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The Most Important Aspects of a Great Explainer Video

Quality video is important for branding and image, but the most important aspects aren’t in the visuals.

Don’t get us wrong, we love making gorgeous animated videos.

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That said, we don’t move forward in the production process until we have a sound understanding of:

  • The brand (and brand story) we are representing in said explainer video.
  • The product/service/message we are going to be explaining.
  • The customer/audience in which we will be speaking.
  • The incredibly short script that we derive from all of these things.

After we grasp these things, and only then, do we begin to talk about the visual concepts that will help to tell the story we’ve come to know (and love).


If you’re in marketing or at an executive level of business, you understand the value of copywriting.

The art of using a headline, a short paragraph, or even a long sales letter to help convince those who are right for your offerings to buy (or take the next step). It’s also an effective way to lose those who won’t be the right fit for your company (saving trouble down the road).

Again, you know this.

What are the most important aspects of good copy? The same things that are important to good explainer videos.

Sure, you may worry about page layout, fonts, and visual elements eventually—but it’s the words that compel. Those crazy arrows and “handwritten” elements didn’t sell tons of downloadable content back in the early 2000’s.

It was the story.

That’s why we are going to dig deep into the two areas of an explainer video that have to be in place before you think about visuals—Script and Story.

Here we go.

Disclaimer: We love, love, love high quality video. It’s all we want to put out. This isn’t a push for having an awesome script with terrible music and crudely drawn stick figures. Rather it’s to point out that many freelancers, DIY tools, and even some production houses push their graphics over their ability to sell the message. We would rather make something a bit more like this:


The Broad and the Immediate Message

“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.”— Blaise Pascal

There are two (broad) questions that must be answered before you can get to the point of writing a script for your explainer:

  1. What do you want your brand to say to the world?
  2. What do you want your explainer video to say to it’s target audience?

If you don’t know the answer to number one, that’s a big problem.

While we are assuming that you know who your customers are, we’ve included a few excellent resources that will help you narrow down or create a brand message.

  • Know Thy Audience: A great read that oozes value. It’s an overview of the basics involved in figuring out who your target audience is in terms of your overall business model.
  • Brand Messaging That Resonates: From the fine people at SalesForce. Insightful, useful, and not too long.
  • Whip Your Brand Message into Shape: You are saying something, but it may need an overhaul. This anecdotal post won’t sting too bad, but should inspire you.

Once you have your ideal and target personas in mind, you can mash that up with the message you want conveyed in your explainer video (i.e. that second question).

The video you want could be to tell that brand story. It could be made for a segment of your audience, leads in a certain stage of the sales funnel, or to generate awareness for an initiative that you have coming down the pipe.

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No matter what you want to say, it should resonate with your audience and reflect that brand message.

Example: In the SalesForce post we linked to above, it mentions several key slogans from monster brands. We’ll use Subway’s “Eat Fresh”.

In the video below, they’ve targeted athletes by using famous olympians and other well-known athletic stars.

This message is short, powerful and highly targeted—yet perfectly in line with their core message to “eat fresh”.

It’s vitally important that your brand’s message, at least, doesn’t conflict with any of your marketing. In fact, it should reinforce and give potential and current customers a look at your consistency.

Subway has cookies and soda, but you don’t see them advertising things such as $1 drinks like McDonald’s.

Onto the Copy Script

In the words of this post at Kissmetrics, “A well written script is the key to a successful explainer video. It’s the foundation upon which everything else is built.”

We wholeheartedly agree.

Do you know how many words you get in 60 seconds of video? Anywhere from 130-160 on average. If your video is that long, you’ll keep about 70% of your watchers till the end. Longer than that and those numbers drop off pretty fast.

That means you can’t waste words.

Shorten your message. Write and rewrite to take away everything that isn’t necessary until you arrive at the potent core of compelling, rich content.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”—Antione de Saint-Exupery

That, again, takes time.

