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Content Roundup – Release Your Inner Child!

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “there is nothing new under the sun,” right? Sometimes marketing can feel that way – everything has been done before. There is no unique way to reach your audience. But not so fast, my friend!

Think cartoons (animated videos for business) are only for kids? Not so fast, my friend!

Just because something has been done before doesn’t mean you can’t use it in your own unique way to engage the most important people in your company’s life – your customers!

News flash – people don’t like being marketed to. They don’t trust it. In fact, a recent study by the McCarthy Group shows that 84% of millennials don’t trust traditional advertising.

So that’s why we have to reach them in ways that surprise them – in a good way, of course. The trick is to entertain them! Because when someone is being entertained, they stop feeling marketed to and they start feeling like they’re talking to someone they trust.

Whether they are reading something funny, watching a video that is teaching them something valuable, or playing a game on your website – show them your personality. Build that relationship with them, so that when you finally want to tell them about your product or service, they trust you!

But hey, I’ll get out of your way and let you start tackling this on your own! So check out these articles and hopefully you’ll leave with some ideas of unexpected ways to surprise and delight your audience.

The Easiest Way to Make Your Website Addictively Engaging (Thrive Themes)

If you’re looking for new ways to generate leads, let me introduce you to one of the easiest ways to keep your audience addicted to your website – the quiz. It provides you the perfect opportunity to gather valuable information about your customers, while also giving them a way to have fun on your website. Ask for their email and boom – it’s a win-win.

And quizzes aren’t just for B2C companies either. This puppy can be used effectively by B2B companies who have a long sales cycle to help prospects find their perfect solution before they’ve even gotten on phone call with a salesperson! That sound of crying you hear? That’s your sales team crying sweet tears of joy because now they have insight into these leads they have to follow-up with.

Click here to read the full article!

Tips for Using Branded Games as Part of a Marketing Strategy (LinkedIn)

If your audience is having fun, then they will stay engaged on your website for much longer than if you are just hard-selling them your product. That’s why branded games have increased in popularity over the last few years. Build a fun game, and your audience will stay engaged and share their results, allowing you to potentially reach an entirely untapped market.

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Animated Videos for Business: How Cartoons Give You a Competitive Edge (Explainify)

animated videos for business are integral to successful marketing!Don’t think characters like Scooby Doo and Bugs Bunny can help your business? Well…okay, you’re probably right. But that doesn’t mean animated videos can’t. Not only can animated videos help you explain a complicated business model in a simple way, but they are entertaining too! Don’t be afraid to show a little personality in your marketing.

Click here to read the full article!

Collective Bias explainer video helps social influencer agency shorten sales cycle and closes more deals

Building Brand Loyalty Through Surprise and Delight (Social Media Today)

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? That’s right, nobody! If you want your customers to keep coming back, if you want them to become a loyal customer, then do something out of the box. Surprise them! Send them a free sticker in the mail. Write them a handwritten note. Turns out that, you know, actually caring about your customers on a personal level is a good thing?

Click here to read the full article!

The Doritos Marketing Strategy That Went Down in Super Bowl History (Yot Po)

Ah, the one time a year that people actually enjoy advertising. Yes, every marketer’s favorite day of the year – the Super Bowl. And Doritos has mastered the art of the Super Bowl commercial. I mean, c’mon, that goat is funnier than I’ll ever be!

But at the end of the day, they simply realized that their own customers know how to speak to their customers better than anybody. Don’t be afraid to leverage your audience to find your voice!

Click here to read the full article!

So go on, start changing the world – one unexpected marketing tactic at a time. One great way to do this is to implement delightful and engaging videos throughout your entire marketing funnel. If you’re interested in that then…

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How You Can Use Full-Funnel Marketing Videos For Business!

You’ve done all the research, gone through all the case studies, and heard first-hand about the successes of video marketing. Now you’ve decided that it’s time to take your show on the road and get an amazing video of your own!

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So what type of video should your company be investing in? Well, all of them! But typical budgets aren’t able to handle that all at once. So to help break it down for you, we’ve cultivated a list of best options depending on whether you’re new, experienced, or a master of video marketing.

Beginner Marketing Videos For Business

For a lot of people just now coming around to the idea of using video marketing, there tends to be a couple places where they can get some easy wins:

A Landing Page Video

Your landing page is the first place that customers end up when they visit your company’s website. A great way to grab and hold onto the attention of potential clients is by placing a video front and center.

