Non-profit uses animated video to spread the news of their revolutionary technology

charity: water has one mission – to provide access to clean, safe drinking water to those who need it most. Since 2006, they’ve raised support to fund 20,062 projects providing clean drinking water to 6,300,000 people in 24 countries.

We originally vetted ~10 animation companies, of course factoring in cost/timeline/style/fit, but also an additional component (really, gut-feeling) of how willing/excited the company was for our project. We decided to partner with Explainify in the end because of a couple reasons. The biggest factor was that we felt that they really understood us – our mission, our goal, and our passion. We didn’t get that from everyone else; a lot of times it seemed like we were just another client, with maybe a side of feel-good. Explainify blew any concerns away by the end of the kick off meeting!

Joy Hung

Special Programs Project Manager at charity: water


Most non-profits use overly emotional storytelling to gain support. But from the beginning, charity: water asked us to tell the story of their revolutionary technology – no frills necessary. It may seem like a strange choice for a non-profit, but they were confident that a story like this was powerful enough on its own merit.


One of charity: water’s defining values is transparency – clearly demonstrating through data and reporting just how their work is impacting communities in real, tangible ways. To ensure that their wells provide water for a long, long time, charity: water has designed the Dispatch Monitor system.

So, we adopted their value of transparency and sought to create a video that explained, in detail, exactly how the Dispatch Monitoring system works.


The Dispatch Monitoring system is an intricate one – full of automated sensors that alert local repair teams when wells break down, allowing repairmen to respond to emergencies in real time… so the water keeps flowing. It was important to tell a story that showed how this works.

charity: water loved the script, the video, and the entire process with our team.

They needed the video in the thick of the 2014 holiday season – and we made it happen with time to spare!

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