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5 Ways Video Marketing Can Help You Meet Your Q4 Sales Goals

As the Holiday season rapidly approaches, that means one thing for pretty much every business.

Q4 Image

That’s right, the 4th Quarter is descending upon us! And as a company, you’re probably in 1 of 3 places:

  • You could be nailing your goals and sitting back contentedly.
  • You’re right on the edge of your goals looking at those not terrible, but not great either, numbers wondering how to make sure they swing the right way the last part of the year.
  • Or, you may have severely overestimated growth this year and you need to recapture some serious mojo to reverse your fortunes.

No matter which of those 3 you are, Q4 is still a vital time of the year! 

Whether you’re sitting up and realizing you could make bonus numbers, you want a bit more stability through the end the year, or you need to shift strategies quickly and efficiently, we want to ask a question posed by one of the great thought leaders of our time:

“Haaave you met video marketing?” – Barney Stinson

MusclesBefore we go any further, let’s be real for a second. Video marketing isn’t magic – but it is powerful. It’s not a Harry Potter wand that you can point at your problems – it’s more like eating some of Popeye’s spinach.

When used correctly, it’s more than capable of securing your year or it can be the ignition button to powerfully shift your company’s marketing strategy. Take these juicy stats, for example:

  • Videos can increase purchase intent 97% and brand association by 139%.
  • The average user watches 16 minutes of online video ads every month.
  • Dr. James McQuivey says that one minute of video is equal to 1.8 million words – pictures everywhere wept when told this. Sad, huh?

So, we feel pretty confident promising that video marketing will make your Q4 better than it would be otherwise. Only one problem. To get results now, you don’t have time to test and optimize. You need to know what works and you need it now. Unlike pretty much any movie made by DC Comics, we can deliver what you need.

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Here are 5 of key video marketing trends that are dominating 2016

1.) Landing Page + Video Marketing = Venus Flytrap

Okay, you’ve probably seen this “trend” before and wonder what we’re doing repeating this. We counter by asking you to go count how many of your landing pages have videos on them. Go ahead. We’ll wait…

Not very many have videos, you say? That’s because a lot of people still don’t use this strategy!

Once people have landed on a page, educating them with engaging video content is not a nice to have – it’s a must have. There’s case study after case study demonstrating how effective videos are at communicating your UVP to prospective customers. Once you have them hooked on video, the supporting content on your landing page can drive them towards the desired conversion.

One company – CaseComplete – put an explainer video on one of their main landing pages and saw a 23% increase in conversions on that page almost overnight! Think about what your sales team could do with 23% more leads.

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If you think that CaseComplete is an isolated case, major brands like Neil Patel’s CrazyEgg saw a whopping 64% conversion lift, resulting in $24,000 in extra monthly income – all thanks to video. And Dropbox increased signups by 10% with an explainer video!

Landing pages also have much better metrics with videos on them. Whether it is a lower bounce rate, increased unique visitor count, or more conversions, video is a key component to an excellent customer journey.

Video marketing is working for small SaaS companies and big brands alike – and it will work for you!

2.) Round Out Your Video Marketing Game With 360 Degree Videos

Ready to add some depth to your video marketing game? The answer is literally add depth to it. Change the game with 360 degree videos! As one of the most immersive ways to engage your consumers online, these videos have some breathtaking results. Hint: Make sure you look around in the video below!

Tell me you don’t want to take a vacation right now. By adding literal depth to a video, you completely immerse the viewer. This is perfect for showing off destinations, products, events, and much more. Best thing about it all is that the technology is affordable and you can produce videos like this on a relatively low budget. As if you needed more convincing, early case studies for these videos are showing mindblowing results!

  • Percentage of people who watched 360 degree videos versus fixed videos goes up 28.81%
  • Doubles the amount of people who watch the video until the end – because we know you’re not interested in those people who start your video and pause it 5 seconds later.
  • Cuts CPM costs in half and drives up CTR by almost 9x – tell me you’re not drooling. We are.