The video can be something relatively simple, like a welcoming overview of the benefits you provide or briefly introducing your company. This is a great first step to take if you want to start with a small video project for your company.

Explainify Case Study - Video Marketing

Product/Service Demo Video

Another option that’s relatively easy to undertake is a video showcasing your primary product or service. It may be difficult for the consumer to envision how your product works if all they can see is a couple of photos on your website.

A video can provide potential customers with additional insight into what your product does and how it will benefit them. Another benefit of this type of video is that it can help cut back on the number of inquiries sent to your customer service department.

Intermediate Marketing Videos For Business

If you want to start off with something slightly more challenging and in-depth, then give these videos a try:

Testimonials & Case Studies

With a testimonial video, you can highlight the benefits of your company and its past successes. This type of video uses real customers as social proof, offering evidence of your company’s value to potential clients. Here’s an example of how to use testimonies:


Similar to a testimonial is a case study video. In this type of intermediate-level video, you’ll provide details on a project that you worked on for a client. You can talk about the challenges you faced, how you overcame these issues, what benefits the client saw from your work, etc.

Tutorial Video

Another intermediate-level video is the tutorial video. This is similar to the demonstration video, but tutorial videos include more detail.

You can use this type of video to walk your customers step-by-step through the ins and outs of your product. For example, your company could provide a software tutorial for their web, desktop, or mobile app.

Advanced Marketing Videos For Business

These videos are in-depth projects; you’ll likely need to hire a professional video production company for these, but the results will be amazing:

These days, any good marketer knows the value of telling your company’s story. Stories are compelling; they give consumers an inside look at your company along with its history, culture, and philosophy. Defining your brand through the use of story makes your company more relatable, creating a bridge between you and your target audience and fostering brand loyalty.

Videos are the perfect medium for brand storytelling. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then videos are worth 100 times that. A video can convey your company’s story clearly and concisely in a medium that’s designed to keep people engaged.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are wildly popular nowadays. Once companies learned that they could reach out and inform the public while entertaining them at the same time, these videos became all the rage.

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The great thing is that customers love them. People would much rather watch an animated explainer video than read a long passage on the exact same topic. And with animation, you can do just about anything – there’s no limit except your own creativity.

Which Will You Choose?

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to using video for your business, from an introductory video on your company’s landing page to an animated explainer video and everything in-between.

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Regardless of your company’s goals, video marketing can help you reach them. So which type of video do you think will work best for your company right now? Explainify Case Study - Video Marketing

Content Roundup – The Outsourcing Edition

Let’s have real talk for a second. Everyone would love to be a Google, right?! Ample funds, tons of employees, and and amazing work facilities – what’s not to love?

But not every company gets to be that. Our economy – on a fundamental level – relies on small to mid-sized companies – just like yours! – to fulfill those consumer needs that giant corporations literally are too big to notice.

That’s right, your company is a fantastic and people need it! But being small has drawbacks, namely the inability to field a team that can do all the work you would love to do. Cash flow is a cruel mistress. How you find ways to continue growing in spite of that is something every company struggles through.

One of the ways we’ve found the most success is by surrounding ourselves with competent contractors, sometimes even bringing them on full-time as our workload grows. It’s perfect!

How can you use contractors, you ask? Great question! Instead of me talking about it, let’s outsource the answer to some amazing content that already exists.

explainify content roundup - 2017 marketing predictions

“Content marketing is awesome, and we’re going to own our industry by doing it!” — Everyone Ever.

But then you start realizing that you have to write content people engage with well for it to rank highly. And then you find that Google likes upwards of 15+ pieces of content in certain industries to be considered a “fresh” content company. Brand Storytelling - Blog Lead Magnet CTA

What? This is madness! No. This. Is. Content! But really, it’s mostly madness. So to solve your problems read this and consider how outsourcing content might help you achieve those goals you set for yourself when you started a blog.

To Outsource or to Not Outsource – Now That is a Question (Duct Tape Marketing)

Penguin 4.0. Panda 2.0. Meta tags. Alt Text. Omaha. Omaha. Hike!

Seriously, were we talking about SEO? Or was I hiking a football? It is hard to know. So many acronyms, algorithm updates, and more make it hard to make your site the most efficient version possible.

