Bulletproof Animated Video


Every once in awhile, we get to make videos for very good friends.

Having experienced Tim Keck’s unique, powerful brand of leadership and business coaching for ourselves, we were beyond excited to create an animated video for his organization, Go Bulletproof.

Rather than making a more typical top-of-funnel explainer video, we saw the opportunity to put a unique spin on the Go Bulletproof story. Tim developed his leadership methodology based on years of experience leading an elite SWAT unit (how cool is that?!), and we knew we had to highlight those awesome origins in his video.

The result? A bright, fun founder’s story, narrated by Tim himself.

Does it feel like your organization is constantly under attack from forces beyond your control

Things like low employee engagement…

 Failed initiatives…

 And overall poor performance?

It seems like – no matter where you go – terrible teamwork and lousy leadership are the norm.

I discovered this as a SWAT officer – a team you’d think would have this stuff figured out.

Because on a SWAT mission – poor performance is a matter of life and death.

So when the order came down from my chief to turn our unit around – I said, “We can do that.”

And we did. With literally zero dollars for training, overtime, or equipment…

We built a team that, to this day, has never failed on a mission – or lost a life. It’s 100% bulletproof.


Well, through the blood, sweat and stress of those years, I discovered the six secrets that can make any organization bulletproof. Even yours.

That’s what Go Bulletproof.com is all about.

Whether it’s inspiring an audience, building strong teams or developing effective leaders, the folks at Go Bulletproof.com can help. We’ve already helped organizations across the globe.

Come on. It’s time.

Call for back up. Click the button – and let’s get started.

Animated video production by http://explainify.com