In addition to making your landing pages even more effective, these videos are amazing towards skyrocketing social strategies into the future. By making videos more interactive, and thus even more engaging, companies get to cheat and make videos a bit longer than the dreaded 2 minute mark – after which 60% of users normally drop off!

3.) Video and Email Marketing – An Unsung Love Story

Great, so now you’re rolling out some videos onto your landing pages. Maybe you’re even pushing the envelope by making some of them 360 degree videos. Now it’s time to marry your new videos with one of your oldest online strategies – email.

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Whether it be in the form of gifs, links to actual videos, or some other creative form, the benefits of videos in email is exponential.

  • Leads to a 200-300% rise in CTR – because you don’t care if people just read your emails.
  • 60% of execs would rather watch video than read, which is vital! When you acquire good email leads, don’t waste their time. Entertain and engage them.
  • Using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19%, click-through rates by 65% and reduces unsubscribes by 26%

I want to reiterate how important it is to make sure that your email strategy is absolutely crushing it. You may acquire the best emails in the world, and none of it matters if you don’t send them the right thing.

Fortunately, you know that video at gets a lot of people to sit up and pay attention. Pair that with one of your year’s best messages and you’re starting to cook up a winning recipe! Not sure what a good video strategy might be on email? Here’s a few ideas for you to consider:

  • Animate a series of short and fun, but still educational, videos to release via a drip campaign. This can really help promote your brand in a new and positive way to those leads stuck at the top of your funnel.
  • Or maybe people are engaging with your brand messaging but haven’t bought yet. Get with a few of your best clients and try capturing some powerful testimonial footage.
  • If your brand is associated with a social movement, create a video that powerfully captures the issue(s) and then follow up with content promoting solutions. People will idenitfy you as an expert, which can lead to sales without ever actually pitching anything!

4.) Video Sales Letters (VSL) Increase Face Value

Alright, so let’s take a little break from the marketing talk. Let’s say things are clicking for you on the front end of marketing – whether you’ve used video marketing strategies or not. What do we do with customers a bit deeper down the funnel – specifically people who are close to buying?

There’s a pretty cool way video can assist you here as well. Yeah, we’re talking about trading out those boring, old sales letters for some swanky video sales letters! You want cool, then this is it. Research shows that a 3-6 minute long sales letter can perform up to 300% better than 20-50 pages of info.

While it’s not exactly a formal sales letter, Zappo has subscribed to a similar logic by putting videos on product pages, reviews, and other areas of their website to convert those considering buying. This has increased product sales anywhere from 6-34%. Um, I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a 6% bump in sales.

All of this just proves once more that consumers want info and they want it yesterday. There’s no better medium for providing consumers brevity while still maintaining a powerful message than using video to accomplish your goals.

Pro Tip: This is also a great time to mention that optimizing your funnel in Q4 may be one of your best uses of time. Rather than figure out a bunch of new segments of people to hopefully convert, how can video engage some of the people who come in and get lost in the middle of your sales funnel?

Think about that.

5.) Live Stream on Social Media To Find Rewarding Brand Moments

One of the worst traps marketers can fall into is spending so much time fighting upstream to gain market share and attention, that we forget there’s a lot of fish swimming downstream that are awfully appealing…

And a great way to find people like that is to see who is talking about you via live streaming on social media. Find places people are geeking out over something related to your industry and reward them for that. One of the best examples of this is Chewbacca mom. She goes on Facebook Live and shows how much she loves a Chewbacca mask with this video.

Kohl’s – who sold her the mask – sends her free masks to her kids, $2,500 in gift cards, and a bunch of other swag the next day and posted this to some of their social channels.


Kohl’s sold out of the masks shortly after that. Sold. Out. 

Because Kohl’s invested in being a client hero, they took an item that most likely would have become an eyesore that sits on discount racks in the middle of their aisles and turned it into a leading inventory item – and probably brought a lot of traffic that made impulse purchases. That’s the power of being aware of your social presence.

Obviously, not everyone can give away $2,500 in gift cards, but you can find people who love your brand and find some way to become the object of their affection. This is the future of creating brand evangelists.