But there are experts out there who spend every day on just this thing. And sometimes, it pays to bring them on in a temp or recurring strategy role to make your SEO dreams a reality.

7 Reasons Why Outsourcing SEO is a Good Idea for a Small Business (PPC)

This is the article for the economic gurus in the audience.

What? You expect me to always have something witty to say? I didn’t understand any of this, but it sounds smart – so read it already!

Cost-Benefit Analysis: Hiring In-House vs. Outsourced Marketing Agency (Trending Upstrategy)

explainer video production company? DIY? What's the right answer?

Video is all anyone talks about these days. Oh, huh. Just us? Okay, it’s all we think about these days anyways. But that’s because video is the most effective form of content whether as an explainer video, Facebook ads, or just building brand equity with Facebook Live Q&As.

But it can be expensive. So when do you bring in the big talent? When do you bootstrap with a camera and do it yourself? We’ve broken it all down for you!

Explainer Video Production Company, Freelancer, or In-House? You Decide. (Explainify)

Working with an agency isn’t a relationship to be taken lightly. The agency needs to care and understand why you’re important to the market you’re in.

Use these 10 questions to put them in the spotlight. If they can answer them specifically and concisely, you’re probably starting down a good road with a great partner!

10 Questions That Will Put Marketing Agencies In The Hot Seat (Smart Insights)

Well, that’s all we’ve got for now. We hope that this helps you rethink some of those things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the employees or money to make happen. By outsourcing, you can often find creative solutions that let you keep building – while keeping your liabilities low.

That’s a win-win for everyone!

CaseComplete is just one of many clients we've helped succeed! See how we helped them increase lead conversions by over 20%!

Animated Videos for Business: How Cartoons Give You a Competitive Edge

When you think of animation, it may conjure up images from your favorite Disney movie or memories of watching The Cartoon Network after school when you were growing up.

But we’ve got a breaking PSA: Cartoons aren’t just for kids! Now, when we say “cartoons” we’re not talking about goofy characters you see on Saturday morning television. Using those would be a disaster for most businesses. When you think of “cartoons” you really need to be thinking of animated videos.

And animated videos are helping businesses everywhere engage with customers in a more human way, which leads to a better overall brand and more sales!

Don’t believe me? Then read 8 reasons you should use animated videos for business:


Quick and Simple Message Delivery

Finding an easy and concise way to get your message across to your target consumer can be challenging. How can you communicate in a way that’s direct and simple but also engaging?

Animated video, that’s how!

This works especially well if you have a product or service that’s a bit complicated to explain. Instead of answering the same questions repeatedly or referring prospects to a lengthy set of FAQs that they don’t want to spend time slogging through, you can simply use an animated explainer video to help potential clients understand how your product/service is used.

Motivate Buyers Using Animated Video

Those who study marketing techniques have proven the effectiveness of video presentations in improving conversion rates; videos consistently convert at a much higher rate than other forms of marketing.

The success of video marketing may be due to the fact that explainer videos are not only easy to understand and entertaining, they can also be customized to target a specific audience.

When you work with a production company and design a video with your target customer in mind, you can create a video that speaks directly to their specific needs and desires.

Targeting potential customers in this manner should cause your conversion rates to go through the roof.

Improve Search Rankings

Videos and pictures help bring your website to life.

With all the information that we have access to today, it takes more than just good copy to draw people in. If you want potential customers to stick around your site for more than just a few seconds, you need to use compelling visuals – like this:

Videos are especially useful at drawing consumers in. When it comes to online activities, people would much rather watch a video than spend time reading the text of a web page.

When a video is present, your customers will spend more time on the page which, in turn, boosts your site on search engine rankings.

Inform and Entertain Simultaneously

We know that from a business perspective, the most important reason to engage in video marketing is so you can reach your consumer and educate them about your product/service. From a potential customer’s point of view, they’re more likely to remember the message if they were entertained while being informed.

That’s one of the biggest perks of using animated videos for business: your target audience doesn’t feel like they’re “being sold to.” Instead, they feel entertained, engaged, and may even transfer the positive emotions generated by the animated video to your company.

Show a Little Personality

Instead of being some faceless corporate entity, you have a chance to show your customers what you’re really all about.

