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The Animated Video Marketing Production Process

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Animated video production process

So you’ve signed on to make an explainer video that tells a great story and makes your brand shine. What exactly goes on once you’ve signed that contract? What follows is a high-level overview of the animated video production process.

Research & Kickoff

At this point, the video production house will dig into your resources – website, sales deck, personal expertise, etc. – to gain a deep understanding of your business. With that deep understanding in mind, they’ll work with you to develop a direction for your video.

Script Writing

This is easily the most important part of the process. If you don’t have a solid script, you don’t have a solid story. And without a solid story, your audience won’t connect with your video – no matter how high the production quality is.

Storyboards & Styleframes

Once the script is finalized and your messaging is set in stone, the video producer will create storyboards, sketching out your video scene by scene. A designer will also create a couple of style frames for your video – still shots of what your video will look like once animated. This is the time to make sure that you love your visuals! Make sure they’re on brand.


Audio is every bit as important as your project’s visual quality! Any video producer worth their salt will find a high-quality narrator that perfectly matches your story and your brand. Whether they’ve got in-house voiceover talent, or they sift through hundreds of submitted auditions, a great explainer video company won’t compromise on quality here.

Design & Animation

Once you’ve approved your style frames, the designer will style out the rest of your storyboard for an animator. The animator will execute animation with painstaking detail, making sure to match each piece of animation to the voice over recording.

Sound Design

You’ve got animation and a solid voice over. What more could your video need? You need a great music track and sound effects to really flesh out your video and give it the texture and depth it needs.


Your producer will take the full mixdown of your project’s music and audio, combine them with your video, and render the whole package as a high-quality video in a downloadable format.

And there you go! Your video is ready for use on your landing page, in social media, and at pitch meetings. We’ll teach you more about how to promote your online video in Part IV of this series!

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Buy Hold Sell Explainer Video


Investing’s important to you. But if you don’t have a large portfolio, you don’t need tons of research. You need Buy Hold Sell.

When our friends at Intelligent Investor told us about their new reduced advice offering for Australian investors, we knew that we needed to understand their target audience. So we dug in deep and worked with their team to determine what mattered most to their potential clients. We found out that their audience cared about getting a great value without sacrificing the quality financial analysis they’d come to expect from Intelligent Investor. That’s exactly what Buy Hold Sell delivers.

With such perfectly tailored messaging in place, we were able to design a beautiful, high-end video that shows just what a premium offering Buy Hold Sell is.

Animated video production by

Buy Hold Sell Animated Video Production

Collective Bias: An Adventure in Live-Action Video

Scroll down to see the video and behind the scenes photos.

One of the great things about building long-term friendships with our clients is that we get to work with them time and again as their needs and strategy change. So when Collective Bias asked us to collaborate with them on a series of live-action brand-positioning videos, we didn’t hesitate to take them up on the offer.

This was such a great opportunity for us to try something new, something innovative: We wanted to combine beautiful, rich live shots with the killer explanatory power of our animated motion graphics.

And I’m here to tell you: It’s not as easy as it looks. Planning for a successful live-video shoot takes a lot of late nights. A lot of scripting, revising, storyboarding, revising, scheduling, and… well, you get it. There are so many moving pieces to consider that it’s easy to lose track – and the cameras aren’t even rolling yet!

And it’s all totally worth it, as we discovered when the main video finally went live:


When we watched it with the client for the first time, there might have been some joyful tears.

Fueled by coffee and fried chicken – we are in the South, after all – we took our crew and cameras to multiple locations over multiple days. We worked with dogs, college students, and Collective Bias execs to tell a great visual story. And in the end, it all came together.

Live Action Video Production

Getting our actors acquainted with one another.

Live Action Video Production

Setting up the projector for a conference with one of the Collective Bias bloggers.

Live Action Video Production

Got the camera rolling!

Live Action Video Production

Reviewing storyboards before we start shooting.

Live Action Video Production

Our wordsmith Ian poses as we adjust the camera + lights.

Live Action Video Production

Adjusting the placement of our iPad with VFX tracking screen while one of our actors gets ready for her scene.

Experiences like these make us thankful:

  • For clients who entrust us with the hefty responsibility of telling their story well.
  • For a creative team that courageously says “yes.”
  • For opportunities to break new ground and push beyond the borders of what seems possible.

More than that, though, experiences like these make us eager. We’re looking forward to what’s next. You in? Contact us.