Another cool way to use live streaming video is to show off your company. Use apps like Periscope to take consumers to company events, show off your company culture, go inside a meeting or a brainstorming session, and host discussions or Q&As.

Basically, if you don’t mind the public seeing it then stream it. It’s essentially free opportunities to test out video and see what sticks. For example, if you do a relaxed Q&A for topics you are intimately familiar with, your expertise will become very clear to prospective clients.

Not only are you gaining expertise though, you’re also building human connection by putting yourself out there in way that easily allows trust to build – and trust matters to clients. In a world where there’s probably at least 6 other companies pushing a very similar product/service to yours, trusting a brand cares about individuals is imperative to the consumer journey these days.

Finally, don’t undersell how great live streaming video can be for recruiting great employees. It’s becoming more commonplace for talent to be drawn to companies because they were able to build empathy and connection over video, and having elite employee talents pays huge dividends down the road!

There are a ton of  ways that you can use video to drive results and we would love to help you with them. If you’re new to video, contact us at Explainify and let us know what you’re looking for!

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We may be able to get you the video you need, or we may be able to send you on your way to the place where your needs can be satisfied. Either way, don’t let another day pass without talking to us to see how we can help!

Content Roundup – All Business Session

2016 is quickly coming to end and our company is making some decisions about how our brand is going to win against a crowded field as we look to close out the year strong.

So no fancy stories or over-the-top wit from us. Instead, let’s get into 5 of the best articles we found this week and what they can mean for our business – and hopefully for yours as well!


A marketer has 6-8 seconds to capture someone’s attention. That’s like trying to deal with Dory from Finding Nemo. Matter of fact, I’m probably losing you right… about… now. Some of you just swam off on me.

We have to be quick to get our customer’s attention.

Now, a lot of us realize this with our marketing collateral. We go for flashy headlines, killer deals, etc. But how do we think about our website when it comes to fast? If you’ve got 7 seconds to convert a customer and they spend 2 seconds waiting for a page to load, that’s time you’re losing to sway them. Figure out how to boost site speed and boost conversions.

How to Make Speed a Core Part of Your Traffic and Conversion Strategy (Search Engine Marketing)

Quick, what’s the biggest objection your customers have to buying your product or service? If you thought that it was your pricing, you’re most likely wrong. Godin reminds us that the race to the bottom is a losing race for everyone, and most customers don’t even want to be associated with the ‘cheap’ option.

Cheap is almost never the best path for your company.

We get that marketers have to meet budgets and show return on investment. But if your answer as a marketer is to always pick the cheap option, whether that means running the cheap promotion or investing in cheap marketing tools, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

In pursuit of cheap (Seth Godin)

video marketing partner

If you read our blog, you probably know of the mythical video marketing we speak of. While we totally love that people want to bootstrap and make their own cheap videos, we also know the space is quickly filling up. You don’t have time to waste figuring it out anymore.

So how are your videos going to stand out and stay relevant?

This is where having a trusted video marketing partner is the key. Whether you work with Explainify or DemoDuck or a live-production video agency, you need someone who is aligned with your business objectives and can get you videos that have lasting power and relevancy.

No Time for Mistakes: Why You Need a Video Marketing Partner You Can Trust (Explainify)

You’re heading into Q4 and wondering how to get the most out of your marketing juice. We’re right there with you. One of the biggest things to do is optimize the existing funnel to get the most out of the traffic and leads you already have.

Optimizing landing pages is a big part of that, and we’re testing out a lot of things. It’s a lot more complex work than you would think, partly because there’s a lot of misconceptions about testing and about ‘best practices’.

One particular issue we run into is when we believe something is true without validation. Go ahead and think back on your day. How many statements have you said or heard that – no matter how convincing they were – were just really gut feelings?

What we think we know vs. what is actually true can cost businesses a lot of money.

9 Conversion Rate Optimization Misconceptions (and How They’re Costing You Money) (Kissmetrics)

Social channels are obviously a great way to reach out to your consumer base and influence them as an expert and build trust. But there’s a lot of base assumptions that we make every single day that kill our social strategies.

