Electronic Transaction Association Animated Video


Sometimes, an explainer video doesn’t so much sell a product… as sell an idea.

The Electronic Transactions Association (or ETA) needed a quick and easy way to explain to small businesses and other merchants how to prepare for the October 2015 deadline – when EMV chip card readers would be required in every store. To make that explanation engaging and scalable, they turned to us.

ETA already had developed a visual style in previous videos, so we leveraged that style to tell a brand new story. The result? A beautiful, elegantly-animated video that makes new payment technology easy to understand.

The 1.2 billion cards in today’s American wallets haven’t changed much in the past 50 years. Their magnetic stripes use the same technology cassette tapes did; remember those?

2015 is the year cards take a giant leap forward!

Traditional US magnetic stripe cards will soon be replaced with a card that includes an embedded microchip.  This chip is like a minicomputer that provides enhanced security to every transaction. And starting October 1st of this year, merchants who don’t upgrade to accept chip cards may be liable for card-related fraud if it happens in their stores.

So, how do you show your customers that you care about their information security while protecting your business against liability? It’s easy!

First, talk to your payments provider… You may already be able to accept chip cards. If not, they’ll walk you through the steps to becoming EMV ready – it could be as simple as a card-terminal upgrade!

This upgrade is an opportunity to accept new, cutting-edge payment options that your customers want. Not just contact EMV cards, but contactless cards – and even mobile wallets using NFC, or “Near Field Communication” technology.

It’s also about customer service. Consumers know that these cards will help them shop safer, so they’ll choose merchants who take this seriously and strive to sell safely.

That’s it! And your investment in EMV and Mobile Payments will pay off with your customers.

Visit SellSafeInfo.org to prepare your business for a new standard in safety & security.

Animated video production by http://explainify.com