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10 Reasons Why You Should Host Your Videos On Wistia

10 Reasons You Should Host Your Video On Wistia

If you find yourself taking your first steps into the crazy, wonderful world of video marketing, at some point you’re going to have to reckon with the question of video hosting. Most marketers assume they can put their video content on YouTube and let the views start rolling in.

But there are a couple of problems with this. First, YouTube is structured so that your video will drive traffic to YouTube – which means people are more likely to stay on YouTube, instead of clicking through to your site. Plus, YouTube serves up tons of ads, which means your video’s message gets diluted by other brands. Do you really want to go head-to-head with a Big Mac ad?

Luckily, for marketers and business owners – there’s good news. It’s called Wistia, and it’s a video hosting platform specifically designed for businesses.

Since discovering it in 2012, we’ve been proud Wistia customers and advocates, so we figured it’s about time to tell the world why we love Wistia so much – and how it can help your business in a million different ways. We’ll start with 10.

1. Prospective customers come to your site, not YouTube

If viewers share your video on YouTube rather than your home page or sales page, (somewhere you have the potential to convert them) you are seriously missing out on the equity that link provides. Instead, YouTube is getting all the traffic and revenue for themselves by serving up ads. That viewer will never see your site. You won’t get that sale or signup. It’s gone, forever.

Host Video with Wistia

2. Video analytics

Wistia analytics gives amazing insight about how your videos are doing. There’s an engagement graph that shows how engaged your viewers are at all times during the video as well as heatmaps to see individual viewer insights and even a summary of loads, visitors, play rate, plays, hours watched and average engagement percentage.

Wistia Analytics


Through color coding you can see how much of your video has been watched, how many times it’s been played or replayed and even where it’s had a rewind or skip. Use this information to see what parts of your message resonates with your viewers and so much more.

Below: Heatmap showing great engagement % (right), and rewatches (yellow, orange, red). To see it in action, click the picture!

Wistia Heatmap

3. Call to action

What’s a “sales video” without a call to action? Wistia gives you the ability to include a clickable call to action at the end of your video. Use this feature to drive more traffic to your sales page or wherever else you’d like to take your viewer.

Wistia call to action

4. Capture email

Much like the “Call to action”, you can enable the video player to require someone to enter their email address before, in the middle or at the end of the video. They’ve even got it setup to integrate directly with your newsletter service providers (Mailchimp, AWeber, Constant Contact to name a few).

Wistia email capture

5. No ads

YouTube is notorious for advertisements. They make the majority of their money by viewers watching pre-roll and in-video ads. How professional is it to be talking about your business and an ad pop up on your prospective client? That’s just rude.

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6. Video SEO

Wistia was (and continues to be) built with web marketing in mind. It has video SEO tools built-in, allowing you to easily (even if you’re not a techy nerd) add metadata like Title, Description, Tags, Etc. so that your video comes up first in Google search results. They even make it easy for you to update your webpage’s sitemap so Google’s spider can easily find your videos for indexing.

Wistia sitemap

7. You control look, feel and function

With Wistia’s SuperEmbed Builder you have so much control over what your video player looks like. Change the size, color, add social sharing links (Facebook, Twitter, Email, Etc.), and more. This comes in really handy when you want a custom style to match a certain page or your brand.

Custom thumbnails

Your video’s thumbnail is something you should pay very close attention to. An optimized thumbnail can dramatically increase your conversion rate, so choose wisely. Most video platforms automatically select 3 thumbnails and honestly, you usually don’t want what they pick. Wistia allows you to choose any frame of the video, or if you want to design something custom – you can do that too. Powerful!

Below: Custom player and thumbnail to match branding and site for

Wistia custom

8. Email marketing

Embed your video directly into your email. This is a pretty cool feature. Just copy the code from the email marketing page into your newsletter service provider HTML section and the video will be posted complete with a play button and the thumbnail you’ve already optimized. You can even change it so the reader can go directly to your website (or any other URL) to watch the video.

Wistia email marketing

9. Flawless delivery on every device

It’s quite a headache when you can’t view a video on a mobile site because it’s not “optimized” for your particular device. Well, Wistia knows that which is why they’ve made their player 100% compatible with all devices. It doesn’t matter whether you have Flash or HTML5 compatible browsers – you’re getting that video!

10. Wistia support is off the hook

Wistia’s support is amazing. They’ve answered every email or tweet I’ve ever had within 1 day. Most of the time it’s within a few hours. They won’t stop until the problem is solved and what’s pretty amazing is nearly anyone on the team (not just support) can help solve the problem. Even if they have to go into the code and fix it. That’s pretty rare for a business.