One critical oversight in a social strategy can outweigh many good strategy elements.

For example, when I said social channels you perhaps thought of Facebook, Twitter, and maybe LinkedIn. But what if your audience is on Quora? Reddit? Snapchat? Do you know where they even would be looking for you? If that’s a question you can’t answer, then odds are you’re making a few other crucial mistakes – read here to get started fixing some of them!

4 Things You’re Doing Wrong in Social Media (StartupNation)

11 Explainer Videos That Belong in the Video Hall of Fame

An explainer video is an easy way for any business to get their point across. While more traditional forms of marketing are falling by the wayside, videos are becoming increasingly popular. And why not? It’s quick, compelling, and easy to access across devices.

But as explainer videos get more and more popular, it can be hard to remember how revolutionary they were when they first started. And it can be hard to remember that some of them are really, really good.

So to celebrate the short, powerful history of these short, powerful videos, we’ve put together a list of the 11 best explainer videos we could find.

best explainer video

What makes these 11 the best, you ask? Well, all the picks on our list are concise, thoughtful and brilliant – everything an explainer video should be. Each one is a masterclass in crafting your message or pitch through short video content.

Why 11? Because 10 is for wimps.

Here we go.

11)  Marriott Project Imagine (Coat of Arms)

Smarter marketing is moving forward, and Marriott’s leading the way. This explainer video does an incredible job setting the right context, then amplifies their story with beautiful design and animation so their B2B audience can easily see how this would be useful to them.

Instead of getting lost in a sea of text or jargon, the audience can easily see how the analytics and shared data between partners can be used to make smarter business decisions. As the narrative progresses, any concerns over security, accuracy, professionalism or product value are addressed.

Keeping things crisp and clear shows Marriott has everyone’s best interests at heart.

10) Automatic

Automatic is a smart driving assistant that keeps track of your car’s health, fuel efficiency, driving data and parking locations while making recommendations to improve your driving experience. Could this be the start of a driving revolution?

This is proof that an incredible explainer video doesn’t have to be animated. The app takes center stage, as we’re given a step-by-step look at how Automatic works, in the context of a real driving situation. It gives viewers a glimpse at what they’re missing, and entices them to try it for themselves.

9) Ford Foundation: Time To Succeed (Claudio Salas)

We love this video. It’s sweet, slightly vintage visual style is a perfect complement to a narrative of how the education system hasn’t kept up with society’s changes, and how addressing the needs of children and educators today – can ensure a better tomorrow. With a complete history of American education and a vision for the future all captured in 90 seconds, there’s no doubt that this is a perfect example of what the explainer video can be.

8) NextGlass (Bread N’ Beyond)

In the digital age, the way we do just about everything is in flux – even choosing our next glass of wine! The folks at NextGlass understand that people won’t change the way they do something if they don’t understand why they should, so they created a video to show viewers how incredibly intelligent – and convenient – their solution is.

Modern graphics and pops of color are used to make the scientific process behind NextGlass more palatable (pun 100% intended), highlighting how this wine app can change the way you choose, taste and feel about your next glass.


When everyone has an explainer video, it can be easy for them to feel clichéd or redundant. Luckily, there are videos like IT-MAN to shake things up. Even though it runs a bit long, this video takes us back in time with some 8-bit video game style graphics to explain how IT-MAN can use Panorama 9 to help him solve his IT-issues. The voiceover and motion are seamless and clearly illustrate what the product can do. Does anyone else feel nostalgic?

6) Lettuce (BWALL)

The Lettuce video offers proof that less is more. With the use of text, minimal graphics, elegant motion, and color, the company tells a compelling story about driving your business forward. And when it comes time to show off the app features, it moves at snappy pace, keeping attention and driving interest.

5) Autosoft Flex Connect (Allen Laseter)

Sometimes it’s not the visuals that make a video great – it’s the music. Granted, the style and animation of this video are gorgeous, but it’s the funky, bouncy soundtrack that really moves things forward and makes running a car dealership incredibly sexy.

