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Popular Video Marketing Tips That Are Just Plain Wrong (and Killing Your Engagement)

The internet runs on content.

And most of that content comes in the form of useful advice. No matter what you are looking to accomplish, there are multiple voices trying to tell you how to do it. The video marketing space is no exception – it’s full of would-be gurus and experts that have just the ticket to a video campaign that will move your business forward.

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Unfortunately, not all advice is good advice. Some video marketing tips and tricks are actually terrible ideas – and, some can actually be downright harmful to your brand.

video marketing mistakes

Sorting the diamonds from the rough can be difficult, especially if you haven’t been around the video marketing block a time or two. Luckily for you, we have.

We’ve not only read, watched, and listened to most of the content out there on this topic, but we’ve practiced what they preach by helping some pretty awesome companies tell their story through video marketing. Let us use that knowledge and experience to help you avoid the three most common “tips” for video that could hurt your company’s image and engagement.

Ready? Here we go.

Bad Tip #1: Repurposing Content (for the sake of Repurposing)

Scroll through a few marketing articles, and at least one will suggest repurposing content. In and of itself, not a bad tip – we repurpose content all the time around here!

But some of these posts essentially ask you to cut corners by suggesting you make quick, low-quality videos out of other pieces of content. Some even go so far as to suggest making slides with the same information as a blog post and throwing it up on YouTube.

One problem with this advice: video is incredibly unforgiving as a medium. A video that feels like a cheap afterthought will be treated as such by your viewers – and honestly, no video is much better than bad video. If you’re not going to commit to quality, don’t bother!

Another problem with this is that not every piece of content needs to be a video. If your topic lends itself to supporting visuals, then maybe maybe a video is the way to go. For example, if you’ve got a blog post profiling a member of your staff, you could absolutely turn that blog post into a recorded interview. Otherwise, you may be able to repurpose your content in more effective ways.

Repurposing is a great way to get more out of your content. If you have popular content in one form, logic dictates that it would serve you well in other forms (most of which are ok if done well). But a good blog post turned into a poorly-done video does not a video marketing campaign make.

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Bad Tip #2 Do What’s Working – for Others

Have you ever scrolled through Netflix and thought that an A-list Hollywood movie was available for streaming way earlier than you thought it would be? With anxious excitement, you scroll over the image… only to find out that it’s just a knock off with a similar title and the exact same premise.

It’s frustrating. Why? Because no one likes a copycat.

Nevertheless, advice exists compelling businesses to try and create a viral video campaign (as if it’s a power that can be harnessed) in the wake of other brands’ success. Sure, there are companies who come up with genuinely hilarious videos that work. Old Spice, Dollar Shave Club and a few others have managed to do something great that others have attempted to copy: Going viral through humor.

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But with so many companies trying to break into this “hip” trend, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get the desired response. And while you could try and create a fictional mascot to be loved by all (like the Dos Equis guy), but instead come out with a terrifying puppy monkey baby.

If a viral video fits your goals, then by all means go for it. But taking a shot at being liked (or hated) is an obvious risk, and may not even make sense for your brand. Please don’t be a copycat, especially when you have something that works – your story.

Bad Tip #3: Take Care of Video Marketing “In-House”

High quality video cameras, lighting, and sound are becoming very cost effective. There are some great benefits to having this type of equipment (if set up correctly), and so many ways you can use it to make awesome in-house video content.

  • Staff Training: Recording key meetings and training videos
  • Content Creation: Regular updates for existing customers, live Q&A’s
  • BTS: Shooting “just because”, candid around-the-office stuff

With all of the uses for an “in-house” video crew, some are suggesting creating all your marketing videos in the office.

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But if you’re a sizeable brand or a B2B SaaS company, this may not be a good idea for you. Landing clients may be difficult if your video isn’t carefully crafted. Things like subpar editing, lighting and sound can have a huge effect on conversions (at best) and possibly even tarnish your image. Like I said, video is very unforgiving.

If you want your brand taken seriously, you have to take your video marketing to the next level. While vlog posts, internal pieces, and Instagram videos are great for your in-house capabilities – your homepage video or YouTube series needs a bit more TLC. So be sure to choose the right video marketing partner for you!

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Most of these video errors boil down to a misunderstanding of what video is for. It’s not a silver bullet – it’s a megaphone, designed to amplify your brand message. And just like an megaphone, there are times when it’s appropriate and powerful… but there are also times when it’s ineffective and in poor taste.

video marketing mistakes

So when you’ve got that video megaphone in your hand – make sure you’re using it right.

Brand Storytelling - Blog Lead Magnet CTA

Explainify: Best Explainer Videos and Top-Rated Client Service

Clutch Top Video Adencies

At Explainify, we do it for the love. Love of video, love of our clients, and love of damn good storytelling.

But sometimes, it feels great to be recognized.

Just last week, released a report naming Explainify one of the Top Video Production Agencies making some of the best explainer videos… not only in the US, but the world.

Quote Renew Biomass

Maybe you’re thinking, “Cool, you won an award. Anyone can do that.” The bigger questions: How did Clutch make this decision? And why does it matter?

First off, a bit about Clutch. They’re a research firm that identifies the best-in-class software and services firms for B2B companies to partner with. They developed a unique “Leaders Matrix” methodology to conduct their analysis. By evaluating each agency’s focus on video production and ability to deliver world-class customer service, Clutch was able to narrow down the leading video marketing agencies.

Clutch Video Production Agencies Leaders MatrixIf you take a look at the graph over there, you’ll see that Clutch placed us in the “Market Leaders” category.

What’s amazing about these results is that Clutch isn’t just concerned about the quality of video production – they’re looking for agencies who make sure that their clients are deliriously happy with the level of customer services those agencies can deliver.