What are your company’s values? Why do you exist? What’s the story of your business?

When you let your target audience know a little bit about you and what makes your company unique, they’ll feel a much deeper connection to your business. This inspires brand loyalty, which is definitely a plus.

Have a Salesman Online 24/7

One of the greatest benefits of having an animated video is that it reaches your target audience and makes the pitch for you, even while you sleep.

Prospects can view your video any time they want to, day or night. That’s far more than what your top salesman can offer (ya know, ‘cuz he has to sleep)!

They’re Easy to Share

There’s no other way to put it: animated videos are fun to watch.

And because they’re so enjoyable, people are much more likely to share them with their family, friends and coworkers. Companies have even seen their animated marketing videos go viral.

So you not only have this amazing tool that educates, entertains, builds brand loyalty, and pitches the client, you also have an easy way for people to refer your company to others!

It’s a Trend With Staying Power

With the overwhelming success of video marketing, this trend isn’t going anywhere.

Using animated videos is a win/win for both companies and consumers; companies can distribute their informative, engaging, targeted message while consumers get the information they need in an entertaining format.

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to use animated videos, then it’s time to make your move. This is a marketing tool that not only attracts prospects, but it converts them more easily.

What’s not to love?

Contact Explainify today to see if we can help you on your own animated marketing video.

Explainer Video Production Company, Freelancer, or In-House? You Decide.

Knowing when to use an explainer video production company or a freelancer or do it yourself is a hard thing to learn.

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest trends in marketing, then I’m sure you know by now that it’s imperative to include videos in your marketing toolbox.

Using explainer videos is an extremely effective way to engage and educate consumers (it’s undeniably our favorite method). Not only that, but it also helps you target your message which leads to an improved conversion rate.

Explainify Case Study - Video Marketing

You’ve read all the studies, seen all the successes that other businesses have had with video marketing, and you’re convinced of its value. You’ve decided! Creating a video for your business is the next step to take. The only problem? Deciding who to hire.

Should you have someone in-house take care of the video to save money? Or maybe you don’t have the resources for that, so you’re thinking about looking for a qualified freelancer to do the job. But you’re not sure if their work will be up to par, so perhaps an explainer video production company would be best?

If you’re struggling with this decision, then just keep reading – we’ll help you sort out all the pros and cons so you can decide which method is right for your business.

Do-It-Yourself / In-House


There’s basically only one benefit to finding someone in-house to do the video – you might save some money. Or you might not…

It really depends if you already have the proper equipment and someone trained to do the job. If you don’t, then sinking money into a lot of video production equipment or software and then training for it will definitely not be the best use of your capital.


Creating a high-quality video is actually a lot more difficult than it seems. Here’s a look at the FAQ of a popular DIY maker. It’s intricate and shows just how many questions there are when making a video.

It’s not simply a matter of pointing an iPad at someone and having them lecture about the product. There are a number of things to consider, like writing an engaging and informative script, finding voice talent, a talented illustrator, having seamless editing, etc.

Unless you have a professional production team on staff that’s dedicated to doing that type of work, you’ll end up with a video that looks and sounds clunky and amateurish. One of the great benefits of creating a video is that it can be used to represent your company by telling your brand’s story.

Using video in this way helps to build connections with consumers. If your video is poor quality, then potential customers will also see that as a reflection of your company.

Outsource to a Freelancer


More and more companies these days are choosing to hire freelancers to do work for them. One of the perks of working with freelancers is that you don’t have to worry about keeping someone on staff year-round for a project that can be completed in a much shorter amount of time.

That saves you money, thanks to the health insurance and other benefits you don’t have to pay for.

There are also a lot of talented freelancers out there to choose from. In today’s economy, many people have decided to strike out on their own to work from home. That means you could actually find a freelancer with the training and skills to complete the video.


The downside to this is that finding a well-qualified freelancer can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. If you decide to work with a freelancer, how will you find them?

There are tons of platforms that help you sort through and hire freelancers, but are you really sure about the quality of work they’ll do? How do you know they have the qualifications that they claim to have? Can you really trust a simple ratings system to guide you to the best person for the job?

Not only do you have to worry about whether the person can do the work they claim to be capable of, but you also have to think about the logistics, such as scheduling. The person you hire might not be in your time zone, which means it may be difficult to schedule meetings with them.

