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ServiceTitan Explainer Video


ServiceTitan is dispatch software on steroids, turning your business into the ultimate service machine! Learn more at

The folks at ServiceTitan approached us looking for a simple, professional explainer video that would explain their software while communicating clearly with their target audience: service sector business owners. We’re so ecstatic with the final product! The video is crisp and clean, with beautifully simple design, eye-catching color, and just a hint of humor.

Client Happiness:

I was impressed by their ability to deliver a remarkable product on time and within budget. What’s more, I’m astounded by how they were able to understand our (admittedly complicated) business, summarize it succinctly, and market it powerfully in a beautiful explainer video… I didn’t have to lift a finger. I spent 5 minutes discussing my business with them, and a few weeks later, I got a world-class video.

Ara Mahdessian, ServiceTitan

Service Titan Animated Video Production

Animated video production by

Sparks Measurement Animated Video



  Measurement is never easy, but for event marketers… it’s essential. The good news? EventScore from Sparks delivers the insights you need to demonstrate results – and improve performance. Sparks is an event marketing group who creates some truly incredible brand experience for their clients. We wanted to make a video that was as beautiful and effective as one of their events. So we really pushed the level of detail and polish in this video, and decided to take a more conceptual approach – making use of icons and animation to tell the story. The results? Well, they speak for themselves. Animated video production by   Sparks Measurement Explainer Video

Music is Mind Control: A Tunefruit Guest Post

This is a guest post by Peach, an intern at Tunefruit. He works in content marketing, data analytics and customer relations. He likes dreams, loose fitting slacks, and high-octane dance battles. Peach is no longer afraid of the dark when the light goes out in the refrigerator. You can learn more about Tunefruit here.


On my bucket list, somewhere in between appearing on “Dance Moms” and being blended in to a B-list celebrity’s fruit smoothie, I want to learn mind control.

Believe it or not, there are those who know how to control minds. Using certain techniques, some talented individuals wield incredible powers of persuasion in order to get promoted at work, get a good deal on a used car, or to get to play in the ball pit a Chuck E. Cheese – even though they’re way too old, and came there alone.

Music is a powerful emotional tool. With the right song, you can make a person feel inspired, vulnerable, elated, overwhelmed… You pick the song, you pick the emotion. And in a marketing context, when you decide how your customers and potential customers feel while they’re on your site, watching your videos, you get to decide how they feel about you and your products. That’s huge.

What does this mean? It means you need to pair your excellent videos with some fresh tunes. Lets dig a little deeper into this idea. How exactly can you use music to your advantage?

1. Tell Them What to Feel

As we’ve established, emotion plays a huge role in marketing. If you can direct a customer’s emotion in a certain way, you can more easily influence how they shop.

2. Engage your customers on multiple levels

Your content should be captivating not just to watch, but also to listen to. When you pair music with video, you create a more intense sensory experience with which you’ll more accurately be able to get your point across.

3. Everybody loves music

Since a video with music is better than a video without, and since your customers will prefer a music-supported video, you’re ensuring they’ll stay on your site longer by including music in your videos.

4. Let the music do the talking

Your music choice says a lot about who you are as a company. Are you playful and lighthearted? Are you decisive? Thoughtful? Honest? Use music to tell the world about your company in a way that isn’t possible with text, pictures or video alone.

5. All the cool kids are doing it

Go on Youtube and watch some commercials. Turn on the TV and listen to the ads. Wait a second. Is that… music I hear? Why yes, yes that is music, and lots of it! Every commercial has music in it. Every single one. If you do not include music in your ad, your video will stand out because it will feel like it’s missing something important. You do not want your video to stand out from the rest because it cannot deliver that same level of emotional content. How cold and impersonal would an ad for Zales be without some sappy romantic music?

