.

When a country experiences a growth in its economy, the demand for energy grows as well.

So what happens when a country’s economy grows faster than its energy supply? In many cases, brown outs and black outs can occur.

Egypt is one country that’s meeting such a challenge head-on.

The country’s economy as well as its population are growing rapidly – providing Egyptians new opportunities in regions near and away from the country’s power grid.

As these areas flourish, demand for electricity is increasing and is expected to increase even more during the hot summer months, when energy use is at its peak.

Egypt is working to ensure that schools, businesses, and homes will have an abundance of sustainable and reliable energy.

The Egyptian government – in partnership with GE – is bringing power to them.

They’re investing in technology that will generate enough electricity for an additional 2.5 million homes… With an average of 4.4 people in every household, that’s enough power for 11 million people!

This – is no easy feat. But by using powerful gas turbines similar to jet engines on airplanes and massive heavy-duty gas turbines, they are quickly deploying reliable and sustainable sources of electricity to the citizens of Egypt.

So now, communities can be even more productive.

School days continue with uninterrupted power…

Businesses can run more smoothly…

Families experience a better quality of life…

And Egypt’s economy… will continue to thrive.

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