This can lead to a lot of wasted time, and may mean that your project takes even longer than expected.

Oftentimes – we get calls from folks that chose a freelancer or budget competitor and were not happy with their work. So basically, they wasted a good chunk of change and a lot of their precious time. A CEOs time is very precious and should not be spent on herding the cats of video production. They then have to pay a premium to have it fixed, when they should have just worked with a professional the first time.

Explainer Video Production Company


With a professional video production company, you get the complete package. Working with a company that specializes in this type of work means that they know the process inside and out and can help lead you through it.

A production company will take time to understand your company’s vision and do all that it takes to bring that vision to life. They have years of experience turning brand stories into creative, engaging videos that will hit your target audience where it counts.

You also don’t have to worry about getting shoddy work from a professional firm. The company you choose to work with can show you countless examples of their past work and provide you with testimonials that demonstrate the quality and success of their work.


Hiring a video production company will cost more than hiring a freelancer or doing the project in-house. The question you need to ask yourself, though, is what’s more important – time or money?

Having a partner with a proven process can avoid a more costly problem—a poor brand image.

Would you rather spend the money now and have the project done right the first time? Or do you want to try and save money only to end up with a poor-quality video that just ends up being shelved? That’s no good because then you still need a video and have to hire a second firm to fix the first’s problems.


In the end, it’s clear that the best way forward is to hire a professional video production company. Doing the work in-house may save you some money, but the end-product will likely be less than stellar. Working with a freelancer might be an option, as long as you can find one that’s qualified, responsible, and easy to reach. Pro tip: Don’t skimp on budget if you choose that option. Hell, don’t skimp on budget for any of the options.

By hiring a production company, you know that you’ll end up with a compelling, high-quality video that speaks directly to your target audience. Take the next step and contact Explainify today!

CaseComplete is just one of many clients we've helped succeed! See how we helped them increase lead conversions by over 20%!

Content Roundup – Customer Acquisition Strategies Edition

So, it’s 2017. And… maybe you’re not quite seeing the growth you were hoping for to start off the year. But it’s still early! Did Rocky Balboa ever give up when he got in a tough fight?

That’s one big fat no.

He got back up and took a beating for 8 more rounds before doing something. Oh… you don’t want to take 8 rounds of beatings? I guess that makes sense. So to help you fast track your start to the year, I’ve dedicated a content roundup to all things customer acquisition.

Dig into some fun content that gives you ideas, resources, and some channel tactics to try out! I’ll see you when you’re done salivating at all this awesome knowledge.

explainify content roundup - 2017 marketing predictions

I’ll be honest, this is article isn’t breathtaking. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. So what makes it remarkable? The fact that so many companies still don’t do these things!

My challenge to you is read this and not just nod along. Take a second after you read and just think about your company. Do you really do this well?

How Marketers Can Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (Forbes)

Explainify Case Study - video can be a great way to boost your customer acquisition strategies.

Building email lists is all the rage these days, and that is fantastic! People are rolling out lead magnets, putting subscriptions on their blog posts, and all sorts of wonderful email collection points.

And then one day you realize you have no idea who the 5,000 emails in your list are. What jobs do they have? Are they even your target market? Are they actually engaged? How many unsubscribed? How… you get the point.

Time to start cleaning that email list and using it to be your most powerful customer acquisition point. After all, it is the one marketing channel you have the most power over.

6 insanely effective tactics to engage email subscribers (#5 is a must-do) ActiveCampaign)

Growing that book of business can be hard for B2B companies. I get that – we’re in the daily struggle to keep the leads flowing in. But don’t you sometimes feel like finding new qualified leads is just too hard?

That’s probably because in this day and age of flashy tactics and softwares – we make it harder than it needs to be. So here are some classic winners to make sure you’re utilizing effective strategies in your gameplan.

3 Proven B2B Customer Acquisition Strategies to Win 2017 (and Beyond) With! (Explainify)

Sometimes you have the strategies in place, you just don’t have the resources and tools to make things happen. If that’s you, then this is your article.

Once these sweet options spark your creative juices, you’ll be well on your way to finding the things you need to take strategies from a dream into a reality for your business.

Customer Acquisition: 15 Resources You Need to Reach, Convert, and Keep Your Customers (Mention)

Okay, okay. I’ve talked about “customer acquisition” like it is really easy and everyone knows what it is. But that might not be the case. What does this look like when done well?