Ok folks, class dismissed. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll start to re-evaluate some decisions you’ve made. Maybe you’ve realized that there are quick and easy ways to make your content pack a bigger emotional punch. Maybe you’ve realized that you’re getting too old for mouse-themed Skee-Ball. But don’t let your newfound wisdom go to your head. It’s just like Uncle Ben said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

As a reward for reading all of my carefully worded prose, I will now share with you my new favorite video. When this thing goes viral, and all of your friends think they’re cool because they discovered it, you’ll set the record straight. It was I, Peach Tunefruit, who first found this thing. Enjoy.

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What to Look For in an Animated Video Marketing Producer

Choosing an Animated Video Production Company

This post is Part 2 of our 4-part blog series, “What to Expect When You’re Explaining.” You can read Part 1: “How much does an explainer video cost” 

If you were to ask some variation of the question “Who are the top video ‘explainer’ production houses?” on Quora, the response compiled for you would list nearly 100 explainer video companies. Which means that, if you wanted to make an explainer video for your company, you would have at least 100 companies to choose from – and that doesn’t even include the countless other companies who didn’t make the cut! And each of these companies has its own website, it’s own portfolio, and it’s own pricing.

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Explainify on Quora with Rand Fishkin Moz

So how do you choose one?

Sifting through the overwhelming mass of explainer video companies might seem daunting; however, if you know what you’re looking for, you can easily and confidently separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff. The following are a few criteria to keep in mind in order to help you find the best production company for you.

1) Choose a company that matches your budget.

In my last post about the cost of explainer videos, we learned that you should expect to spend between $5,000 and $10,000 for a 60 second video. Remember, you’re paying for a process that takes a highly skilled creative team weeks to complete – and all of that costs money. Be sure not to skimp on your budget, or you’ll certainly be skimping on video quality!

That said, you do want to have a clear budget in mind when approaching an explainer video company. If you have a tight budget, the company can work with you to create a short, simple video that is still visually appealing and compelling. If you’ve got a bit more money, you can make a video with longer run time, more complex animation, and more bells and whistles than a lower-budget video.

2) Choose a company that cares about you.

When you first get in touch with an explainer video production house – whether by e-mail or by phone – pay attention to how they talk to you. Are they personable and attentive? Do they display a legitimate interest in learning more about your company’s services and faithfully telling your story? Look for a production company that will approach your project on its own terms, rather than treating yours as just another in a long line of sales leads.

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Check out each company’s portfolio. Is each video unique? Does the company make videos that are perfectly tailored to each client, or do they use stock images and template scripts regardless of content? There are so many explainer videos floating around in cyberspace at this point, the last thing you want is a video that gets lost in the crowd. Look for a company that’s into making innovative, ground-breaking videos. They’ll bring tons of creativity to the table and look to tell your business’s story in a way that will grab your audience’s attention and make real impact.

3) Choose a company with some street cred.

While there are certainly brand-new explainer video companies who are already making some really great work, there are solid reasons for choosing a production house with a couple years of experience under their belt. A company with experience has had time to develop their own flavor of explainer video, have learned the ins and outs of effective storytelling, and have likely streamlined the production process to make working with them a pleasant and organized experience.

Take another look at a company’s portfolio. What clients have they worked with? Have you heard of any of them? Sure, if a production company has made an explainer video for Pizza Hut or the NFL, they’re probably charging more for their videos. But it also likely means that they’ve been making some seriously quality explainers that are attracting big-name national and international clients.

4) Choose a company that gets good feedback.

If an explainer video company is getting a lot of positive reactions to their work, they’re probably going to let you know. Many explainer company websites feature testimonials from some of their happiest clients. Listen to what these clients have to say. Did they enjoy working with the company? Does the company have a reputation for finishing projects on budget and on time? Best of all, are the company’s videos getting results (boosting conversion and sales)? Look for explainer companies who are making clients happy. And if the company is featured on a list like this one – so much the better!

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There are a ton of production companies out there. Use these tips to help you narrow the field as you look for the best company to tell your business’ story!

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