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New Explainer Video – PrivacyStar


PrivacyStar is a mobile app that helps you stop annoying, harassing calls – and texts – from people and places you don’t even know!

We were tasked with creating a short & simple video that features a family receiving annoying calls and using the app to deal with those pesky callers. Because the video will also be played in-store with no sound, we created this version with text overlays.

The video has been played over 106,000 times.

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Life is already full of distractions. Why let annoying phone calls and texts add to the list?

With our PrivacyStar app, stop those annoying, harassing calls – and texts – from people or places you don’t even know!

Telemarketers, crank callers or calls from cranky exes – any number you don’t recognize or simply don’t want to accept – take control now and make your smartphone even smarter.

With PrivacyStar instant reverse number look-up, you decide what to do, instantly. Block the call or send it to the FTC. So don’t get rid of your phone just get rid of the unwanted calls wreaking havoc on your life!

(sigh) Ahhh, peace of mind, privacy and protection.

Download PrivacyStar today!

PrivacyStar Explainer Video

PrivacyStar Explainer Video

We were tasked with creating a short & simple video that features a family receiving annoying calls and using the PrivacyStar app to deal with those pesky callers. Because the video will also be played in-store with no sound, we created this version with text overlays.

PrivacyStar is a mobile app that helps you stop annoying, harassing calls – and texts – from people and places you don’t even know!

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[Slide Show] How To Increase Revenue With Video Marketing

Update: This slideshow has seen 25,000 views by CEOs and marketing professionals. How exciting! 

We often have conversations with marketers and salespeople about how videos are changing the online internet marketing landscape.

One of those conversations happened to be with Mauro D’Andrea of BlogGrowth and it went somewhere. In fact, it led us to put together this beautiful slideshare deck educating business people worldwide that business plans and whitepapers aren’t as effective as they used to be and there’s a better way to get people interested in you – storytelling with explainer video. Case studies included! 

Transcript: Let’s be honest: whitepapers & long business plans are boring… 

There’s a better way to get people interested in you… 

Can you keep the secret? 

Use Videos 

Video is the single fastest growing feature for business websites 

82% of the internet watches online video 

75% of executives watch online video

1. Make simple, direct videos

Our attention span is 8 seconds, 1 second less than a goldfish With videos you can explain complex concepts fast Video makes it easy to understand… …less time to watch than read content With video you can simplify complex concepts

2. Add a video to your homepage

Instantly creates value for your brand Builds awareness of your message Helps build rapport with your market …And makes your site look better Video adds credibility

3. Make your video shareable

Because it’s easy to share, you can reach more people Eventually, create word-of-mouth snowball effect Now, customers market on your behalf! Consumers can interact with it anywhere… …at work, on their laptops and even on their phones.

4.Make your video memorable

When we’re having fun, we’re more receptive to learning Evoke emotions with your videos Lots of emotions! We retain more info by seeing and hearing at the same time Animated video adds another layer of sensory information to your viewer’s experience

5. Explain your product

Dropbox spent $50k on their video and saw 10% increase in conversions = $48 million in additional annual revenue $50k in exchange for 10 million customers and $48 million in revenue… Worth it! Zappos adds video to every product page. Result = increased sales by 6-30%

6. Use videos on your blog

Video is more engaging Video increases amount of time people stay on your site Allowing your brand message to sink in 20% of visitors will read plain text… 80% will watch video with the exact same content Viewers retain 58% of what they see… 10% of what they read. Keep your prospective customer on your site up to 2 minutes longer!

7. Tell a story

Storytelling (through explanation video) is the number one way to boost sales… …& remain memorable in your clients’ minds. The world is filled with facts and pitches. The storytellers win hands down over them all. Tell your story, not your profession! Be real.

8. Use Keywords

Search engines loves video Google will return results with video first You’re 50x more likely to rank on first page by simply having a video If you’re easier to find on Google, you’re more likely to get sales.

9. Put videos in sales page

Video makes people more likely to buy Video increases conversion from 20-80% Win the hearts and minds of your customers 64-85% of people are more likely to buy after watching an explanatory video

10. Avoid rookie mistakes

Don’t be salesy or people will tune out Making it too long Most people will sit through 30-60 seconds… but by 90 seconds you’ve lost nearly 60% of your audience Don’t use stock art, you need custom design to match your brand Don’t use autoplay: People will tune out “Going viral” is not a strategy. It’s a result. And it’s rare. 

Want to Seriously Increase Your Profits?

Make a kick-a*s video

How Your Business Can Benefit From An Explainer Video

Explainer Videos Benefit Business

Explainer Videos Boost Search Engine Results, Make Conversions and Increase Sales.

That means more for your bottom line. Cha-ching!

So, what is an “explainer video” (also referred to as “explanatory video”)?

A short video that:

  • Explains a product or service
  • Increases understanding
  • Makes people care
  • Helps make informed buying decisions

To create an effective explainer video, you have to simplify your message into an easy-to-understand package and cause the viewer to take action.

7 details of a successful explanation video

1. Simplicity

A 60 second video has about 150 words, so you’ve got to keep it simple. Don’t overcrowd with content – People need time to retain what they’re watching.

2. Priority Given To Script

Your script is the most important part of your explainer video. Don’t rush through this step.

Studies show that if you only stimulate the auditory sense, people remember 10% of what they hear. Stimulate both with audio & visuals and people will remember up to 70%.

3. Contains Little-To-No Jargon

I know you want to sound smart, but you don’t want to sound so complicated that people tune you out. They need to quickly understand what sets you apart. They don’t want to hear about your “transmellation” or “quotient dividing participial seusses”.

4. Addresses the Right Audience

This is common sense, but many people don’t do the research on the target market that the video is for. Know your audience and speak to them more efficiently.

5. Fun to Watch

The quickest way for something to become memorable is through laughter. Something in our brain is activated that makes us much more likely to remember it.

6. Tells a Story

Stories are in our DNA. It’s how we learned growing up and how we connect to new ideas. Use stories to influence decision makers. Don’t get too into the details. Nobody wants to hear about the 26 reasons your product is better.

7. Has a Clear Call To Action

Tell your viewer what you want them to do. Sign up for your newsletter, go to your site, download your app, call you? Make it clear and they’ll likely do as you ask.

What Must Be Included:

Explainer Video Format


Help facilitate empathy and get your viewer to relate to the problem. From the very beginning, show them relevance. If you’re looking to touch their emotions, it must be funny, upsetting, uplifting, or offensive. Whatever emotion, it has to hit hard for them to be able to remember it.


Now that the viewer has a connection with the video, convey your offering as the answer to their problem. Next, you’ll provide a little detail on the benefits.


Explain why you’re the better option than your competitor. Now that they know you exist, you have to quickly share the top 3 benefits that set your solution apart. This is where you can include more details about your product or service.


Reiterate the fact how you solve the original problem and call forth action such as “Check out our website,” “Click the link,” “sign up today,” etc.


It’s all in the delivery and knowing the brain science to craft an effective explainer video.

At Explainify, we study that brain science every day and as a recent result our client, CaseComplete, realized a 23% increase in conversions (out of thousands of conversions) and increased sales significantly after placing their Explainify video on their landing page. Read the case study here.

Explainify Case Study - Video Marketing