Instead of wasting my breath and probably ending up on a tangent about how much I hope Tom Brady wins the Super Bowl… whoops! Just read the article already – they stay on topic way better than I do.

13 Winning Customer Acquisition Examples (Referral SaaSquatch)

Thanks, everyone! We look forward to see you unleash your Rocky Balboa. After all, this is your fight. So go out and take it.

CaseComplete is just one of many clients we've helped succeed! See how we helped them increase lead conversions by over 20%!

3 Proven B2B Customer Acquisition Strategies to Win 2017 (and Beyond) With!

If you want to grow your business, you’ve got to grow your customer base. So what are the best B2B customer acquisition strategies to do that?

You may be tempted to try every strategy out there in an effort to expand your client base, but that could end up being a waste of time. Instead of wasting your precious resources trying everything under the sun—it’s best to focus your time and attention.

There are a few ideas that have proven to be effective and we’ve outlined 3 strategies below help you acquire the customers you need in 2017 and beyond.

proven B2B customer acquisition strategies

Review and Improve Your SEO

The way Google and other search engines rank website continues to change and is becoming increasingly sophisticated. There are several ways you can upgrade your SEO so that customers can find your site more easily.

For example, being mobile-friendly is vital these days. Instead of sitting in front of a laptop or desktop computer, people are now using their mobile devices to find the information they need.

If your company website isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, then customers are likely to move on to a site they can easily read on their device.

You also need to be sure that you’re providing quality content, and a lot of it. SEO experts are now recommending that you have posts with 2000+ words – that’s the content that keeps consumers engaged and has the greatest average of social shares.

You should also be providing visual content, like animated explainer videos, on your site. Including professional-quality videos on your website will keep visitors engaged longer, which improves your search engine rank.

CaseComplete is just one of many clients we've helped succeed! See how we helped them increase lead conversions by over 20%!

Another important SEO strategy to implement this year, is the use of long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that are very specific to what your company sells. It’s likely that fewer people will search using these precise phrases, but those who do use them, will be looking for exactly what you offer. This means not only will you get more traffic to your website, you’ll also have a higher conversion rate.

Build Engagement

Building relationships is essential if you want any of your B2B customer acquisition strategies to be successful.

It certainly would be nice for new customers to simply stumble upon your website and make a quick decision to buy, but we all know that’s a fairy tale B2B. Before customers make a purchasing decision, companies must go to where the customers are and actively engage with them.

Social media is a great way to build rapport with potential clients. People naturally go online to talk about their shopping experiences; they share it all—the good, bad, and the ugly.

By monitoring and responding to what consumers say about competitors, you can improve your company’s image, refine your own product/service, and provide one that better fits the needs of potential clients.

You can also use social media to build a community focused specifically on the experiences of your own customers. If clients feel like they can easily engage with you online, this helps to build a relationship.

Providing an online community is a great way to engage consumers, build on that relationship, and increase brand loyalty.

Develop Partnerships

We live in a world where connections matter. With our current global economy, it’s impossible for a business to thrive in isolation. Developing strategic partnerships is absolutely vital if you want to employ the most effective B2B customer acquisition strategies and reach more people.

Partnerships like these are a great way to gain exposure. You’ve likely seen many different examples of this online.

For example, a group of online marketers who offer similar or complementary products/services may decide to collaborate on a project, such as an online seminar. Each individual marketer will offer the seminar to their current customers, which will then broaden the exposure of everyone in the collaboration.

You should be actively seeking out like-minded companies to build relationships with. These connections don’t have to be made solely online; they’re just as effective offline as well.

Don’t limit yourself to either/or.

Make a point of networking at local and regional events in addition to finding connections online.

Focus On What Works

The B2B customer acquisition strategies listed above have been tested and proven to be effective. Which do you think will work best for your company? If you’re looking for a good company to partner with (especially one that can help you with your exposure), we’d love to talk!

Free e-book helps you cut the crap and close more deals!

Content Roundup – Marketing Myths Edition

Remember the 90’s movie where Sinbad played a genie?

No you don’t. Because it never existed!

Here’s the thing: In a world where 211 million pieces of content are created every minute, some of the information we get is bound to be wrong. And, as hard as we try to check our facts and do our homework, we can end up internalizing that bad intel.