4) ZenCash (Demo Duck)

A legend from the explainer video’s early days, this hand-sketched ZenCash video really draws customers in with its bright visuals and slick transitions, covering all the options and features that will appeal to their audience. Telling a story that connects to your viewers is critical, and ZenCash made it happen: over 75% of their site visitors pressed play, and most of them watched the majority of the video – well above industry average!

3) Menguin (Explainify)

Okay, maybe we’re a little biased, but you can’t deny that this is a great video! Our friends at Menguin wanted to explain the ins and outs of how to rent a tux from their site, while maintaining the edgy, masculine tone of voice they’ve perfected. We think it turned out pretty well.

2) Dollar Shave Club

The explainer video to end all explainer videos. Funny, informative, and totally unexpected, the DSC video makes all other marketing videos jealous. Dollar Shave Club gets in your face, makes you laugh, and by the end of the video you want to buy what they’re selling.

1) Airbnb (Think Video)

Live action and graphics combine in this clever and seemingly effortless looking video, which is somewhere between a commercial and a Wes Anderson movie. All videos from Airbnb have a minimalist approach; no hard selling, no catches, no jargon. Quick, simple and informative. Suddenly you want to book your next vacation!

Content Roundup – Stop Fumbling Between Marketing & Sales

In the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail there is a scene where King Arthur faces off against the Black Knight. Odds are, you are familiar with this scene. If you’re not, well, watch this first.

Pretty funny, huh? But what’s not funny is how much businesses can act like the knight in that video. Except that our “flesh wound” is that we don’t do a good job handing off leads between marketing and sales.

Yet, when confronted with the problem, instead of trying to regrow legs and arms – trust us, this is totally scientific – we just try to gnaw someone’s legs off.

Not a great solution, right? Right you are! So what can we do? Well, we’ve compiled some great stats on the cost of not aligning your teams, and how you actually get them aligned so you can kick booty going into the last part of the year!


84% of sales and marketing teams are misaligned. 79% of leads never convert to sales. 80% of sales content never gets used by your salespeople. 57% of customers feel like salespeople walk into a meeting unprepared. Read those stats again. Let them sink in.

We can do better.

Luckily, Quotient has some solutions and shows how much your company could grow if you commit to fixing your gigantic sales and marketing problem. It’s time to put some good ole elbow grease into this problem and start correcting the gaps that exist between marketing and sales.

Sales & Marketing Misalignment – The Organizational Plague (Quotient)

Let’s be honest, marketers. We can tend to be an overconfident bunch. In a field where we constantly test strategies and our ideas fail more than they succeed, we have to be.

But if we’re honest, it is easily to subconsciously blame the lack of revenue on the website, sales team, etc. It’s not that we dislike the sales team or want them to fail. We just get so busy with our external efforts that we fail to take an interest in the internal side of marketing – and that’s lazy marketing.

So here’s a helpful list from HubSpot that will get you and your sales team grinning as you watch cracks close from the top of the funnel to the bottom of it – and at the end of the year everyone can enjoy those bigger bonuses!

10 Tactics Marketers Can Take to Improve Their Relationship with Sales (HubSpot)

sales video

We take a break from Explainify’s regularly scheduled programming to tell you that video isn’t always the solution. Wait, what?! Did we just type those words? Weird…

Anyways, you might have been expecting us to just plug away with how video increases sales by the bushel! You do measure your business success in bushels, right? But the truth is that, sometimes, video just isn’t the answer. Sales can be one of those times.

Well, now I’m confused. We know you are, but don’t worry! We’ve taken the time to break down some stats to help you know when you should and, more importantly, when you shouldn’t use video as a critical sales weapon!

Is Video the Key to an Unforgettable Sales Letter? (Explainify)

By this point, you intrepid marketers have read dozens of articles on what the key metrics are for you team. And you bold salespeople have read just as many articles telling you what your team should measure.