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We’re the Sidekick… You’re the Hero

We’re honored to be recognized on this list. Not because it makes us feel like a sQuote Clutchpecial snowflake, but because it means that our goal – our driving desire, not just to make some of the best explainer videos around, but to become our clients’ committed sidekick…

Is actually working.

Clutch’s analysts picked up the phone and talked to our past clients. And those very clients told those same analysts just how important our partnership is to them.

At the end of the day, that’s why we do what we do.


Need More Info?

You can learn more about us and our process by watching this explainer video we made for ourselves… you know, taking a dose of our own medicine.

Brand Storytelling - Blog Lead Magnet CTA

More About Clutch

Clutch is a Washington, DC based B2B research firm that identifies top service providers and solutions firms that deliver results for their clients. The Clutch methodology is an innovative research process melding the best of traditional B2B research and newer consumer review services. To date, Clutch has researched and reviewed 1000+ companies spanning 50+ market segments.

Content Roundup – 5/20/16

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Your value proposition is not what you think it is

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Video ads are the next video marketing goldmine

Are Video Ads The Next Video Marketing Goldmine? (Explainify)

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Leadership is as simple as simplifying your efforts

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How annoying are your ads to consumers?

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  Brand Storytelling - Blog Lead Magnet CTA

3 Companies Who Are Absolutely Rocking Their Brand Story

A brand story is the difference between giving people facts about your company and telling an epic tale of how you and your customers can partner together to create a better world (or workplace, or home, or… you get the point).

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brand story

The problem is, most companies haven’t made the effort to understand their story. If yours hasn’t, we hope to change your mind. Storytelling (particularly through video) has a way of connecting people to your brand on an emotional level.

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A great brand story can propel your message into levels of engagement and identification far beyond what you even thought possible. Think we’re exaggerating? Get back to us after reading the following three case studies.


At this point, just about everyone knows Slack – the app that allows teams to communicate through multiple channels by combining them all into one. If you use Gmail for email, Skype for video, Evernote for organization…  they can be integrated (and organized) into Slack.

It’s an amazing software. But it’s through their brand story that they have won both the corporate and investing worlds over. It’s not just about how many integrations they have, or how affordable it is. It’s about the simple promise – the story – of helping teams coordinate flawlessly.

How’s it working for them?

From the end of 2012 until February 2016 they went from launch to 2.3 million users (675,000 paid) and an almost $3 billion valuation.

Video has been a huge part of their storytelling. A casual-yet-powerful case study video early on helped them win over office after office.

And their most recent ad (below) is incredible. 60 seconds (not counting bloopers) of incredibly compelling content.

Here are a few quick takeaways:

  • There were only 15 words (we counted) and no hard sales pitch in the video, but everyone who could use it wanted it.
  • The video highlighted features and the software’s overall usefulness without using any of those precious few words to talk about them.
  • Instead, the words they used were about the people who do use Slack, “amazing teams” to do “amazing things”.

Manchester United

Next on our list is one of the most famous soccer (football) teams from the U.K. – Manchester United. While the team doesn’t play in the World Cup, they have been truly rocking their story across the globe. Most everyone knows that soccer is the world’s sport (sorry baseball fans), and there are no clubs as popular as this one.

This football team is telling an impressive story – and the results are truly staggering. For instance, the team’s Facebook fan page has nearly 70 million likes! To put that in perspective, Pepsi has half of that number while the Dallas Cowboys (American football) only has 8 million.

brand story

Most of their brand story happens on social media, with around 10 posts going out per day/per account. But video is still part of their appeal. A sense of heritage and success shines through in multiple documentaries, TV shows in several countries (including the U.S.), and even movie mentions. Here are a few takeaways you may want to glean from their success.

  • The Club celebrates their team, highlighting them in posts and making them the stars they are.
  • Passion and pride bleed from this organization. We wouldn’t dare say they’re bad at football (and we definitely wouldn’t call it soccer to their faces).
  • MUFC was started in 1878 and they embrace their heritage to the core.

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When you reach the top, you can sit there or keep on climbing. Apparently, Nike’s not scared of heights. When they first decided to take a piece of the golf pie, Nike bought high-priced endorsements and took the game by storm. It was a tough sell and had its drawbacks (sorry Tiger), but they didn’t stop there.

Now, they’ve revamped and focused on what they do best, selling the sport instead of the equipment. Since they are such a big company, we’re focusing on their golf story revamp of sorts.

To get back in the golf game, the sports giant has released loads of videos in an “enjoy the chase” series. Instead of focusing on the ones with notable pros, we looked at a powerful and short video (below).

A barefoot golfer and 15 seconds that made you want some golf shoes? That is rocking the story. The entire series is worth a watch – especially if you love golf – but this one stuck out and offers a few actionable takeaways.

  • No hard pitch here. If you watched this during a televised golf match, it wouldn’t even be clear it was a Nike commercial until the very end.
  • It sold you on golf, and they brought themselves along for the ride to associate themselves with that serenely romanticized moment in the puddle.
  • The length (short) intensified its power. We’re willing to bet that more than a few guys grabbed their clubs and hit the links immediately after watching it.

Of course, these are by no means the only companies telling a great brand story. But hopefully they’ve inspired you to look beyond your product and your features to tell a story that includes your company – but is a whole lot bigger than that. And that’s the kind of story your audience needs to hear.

Brand Storytelling - Blog Lead Magnet CTA

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Influencer marketing is about making friends - not making a bunch of cheap asks

How a GREAT Marketer Befriends an Influencer (Top Rank Blog)

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Viral videos are hurting your video marketing strategy

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10 ways CEOs leverage social media to drive business results

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  Brand Storytelling - Blog Lead Magnet CTA