That core message is the perfect blending of the information your audience resonates with and the point you want to get across. Here are our best pointers:

  1. Learn from the Best: Study good copywriting as well as classic story structure. Three act scripts are still around for a reason. Ensure that you or those you work with are well-versed in storytelling and writing compelling copy.
  2. Open Big (with your point): Make sure you don’t drag on at any point of the video, but get that point across in a noticeable way that makes those who you want to talk to stay and those who aren’t interested go.
  3. Entertain Your Guests: They are watching for their benefit, not yours. You want to tell them something, but it has to be created for them. Losing the image of who you’re talking to will, no doubt, cause fewer people to listen.
  4. Clearly Ask Them for Something: There is no point in creating an explainer video that doesn’t make people want to do something. Even if it’s a video to save the environment, you’d want someone to recycle something—right? Make a clear call to action that moves them toward your intended purpose while not violating your brand message.

The Added Benefit of a Good Message and Script

In life, you live to tell stories. Not the other way around.

Now that your story has been brought to life, you have everything you need to come up with the visuals. Then, you can put those visuals to music and narration making the most compelling explainer possible.

Those very visuals will be easier to create with a clear message. The music you choose will seemingly be made for your script.

Figure out your message. Write your script. Use quality imagery, sound and narration.

Do it all in that order and to the best of your ability and your target will be hit every time.

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The Scariest Video Marketing Trends of 2017 (and Beyond)

We love video. We love businesses. That’s why we have to warn you about the trends that aren’t going away in the video marketing world.

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For the last several years, all of those “trends” and “stats” posts have been telling everyone in the marketing world that video was going to be a behemoth. Not only have most of those reports been true, it’s kind of catching many off guard.

There is a great divide forming in the way business is done.

The division is between the old way of impersonal advertising and harsh sales tactics. And the new methods of developing a sales funnel and innovating content that moves leads down stream and skyrockets conversions.Image result for i daresay that the situation has reached a point of

Then there’s most companies somewhere in the middle—where the divide threatens to force you one way or the other.

2017 may be the year that many organizations fully embrace video content, or start a steady decline into the abyss.

Sounds harsh, but video is out of control.

Scariest Trend: People Will Begin to Expect Video

The people have spoken and given us half a decade to equip ourselves, but now three quarters of web traffic goes toward video consumption.

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Got written content?

Only one in four on the internet are even looking at that form of media, which significantly dwindles your potential audience. That’s scary enough, but if you’ve been neglecting the video marketing of your brand—it’s downright terrifying.

Brand Storytelling - Blog Lead Magnet CTA

How should you react?

The bad news always has to come before the good news.

Luckily, the other trends of this monster can help us all gauge the demands of this video crazed society. While they may be scary in their own right, you should use them to move your brand into the future of marketing.

Scary Trend Two: Multiple Platform Viewing (at once)

Yep. We live in a world where the T.V. is on Seinfeld and the phone is playing YouTube videos.

Admit it. You do it sometimes, too.

Imagine the implications of trying to grab the attention of consumers while they are multi-tained in such a way. It means that your videos have to be on par with the visuals bombarding them as well as the content being as entertaining as Kramer.

Keep in mind that this trend isn’t likely to slow down. If it’s common in Millennials, it’ll be worse in Gen Z.

Scary Trend Three: Videos Could Be a Part of the Sales Team

Sure, more automated sales processes save money, but bad videos don’t necessarily lose too much money—yet.

As time progresses this year and into the future, (good) video will sell more products and the personal interaction with salespeople will continue to diminish. People are already doing their own research for most of the sales process; only talking to a rep when absolutely needed in most cases.

But video will become a greater piece of this puzzle and even come to the point of giving the final nudge for many to purchase.

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This trend calls back into play the Millennial/Gen Z card.

While they love interaction, they don’t feel it necessary to talk with a person before making a buying decision. Really large purchases excluded, they want to feel connected to your brand without talking to you on the phone.

Some are reading this and getting excited for the future, but with almost half of all marketers admitting they need to take video more seriously—it could keep you up at night.

