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Why Animated Marketing Videos Are the Key to Better Brand Positioning

We all know that image matters. The success of a company is highly dependent upon the way consumers view their brand. That’s why companies are continually striving to carve out their own niche in the market and create an impression in the minds of consumers that’s both positive and totally unique.

And while creating a brand identity and establishing your brand positioning is a game of inches and yards, the result of day-in, day-out engagement with potential customers, there are times when you can really solidify your positioning in the minds of your audience.

animated marketing videos

For example, if you are releasing a new product, or you totally revamped your website, then you should use this opportunity to set your company and your brand apart from the competition.

One excellent way to do this is though animated marketing videos.

The popularity of these videos has skyrocketed in the past few years, thanks in part to Google’s algorithm for ranking websites. Google places a strong emphasis on how long people stay on any given site. And ompanies who use animated marketing videos find that consumers become engaged with the content and spend more time on their site. If you want to get your message out to the masses and establish your brand positioning, we recommend creating an animated explainer video.

Here are three ways animated marketing videos can help establish your brand positioning:

1.   Animated Marketing Videos are (Should Be) Custom-Branded

When making an animated video, you start with a completely blank slate. Unlike live-action videos, animation’s only limiting factor is your imagination.

Through animated marketing videos, you can create your own unique brand image that will make a lasting impression on potential customers. You and your team get to determine every aspect of the video, including:

  • Content
  • Animation style
  • Color scheme
  • Choice of music
  • Character persona
  • Style of narration

You have creative control. This is vitally important because every aspect of the video is another opportunity to communicate your vision to the public. Everything from the music to the color scheme will impress an image into the consumer’s mind.

When you are creating a style for an animated marketing video, you need to make one that matches your brand. After all, this is a chance to bring your brand to life. In a live-action video, the most you can do is show a logo, or feature someone wearing your brand colors. But with animation, everything connects to your brand.

Color palette, line weight, fonts, character style. In can all look and feel specifically like your brand.

For example, take a look at the video we created for Helix Sleep:

It’s the perfect extension of their brand guidelines. And because of that, the video fits the rest of their brand materials like a glove.

2.   Animated Marketing Videos Tell Great Stories

Brand storytelling” is the latest buzzword among businesses these days, and for good reason. Storytelling isn’t just a marketing trend – it’s a way for companies to communicate their values and vision in an authentic and personable way.

Stories are compelling and universal. They grip us and don’t let go. Through stories, we relate to the characters and become invested in the them and their experiences. Who hasn’t stayed up late binge-watching a TV show or reading a book because you HAVE TO find out what happens?

We’ve all done it, thanks to the power of storytelling.

So what does this have to do with marketing your brand? Well, if you want customers to connect to your brand, use the power of stories. With animated marketing videos, you can relay your company’s story clearly and concisely using a highly entertaining format.

For example, you can use animated marketing videos to tell the story of your customers. Through delightful motion and color, you can show your audience that you understand their struggles, you identify with their pain points, and together – you’re going to help them reach their goals.

3.   Animated Marketing Videos Are Easy to Access and Share

Marketing strategies have changed significantly in the past couple of decades. Companies used to be concerned with having an eye-catching print ad or a memorable TV commercial. These days, companies know that the best way to reach consumers is to go online.

In a lot of ways, the Internet has improved relations between companies and their customers. In the past, marketing was a one-way street where companies spoke directly to the consumer, but the consumer had no real say.

Now it’s more like a conversation. Consumers like having access to businesses through websites and social media. If someone has a compliment or complaint, they can take it directly to source.

This means when you’re trying to establish your brand positioning, you need to offer content that is available online and easy to share.

TV commercials simply don’t cut it anymore. There are many people today who forego having a television and choose Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Apple TV for entertainment instead.

Consumers are online and that’s where your content needs to be.

When you put animated marketing videos on your site, it’s not only easy for people to access them, it’s also easy to share them with others. Companies like Chipotle have seen their animated marketing videos go viral.

The easier your content is to access and share, the more customers you can draw in.

Get In On the Action

Video is the ideal medium to inform, engage, and entertain prospective customers. If your company is looking to create a lasting impression on consumers, now is the time to get in on the action – contact Explainify today and soon you’ll have an extraordinary marketing tool to help establish your brand.

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Content Roundup – Build Emotional Connection

This week we’re talking a lot about storytelling. 92% of consumers demand that you tell stories because it taps into their emotional pathways in the brain and creates more persuasive arguments.

Now we want to offer a disclaimer here. Pretty much any of these tactics can be manipulated to “con” people into buying from you. You might even make quite a bit of money off of it… for a bit.

But we do not endorse using these as manipulative tactics. These are tools to help you build bridges. When you do that, you may not make a quick dollar, but you will start to create long-term, sustainable customer relationships. We think that’s way cooler – and in the long run, you’ll make more money!

So now that we’ve said that, what are these tools? Scroll on down and find out, you silly goose!


Sure, maybe you know all the tactics for engaging people. But do you know why they work? You should, because knowing why is the difference between just copying tactics, and crafting tailored campaigns perfectly suited for your audience. So listen while you get some work done and start understanding why.

[Podcast] Understanding the Brain Science Behind Effective Persuasion (Copyblogger)

So people react to stories because those stories evoke emotions, right? But what exactly is the science behind emotion? Well, there’s 4 key elements to emotional engagement, and they all work together. Once you understand how design, color, images, and branding play nicely with one another, you’ll be able to harness them to create meaningful connections between you and consumers.

