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charity: water Animated Video



  What can we say about charity: water? They’re one of the most transparent nonprofits out there. They do incredibly meaningful work – building wells in areas where clean water is scarce, and teaching local villagers and maintenance workers how to keep them running. And through it all, they know how to market themselves. They know how to tell a great story. So when they told us about the video they wanted to make explaining their new well sensors and Dispatch Monitor platform… We had to be a part of it. We threw ourselves completely into this project, and worked with charity: water to tell the story of the entire well-repair life cycle. The charity: water team loved it. In fact, here’s what they had to say: “We originally vetted ~10 animation companies, of course factoring in cost/timeline/style/fit, but also an additional component (really, gut-feeling) of how willing/excited the company was for our project. We decided to partner with Explainify in the end because of a couple reasons. The biggest factor was that we felt that they really understood us – our mission, our goal, and our passion. We didn’t get that from everyone else; a lot of times it seemed like we were just another client, with maybe a side of feel-good. But, Explainify blew any concerns away by the end of the kick off meeting!” – Joy Hung Animated video production by


Shell Energy Connect Animated Explainer Video



  In a world buzzing with energy options, facts, and factors, it’s important to track down the information that actually matters to you – so you can make smart decisions. Shell Energy Connect is your gateway to the information you need to support your day-to-day business. The team at Shell Energy North America decided it was time to give their commercial and industrial customer portal a reboot, and they asked us to help them tell that story. We learned the Shell style guidelines by heart, and created a video that was clear, straightforward, engaging… and totally on-brand for this storied company. Oh yeah – they were also a blast to work with! Animated video production by  

Shell Energy Connect Explainer Video

Infinity Animated Explainer Video



  Every once in a while, a project comes along that’s just plain fun. Infinity was that kind of project. The guys at WeMod have created a platform that makes modding (modifying) computer games easy. Right away, we knew we could have a blast with this one. And we think the results show just how much fun we had. Animated video production by  

Infinity Explainer Video

PriorySolutions Animated Explainer Video



  When you think “institutional research,” you may not automatically think “fun.” But that’s exactly what we think of, because we had the chance to work with Priory Solutions. Our client at Priory trusted us to make a video that was fun, effective, and a bit quirky. This isn’t your standard demo for a research platform. No sir, it’s about adventurers on the quest for knowledge. Watch this video, and enjoy. When brands are willing to take risks, this is the kind of video they get.  

Priory Solutions Explainer Video

Ditto Explainer Video


Every day, more than 750 million pictures are shared on social media. They capture what people are passionate about and, thanks to the fans who love your brand, your logo is in many of them. And with Ditto’s logo detection engine, you can get the social media insight you need – through photos!

The folks at Ditto approached us to make a video explaining to businesses how they can harness the power of logo recognition to boost their social media campaigns, and we took that mission seriously. For their video, we made use of silhouettes so that our example brand, “Awesome Water,” would show up clearly in every frame. Combined with a bright and exciting color palette and a killer script, this is yet another video we’re proud to share.

Animated video production by

Ditto Explainer Video

Clean & Clear Interactive Video

As professional storytellers, we have to put ourselves in the minds of marketers, decision makers, and consumers pretty often.

We don’t usually have to get inside the head of a pre-teen.

But when Clean & Clear brought us on to create two animated videos for their in-class middle-school campaign, that’s exactly what we had to do.

We loved working with Clean & Clear. They trusted us to take some big risks, allowing us to think outside the box, tell some fun stories, and even to try our hand at interactive video for the very first time.

The production process unfolded over several months, and we worked in tandem with web-development and copywriting teams. In the end, it all came together in time for launch.

Animated video production by