CipherCloud Overview Animated Video


Who says enterprise cloud security has to be boring? Definitely not CipherCloud!

The solutions CipherCloud offers to banks, health care institutions, and major telecommunications companies may deliver serious security, but they wanted this video to be anything but stodgy.

With a bright color pallette, clear messaging, and some well-placed Pac-Man allusions, this video shows that just because you’re a B2B company – doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun, too.

Your data is your organization’s lifeblood.

Your job is to keep it flowing – and the cloud makes that easy.

But when it goes to the cloud, your data is spread far and wide.

And when you couple this with dozens of clouds – not just one – It becomes hard to tell where your data is stored – and whether it stays secure or compliant.

Your company must stay in control of your data…

Cloud adoption and use is only going to accelerate. If you try to stop cloud use, your users will simply go around you.

Instead, what you need is a way to see exactly what’s happening to your data… And protect it – wherever it is.

Welcome to CipherCloud.

Our complete multi-cloud platform gives you all the tools you need to ensure visibility, data security, compliance, and control – across all your cloud applications.

With our centralized dashboard, you get total visibility and control for all your clouds in one place.

Apply world-class encryption or tokenization to your most sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access – without sacrificing any of the functionality your users need.

You hold the keys, so safety and security stays in your hands.

And see which applications are in use, maintaining visibility and control over your users as they share files and communicate across clouds…

Allowing you to encrypt confidential data and see suspicious activity in real-time.

Know where your data is. Keep it secure. And make the most of the cloud – with CipherCloud.

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