Scary Trend Four: New Formats of Video

Not only are so many businesses just now thinking of increasing their video efforts, the types of videos that are gaining popularity (at breakneck speed) weren’t even invented a few years ago.


There are two new formats of video that we’d like to tell you about. You may have heard of them, but may not be familiar with their popularity or use to your brand. Let’s take a look.

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Live Video

As little as a decade ago, live video was something that news and television networks had exclusively at their fingertips.

Now, everyone with a 3g/4g signal can broadcast themselves eating lunch worldwide.

If you mashup the last trend with this one, it could help your sales team stay alive that much longer. Consumers want to feel the human connection with the companies they buy from, but are more comfortable asking questions via a FaceBook live feed.

360 Video

Perhaps the newest trend in the video world, it’s gaining traction fast.

There are cameras that give a full panoramic view the entire time that they record. It’s a neat experience (that may give you a headache at first).

Depending on your business model, this may have no impact on you in the immediate future (next few years). That said, don’t discount it too quickly. To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve come up with some mock ideas for businesses to utilize 360 videos.

  • Headquarter Tours: Some brands have a great image that make people want to know everything about them. Younger consumers love to know where their [insert product here] was made. Give them the whole show; warehouse, offices, factory—all in 360 degrees.
  • Using Your Product(s): If you sell cars, this one may seem easy. Although, anyone could use it to create a short, fun video. How about a day in the life of a paperclip, or the epic story of a barista?
  • Brand Journalism: Well-known filmmaker Casey Neistat has done tons of branded content for companies using the 360 technique. It can be loosely related as long as it speaks to your target audience.

What to Make of These Frightening Observations

Putting it all together, you should be thinking about your video efforts this year for the long haul.

The key component in all of these trends is the increased humanization of your brand through visual content. Your company on display for the world to see in both a polished way and an unscripted way.

Tell the story of your brand through video both through advertisements and explainers, while adding the personalization of your company via newer and more popular ways.

Have your consumers send in their own videos (everyone has a high-quality camera). If you’re a personality, put yourself out there in FB live or webinars. The point is that your customers now expect you to talk with them.

Are you ready for that kind of relationship?

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Content Roundup – Conversion Rates, CTAs, and Site Speed

Spring is in the air! And that has nothing to do with what we’re talking about – but we’re excited about it anyways.

You know what else we get excited about? Seeing you accomplish your business goals. The best way for you to do that is by increasing conversion rates on your website. To assist you on your merry way, we’ve pulled together some great resources that you can check against your own website.

What do you do well? What do you do poorly? What do you need to test? Go figure out – and then start converting more people!

How Redesigning HubSpot’s Website Doubled Conversion Rates (HubSpot)

Before we really dive in here, we wanted to give you a real-life example of how testing and iterating your website can produce some crazy good results when it comes to conversion rates. That way you don’t just have to take our word for it – because what do we really know after all?

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10 ways web designers can optimize conversion rates in 2017 (Webflow)

Now that you’ve verified what we’re talking about here, how do you go about actually designing your website to increase conversion rates? Easy – keep it simple, stupid!

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Your Digital Marketing Checklist for Effective Call-to-Actions (Explainify)

Ah, the oh-so-important CTA. Who knew so much thought should go into such a little thing? Everything you do on your website comes down to this – getting them to take action. The color, text, location, and overall look of your CTA each contribute to your conversion rate. Choose wisely.

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Collective Bias explainer video helps social influencer agency shorten sales cycle and closes more deals

How to Increase Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate Using Google Analytics (SEJ)

Before you dig in and start making changes and running tests on your website, you might want to spend some time weeding through all the data you have from your website in Google Analytics. By knowing who is coming to your website, what device they visit on, customer behavior, bounce rate, etc. you can fully understand where your focus needs to be to increase your conversion rate.

