How Video Helped Our SaaS Client Increase their Conversions by 23%

CaseComplete is a B2B software company that specializes in capturing software requirements and use cases with less effort. They’ve sold to the likes of Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aflac, Walgreens, and FedEx.

We’re always running experiments and thought our landing page was pretty well optimized… but after two weeks (and thousands of conversions) we realized a 23% increase.

Matt Terski

President of CaseComplete


CaseComplete was making all the right moves. As an expertly-crafted SaaS solution to an incredibly targeted business problem (easily and effectively keeping track of requirements management for projects and products), they had the perfect product for their market. And with thousands of unique monthly visitors, driving traffic to their site wasn’t an issue. The problem was that they simply weren’t converting those visitors into leads.


In our initial conversations with the CaseComplete team, it quickly became clear that many of their prospects didn’t understand the solution’s unique value as a specially-designed yet easy-to-use requirements management software – they simply weren’t standing out in a competitive landscape, which made it hard for them to gain traction. So we worked with them to create a 90-second video designed to help site visitors see and understand what makes CaseComplete such a worthwhile solution – and ultimately convert.


The folks at CaseComplete were hoping to see a 5% conversion lift as a result of implementing our video.

Within 2 weeks, they saw a whopping 23% increase in conversions.

So what would a 23% increase in conversions mean for your business? Let’s say an Explainify video on your landing page caused a 23% increase in conversions to where you were converting 10% of all visitors into leads. This means your business was at a 7.7% conversion rate prior to working with us.

Now imagine that you have 5,000 visitors to your website every month. You just went from converting 385 leads/month to 500 leads/month. That is an additional 115 leads every month! If you were able to convert 5% of those new leads – then you just made 69 more sales every year! If your average sale is $1000 then you just made an additional $69,000 in revenue!

Contrast that to the $15,000 price tag of the video, and you could be looking at 466% ROI in just one year!

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