This is true even for marketers. You know how it goes: A member of your team quotes a stat about video or email or some new social channel. Then, you read it on one of your favorite marketing blogs. And hear it again on a podcast. All of a sudden, that stat becomes gospel.

Most of this information is totally valid and should inform your marketing strategy. But every once in a while, when you poke at a stat or a best practice, it deflates. You find the original research and discover that the stat was taken out of context, or you find that the “best practice” really only works in specific situations.

What’s a marketer to believe?

In this week’s roundup, we’re coming at you with some truth. 5 articles that bust a combined 44 digital marketing myths. The Matrix had better watch out; you’re about to wake up.

explainify content roundup - 2017 marketing predictions

Ahhh… the dream of “smarketing”: Your sales and marketing teams so tightly aligned that they become one word. It’s a goal that should always be at the top of your organization’s initiatives. But as Kuno Creative shows us, your sales and marketing staff have to get over their misplaced distrust of one another for smarketing to work.

7 Dangerous Misconceptions About Sales and Marketing (Kuno Creative)

Whenever something becomes a marketing buzzword, it’s bound to attract a ton of shit information. So it should come as no surprise that a mountain of terrible advice has risen around the concept of brand storytelling. In this article, we bust three of the most popular – and limiting – brand storytelling myths you might be holding onto.

3 Common Brand Storytelling Myths (and 3 Ways to Correct Them)  (Explainify)

Email’s simple, right? You write it, you send it, and BOOM. You did email marketing. Except not quite. In this gorgeous infographic, the Email Monks fight back against our inbox ignorance.

INFOGRAPHIC: 15 Email Marketing Myths (Email Monks)


Explainify Case Study - Video Marketing

One of the big questions in 2017 will be, Is content still king? We think so, but to stand a chance of succeeding in this humongous content bubble, you’ve got to know what’s up. And more than any other topic of conversation, content is rife with misconceptions – most of them intended to keep you from succeeding. Let’s blow those to oblivion and free you up to dominate this year!

The Top 12 Content Marketing Errors (and What to Do Instead) (Content Standard)

Remember the movie Se7en, with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman? Well, hopefully your social media strategy is nothing like that movie – but odds are, you’re committing at least one of these seven deadly social sins. Repent!

You Really Can’t Afford to Commit These 7 Social Media Sins Anymore (Simply Measured)

So now that you’ve separated fact from fiction, get out there and do things right! And who knows, maybe you’ll become a legend like Hercules while you do it.

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Content Roundup – 2017 Marketing Predictions Edition

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who look forward, and those who would rather look back.

If you’re a digital marketer, odds are you’re a dyed-in-the-wool forward-looker. You’re constantly on the alert for what’s new and what’s next, the trends that will give you an edge over your competition and help you gain a greater share of your audience’s attention. It’s this drive to move forward that makes you a really really ridiculously good marketer.

But in all this hustle toward the next big thing, it’s important that we don’t forget to look back. The past has so much to teach us! Not only can we draw inspiration from what’s worked before, we can also learn what doesn’t work – and avoid those mistakes in our own marketing efforts.

So before you get swept up in the excitement and promise of your 2017 initiatives, take a few minutes to check out the content below. You’ll find some incredible articles that will help you get a jump on 2017’s marketing and technology trends – alongside content that highlights the best 2016 had to offer.

explainify content roundup - 2017 marketing predictions

This first post is a 2017 prediction powerhouse. SnapApp collected the thoughts of a whopping 73 experts – including content marketing royalty like Joe Pulizzi and Sujan Patel – who offer their take on where digital marketing is headed over the next 12 months.

73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017 (SnapApp)

73 experts’ worth of predictions not enough for you? We’ve got you covered. In this next post, the CEO of Smart Insights identifies 14 digital marketing “megatrends” that you need to be prepared for this year.

Digital Marketing Trends for 2017 (Smart Insights)

It’s been estimated that nearly 3 million blog posts are published every single day. But while you won’t want for new content in 2017, that doesn’t mean you should forget the marketing wisdom that’s come before. Here, Jay Baer remembers some of his favorite blog posts from 2016. We’re humbled and honored to have one of our posts included among them!