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6 Reasons Why Website Speed Matters & How Amazon Would Lose $1.6 Billion If It Slowed Down (Bitcatcha)

This one might be something you’ve never thought about when it comes to conversion rate – site speed. You never forget a first impression, right? Well, your site speed is your first impression. Don’t scare people away right off the bat with a slow landing page. Here are 6 reasons your site speed matters for your conversion rate.

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Can’t wait to see you grab more attention from the great wide interwebs with these tips!


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Content Roundup – Business Is Kind of Like Dating, Isn’t It?

If I asked you who your customers are, what type of answer would you give me? Would you name specific people that you have built a relationship with over the years? Would you go the route of giving statistics and demographics of your typical customer? Or would you shrug?

In order to truly be able to market effectively to your customers, you have to know everything about them. Okay, maybe not everything, but you need to know their personalities in order to take your relationship to the next level.

So you treat it like you are dating your customers. Start asking them questions, spending time with them, even some good old fashioned Facebook stalking – figure out what they like, what other brands they use, what social circles they are in – qualities beyond the surface. I’m talking third date type stuff. Because just like in a relationship, that’s how you know if you are a good fit for each other. And that’s how you can make sure to meet their needs in an effective way.

So after you’ve convinced your customers to go on that third date with you, how do you start putting the information into practice? Well, you create buyer personas. And then you use these buyer personas to tailor your content, ads, messaging, and voice specifically to each segment of your customers. The goal is to give them those butterflies when they think about you!

But don’t just take our word for it – check out these articles that explain more about why you need to create buyer personas, how to go about creating them, and ways to use them to make your marketing more effective.

How Creating Buyer Personas Can Help Your Business (Bright Local)

Not sold that marketing should be so focused? Look, we get it. You want everyone to see your product, because everyone will love it, right? Well, um, maybe. But even if that is the case, in order to market effectively to your customers you need to know them. Like really know them – in a creepy, stalker kind of way. But if you need a little bit more convincing, check out this article on why buyer personas are so important to your marketing strategy.

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3 Ways to Make Marketing Personas Work Better for You (Blue Sky ETO)

Since we’ve established that developing buyer personas is like dating your customers, it’s also important to remember that you have to maintain this new relationship in your life in order to make sure it’s healthy. Don’t just assume you know everything about them, and don’t assume they don’t change. To be most effective with your personas, tailor your content to what they will enjoy, and keep up to date with what they are doing to make sure you stay relevant in their lives.

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How to Target the Right Audience in 5 Simple Steps (Entrepreneur)

So now that you (hopefully) understand why you need to create buyer personas, how are supposed to actually get the information that you need? Well, like we said – it’s like you’re dating them. Ask lots of questions. Seem interested. Smile. Ask for their number. Okay, maybe it’s slightly different. But the bottom line is, spend time getting to know them through polls and surveys, and then analyze all your current data. You’ll learn everything you need to know without even having to buy them dinner!

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Collective Bias explainer video helps social influencer agency shorten sales cycle and closes more deals

5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing with Psychology (Social Quant)

Sleep through your freshman Psychology class? We were right there with you. But had we known it would be so important to understand as marketers, maybe we would’ve tried a bit harder to stay awake. Don’t worry though – this article breaks down how you can use psychology to improve your marketing. Take your buyer personas and put them to use through social media!

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Why Viral Videos Are Ruining Your Video Marketing Strategy (Explainify)

Talk about a marketer’s #lifegoals – scoring a viral video has to be one, am I right? Yes, yes I am. But hold up for a sec…do viral videos really help your overall marketing strategy? Because at the end of the day, you’re saying that it doesn’t matter who you reach, as long as you reach tons of them. And if we’ve taught you anything today – and please tell us we have, it makes us feel good – then you know it’s all about tailoring your marketing efforts specifically to your buyer personas. So check out this article to see why you might should rethink those #lifegoals.

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Bottom line is, don’t just try to reach anyone and everyone through your marketing. Know who your customers are, learn more about them, and tailor your entire strategy around reaching those people in the most effective way possible. Now get out there and make your customers giddy!


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