The Art and Science of Emotional Engagement (CMI)

brand storytelling

Most the time, you’re in control of your brand and its perception. But sometimes, things gets away from you and you start getting bad press. That’s okay – you’re human (at least, we hope you are!) When that happens, how do you control the damage? These 3 tips can keep a small stumble from becoming a runaway train straight to disaster town.

3 Ways to Beat Bad PR with Better Brand Storytelling (Explainify)

Now that you’ve learned all these cool scientific tips on storytelling, where do you start telling your story? Well, there’s no right answer for every company. But social is a go-to location for building thriving communities for a reason. If you want to get started with that, try 1 or 7 of these tactics!

7 Ways Brands Connect With Social Media Messaging (Duct Tape Marketing)

In our digital world, it’s important to remember that there is a real world going on with real problems. When those occur, we have extraordinary opportunities to do amazing things on a local and personal level. Yeah, it’s great we can schedule social posts, automate email workflows, and so much more. But look up from your computer, go find a window, and look outside. That world you see needs empathy – how could your brand provide it?

Local Empathy: The New Tool in Your Brand’s Emergency Kit (SEO Moz)

Now get out there and build bridges. If you build them right, people will naturally want to walk across to see what you’re about. And that’s the beginning of making sales look easy without sacrificing your integrity.

CaseComplete is just one of many clients we've helped succeed! See how we helped them increase lead conversions by over 20%!

Worried About Explainer Video Cost? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be

When we started Explainify 5 years ago, we were just one of a small handful of explainer video companies out there. Since then, explainers have exploded in popularity.

And for good reason! Putting an explainer video on your website engages visitors, keeps them on your page longer, and improves conversion rates.

But along with the growth in explainer video popularity has come hundreds – scratch that, thousands – of production houses, many of whom claim they can make a great video for as little as a few hundred dollars.

explainer video cost

Which means, more and more, sales conversations become focused on explainer video cost. And that’s dangerous. Because when you start thinking about cost over quality, or clarity, or effectiveness, you’re thinking about video as a commodity – rather than a powerful marketing tool.

If you’re looking for a video partner, you’ve got to move beyond simply thinking about explainer video cost. After all, an inexpensive video can do more damage to your company’s image than not having one at all.

But if you’re not supposed to make a decision based on explainer video cost, what factors should you consider? Well, we’re glad you asked! We’ve got four.

  1. An Amazing Script

A great script is by far the most important part of your video.

It’s the foundation that your entire explainer video is built upon. The whole point of an explainer is to create crystal clarity around your unique value in an engaging video format. So if you have a video with high-quality animation and production value but the script is lacking – you’ll be unable to engage your audience any more effectively.

You may be tempted to have someone write the script in-house, or hire a freelancer to try and save money on your explainer video cost. That would be a mistake. Any video producer worth its salt has writers on staff who are specifically trained to write copy that will captivates audiences. Plus, they’ll have a clear-eyed outsider’s perspective that will allow them see the big picture of what makes your company truly special. When you’re in your business all day, every day, it can be hard not to get lost in the weeds.

You need a carefully crafted script that will clearly explain your product, persuade customers that they need it, and issue a compelling call to action. Low-cost companies just can’t give you that.

  1. An Amazing Team

If you work with a low-budget company, you’ll get an animator and maybe a project manager on your account team – and more often than not, those two roles will be filled by the same person! That’s it. Their only goal is to get you a video. And without some additional input on the backend, there’s not way to make sure the video they’re making is delivering the right message in the right way.

But if you choose to work with a truly great video agency, you’ll have so many other experts contributing to the final product.

Sure, you’ll get that animator and a PM, but you’ll also get access to a team of copywriters, art directors, and strategists who are working together to make sure your video’s messaging, positioning, and creative direction will move your viewers to action.

And in the end, you’ll get a video that’s perfectly branded, perfectly positioned, and perfectly produced.

Which is what takes video from being a commodity, and transforms it into a piece of your marketing arsenal.

  1. Amazing Visuals

Maybe you’re looking at a low-cost production company’s website, and you’re thinking, “I mean, the animation isn’t that bad.”

But all you have to do is look at videos from a really great production agency – like what you’ll find on (dare we say it?) our own portfolio – to realize that there really is a big difference between good video and bad.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with simple animation. There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t overwhelm your viewers with too many bells or whistles, and maybe agency-level motion graphics aren’t really right for your brand.

We’re not talking about that. We’re talking about video that looks cheap. You know, stick-figure characters, clunky animation, voiceover that sounds like it was recorded in a closet…

Stay away from those videos! While a lower explainer video cost might sound appealing on the front end, skimping on quality can actually do serious damage to your brand in the long run.

  1. Amazing Results

So you’ve found a world-class video production team who knows how to write a great script – and pair it with gorgeous visuals. What more could you ask for?

Not so fast.

See, video is definitely a work of art – but it’s also a marketing tool. And in order for it to be worth your investment, you need to know that your video content is going to get you results.

We’ve helped clients increase conversions, boost click-through rates, and shorten their sales cycle. And many of our favorite video companies out there boast similar results.

But it can’t happen without the deep research, thoughtful strategy, and ongoing support that a truly great company can provide.

When you have the potential to achieve serious results, explainer video cost doesn’t seem so important.

Explainer Videos Are an Investment

A video is only as good as the team who helps you create it. If you try to cut explainer video cost, you’re only hurting your own business.

Consumers are savvy— they know shoddy work when they see it. If your video is something that’s just been pieced together, it’s not going to engage your audience and it most certainly will not inspire them to buy your product.

The money that you put into the creation of a professional explainer video is an investment. And it’s an investment that will pay dividends if you make the effort to create a video that’s professional, high-quality, and compelling. Where you skimp on budget, you’re also going to lose out on quality and, ultimately, a higher potential return.