Your 10 Favorite Blog Posts in 2016 (Convince and Convert)


Explainify Case Study - Video Marketing

Of course, it’s not just existing strategies, tactics, and channels that will change next year. New technologies are constantly changing what’s possible in digital marketing. The businesses who understand that – and do something about it – will be unstoppable.

Technology trends that will transform content marketing in 2017 (The Next Web)

We wanted to finish this roundup with one of our favorite posts to write every year. We stand by our own animation chops, but we know that there are some truly phenomenal production houses out there – and we respect the hell out of them. So here it is: Our homage to animation, and our celebration of the best business videos to come out of 2016.

The Best Explainer Video of 2016: Our Top Picks (Explainify)

Well, it’s time for this DeLorean ride to come to an end. Now get out there and show 2017 how it’s done!

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The Best Explainer Video of 2016: Our Top Picks

2016 was a crazy year, but you made it through! Odds are, you’re already looking forward to January and the chance to start fresh.

But let’s be honest: 2016 wasn’t all bad. In fact, there’s more than enough to celebrate, especially in the world of video marketing!

As we looked back over the year in animation, we realized that this year has seen some of the most beautiful explainer videos produced to date. So, to end the year strong, we put together a list of our 10 favorite explainer videos made this year. They’re beautiful, they’re creative, and they bring a new level of artistry to the marketing game.

Excited yet? Here we go!

  1. What If: Innovation Florida (Oliver Sin)

This video is proof that explainer videos aren’t just for business anymore. Any organization with a story tell can tap into the power of gorgeous visuals and great storytelling. Like the government nonprofit Innovation Florida. In this video, they use beautiful animation to cast a compelling vision for the future of their state.

  1. Postly (Untime Studio)

Sometimes, animation makes you feel things. And this year, Postly gets the award for the most feels. Lifelike characters and elegant motion bring this sweet story to life. Besides, who doesn’t love a sweet little grandma?

  1. Demo Duck: Video for Any Mission (Demo Duck)

We’ve got some great friends in the explainer video space, and the folks at Demo Duck are some of our favorite. One thing we love about them is that they’re not afraid to get a little quirky – like in their new homepage video. They blend an awesome variety of animation styles with a fun and unexpected musical number. Try not to get it stuck in your head!

  1. Wine Country Gift Baskets (VeracityColab)

Speaking of friends in the video marketing world – when it comes to VeracityColab, we’re total fanboys. And this video’s no different. Veracity puts a new spin on customer testimonials. Along with professionally recorded customer stories, Veracity uses animation to create a elegant collage of inspiring scenes. Plus, their use of perspective and focus is unforgettable.

  1. IRIS (ThinkMojo, Inc.)

This is just a great explainer video, plain and simple. Soft colors, whimsical visuals, and crystal clear messaging combine in this video to make the future of investing seem that much brighter.

  1. Panasonic LinkRay (Explainify)

We’re not here to brag, but we had to share this one. Panasonic trusted us to tell a powerful story about their forthcoming LinkRay LED technology, and they love the results! We hope you do, too.

  1. TraQtion (Zublime)

There’s no law written in stone that says B2B videos have to be boring. In fact, we think they shouldn’t be! Apparently, the folks at TraQtion agree. With a script that features words like “super done” and “eeks” – and a character who does ninja moves – this is one B2B video that isn’t buttoned up.

  1. Quadro (ILLO)

We love minimal design, and this explainer video from Quadro definitely qualifies. There’s never more than a graphic or two on screen at any given time, and they don’t even use full hands to show people typing on keyboards – just fingers. And it totally works!

  1. PrescribeWellness (The Furrow)

The greatest thing about animation is its power to delight. The Furrow gets that. They made a series of short explainer videos for PrescribeWellness, and delight doesn’t even begin to describe them. With characters you can’t help but connect with, transitions that will blow your mind, and a subtle narrative running through the video, this one’s easily one of the year’s best.

  1. Slack: Work, SImplified (Giant Ant)

Maybe it’s not surprising that an explainer video for Slack grabbed our number one slot this year. After all, they’ve released incredible video on top of incredible video – from computer-generated animals in business casual to conceptual motion graphics. Well, this video from Giant Ant deserves a spot among the best of them.

CaseComplete is just one of many clients we've helped succeed! See how we helped them increase lead conversions by over 20%!