Problem is – if you send each other your key data – it means nothing to the other team. So what are the key stats both teams can look at and share with each other to help determine action plans? Well, we could tell you, but Forbes already did that. So we’ll just let you read their stuff!

Just promise us that you won’t read these and then forget about them. You need to identify these numbers to help promote healthy business growth!

The 9 Best Marketing And Sales Analytics (Forbes)

So we’ve talked a bit about what marketers can do to bridge the gap between them and sales. Remember though when we said 80% of sales content never gets used? Sales team! Content is one of the quickest ways to bridge the gap toward marketing.

If you don’t have the content you need, ask for it. I guarantee your marketing team can get it done. If you have it and you’re not using it – then why not?

Get that content created to supplement your sales efforts and then implement these 3 content strategies to bring your two teams closer than ever. Ahhh. You’re practically touching now!

3 Ways Content Can Build a Bridge Between Marketing and Sales (CMI)

We hoped you enjoyed this week’s content!

As always if you’re looking for a partner that can help you meet your business goals, give us a shout!

No Time for Mistakes: Why You Need a Video Marketing Partner You Can Trust

We could begin this post with countless statistics that prove video marketing is the future of getting your brand story out into the world. But, chances are, you already know the stats.

If you already know that video is a crucial part of your company’s future, then you understand that video has to be quality. So you also don’t need us to remind you of why you shouldn’t settle for a cheap explainer video.

If you already know all that… what’s left to talk about?

Well, even if you do understand the need for quality video, you may not have considered another necessity – a trustworthy, long-term video partner. So let’s talk about why you may want a more permanent relationship with the video marketing agency you choose to work with.

video marketing partner

You’ve Been “Burned” Before

For business owners and decision makers, it’s hard to admit any mistakes (no matter how humble you try to be). But unfortunately, when those mistakes come in the form of a poorly constructed video, hiding shortcomings becomes impossible.

Whether you hired a “value video service” (we call them “bargain-bin producers”), or you botched an in-house production, you’ve probably realized that finding someone awesome to work with isn’t as easy as it looks.

If you’ve blown your first (or second) attempt at video marketing, don’t give up! Just make sure when you get back on that horse – that the horse is more reliable next time.

Finding the quality you need

It’s easy to talk about hiring a quality production partner. But what does that actually mean? Here are a few key indicators that you’ve found a production house worth partnering with:

  • Deep Research: Moving past the first impression (e.g. demo reels, intro pricing) and dig deep into the actual results their videos have delivered to clients. And be sure to take a look at their most recent client work to see their current skill level. Are they consistently getting better? Or has their video quality slipped in the past few months?
  • Creativity is Non-Negotiable: Looking for a service that reinforces and fosters creativity is a must. You want to partner with a video marketing service that puts a premium on both quality and creativity. Do you know the name “Spielberg” because he mastered his camera equipment – or because of his imagination?
  • Budgeting Skill: Video is probably the best example of the term “you get what you pay for” we can think of. Even with this in mind, it’s important to work with professionals who will clearly explain their budget and hit the target. You don’t want to reach the end of the project, only to find that you owe them a couple thousand more dollars than you expected!

Bonus Resources: If you’re a bit lost and don’t understand how to find/hire a quality video production house, you can check out these awesome resources here and here.

The Key to a Long-Term Fit

Now that you’ve brushed up on your ability to spot a winning video production service, it’s time to find the “secret sauce” that will merge your companies together into a lasting partnership that drives mutual growth and success.

The key to remember here is what makes your brand unique. Your company’s culture and story creates the environment your employees and customers experience over the long haul.

Adding a production house that doesn’t jive (sorry to use such a technical term) with your overall values may create a rocky relationship down the road.

We’re not talking about superficial differences. We’re talking about your core values. Some of which could include:

Sure, every company says they have these qualities, but are they really, truly embedded values that run deep in their culture?

Take some time to observe potential partners and the answer to that question will become clear.

Explainify is always on the lookout for partnerships that will last. We enjoy some great relationships with startups, agencies, and even fortune 100 companies. If you are ready for a partner that will create excellent quality videos and mesh well with your values, contact us.