Also, every feature is extremely well documented and there’s usually even a video with help on the page right when you need it. Nothing like that paperclip from Microsoft Office, though.

Wistia Support

I can’t speak highly enough about their support.

Do your business a favor and give Wistia a shot. They know you’ll like it so much they’ll let you have 3 videos absolutely free. That’s how we got started and the rest is history.

See all the features here:

FYI – There are no affiliate links here. We’re just proud customers.



New Explainer Video: Field Agent


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Explainer Video by

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Field Agent has changed the way the world collects business information.

Comprised of business people, analysts and researchers, we are the first company to combine the power of crowdsourcing with mobile technology to deliver real time information.

Think about it…there are hundreds of millions of real shoppers around the world who already own smart devices. We developed a model where these shoppers can download our app and build their personal profiles. We call these shoppers Agents ­think of them as your global eyes and ears. Tell us what you want to know and we’ll have our Agents mobilized.

For example, lets say… You launched a new kid’s product in 2500 retail stores across the country and want to check on their displays. We can send notifications to our Agents, who are your shoppers, and begin receiving information within minutes. Amazing! You just received pictures, data, and shopper feedback in almost real time!

And, we guarantee the quality of that information. We use proprietary algorithms and a dedicated team to verify the exact time, location, and results for every job ­ so you can trust that the information is accurate.

From there, we’ll quickly comprise a detailed report and summary analysis so you can spend more time on your business.

We are Field Agent! And we’re changing the way the world collects business information. ­It’s fast, easy, and fits within your budget.

Visit us at and we’ll get the ball rolling!

Field Agent Corporate Explainer Video

How To Share Videos And Make A Bigger Impact

Sharing Your Explainer Video

So, you’re trying to sell your house, but all you do is write a status update on Facebook that your house is for sale. That’s it. How many people are going to see that? 100… if you’re lucky. In all honesty, your house doesn’t have a fighting chance of being sold.

You need to “market” your house. The same thing goes for your web video.

Hire a realtor, put a sign in your yard, add it to Craigslist and Zillow, create a website, take photos, etc. Now you’re cookin’! The more people that see your house, the better chance you have of selling it.

If you’re looking to go “viral,” or at least to get your video in front of more than just your mom and a couple buddies from college, you need to market your video.

Many people assume that viral videos get millions of views just because they’re funny. Sometimes that’s the case. But what about all of the other videos that are just as funny but never break the 100-view mark? It happens often, and it’s likely due to the fact that someone uploaded the video and expected views to simply roll in.

Video seeding is a fairly new marketing tactic. Well, it’s not new – but it is gaining traction more quickly these days. Basically, it’s a way to get video views organically from video communities, word-of-mouth, blogs and through social networks. It’s used by major advertisers like GM, Nike, Coke, Gatorade, Microsoft and many more. You’d be surprised by the amount of “viral” content that has been professionally seeded when you thought it was just funny and successful on its own merits.

There are 2 ways to seed: the organic, free way or the paid way. Here, I’ll discuss both.

Free Seeding (What you should first do with a new video)

1. Tell the world

To begin telling the world about your video, you must choose the right distribution outlets to pull in the viewers you want – to the places you want. Some great places to start are YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telly, and Pinterest. I think more is better with distribution, so I recommend that you upload to all of these channels by default. If you only care about view count, then YouTube is the best solution. However, if you want to drive viewers to your site, then YouTube may not be the best. If you’re a business I can’t recommend Wistia enough. Wistia is a professional paid hosting site with phenomenal SEO tools and analytics. Wistia will even host 3 of your videos for free to start – so give it a shot. We use it on all our videos and it’s amazing. With the great analytics insight, you can see what is working and what isn’t.

Wistia Explainer Video Analytics

Also, depending on your content, consider posting to social news sites like Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Devour, etc. If your content gets popular on sites like these, it’s likely to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people and has a much better chance of going viral.

2. Post on your website

Posting your video on your website is a great way to get people to interact with your site! It is recommended that the video be placed at the top of your homepage (above the fold) and be at least 640×360 pixels in size. You put a lot into your video, so why would you hide it on a subpage or as a tiny hard-to-view video on a sidebar?

Video is the best way for people to quickly understand what you’re all about, so let them see it first. Encourage sharing by enabling social share links within the embed code.

Include a short description and a play button like the ones below.

Tip: Minimize the amount of text on your homepage (at least above the fold). Draw the attention to your video and your main messaging. Use an enticing thumbnail. Tell people to watch the video and consider mentioning how short it is.

Here are a few great examples of homepage video placement:

Homepage Explainer Video

Homepage Explainer Videos

Homepage Explainer Video EMI

3. Blog about it

Write a post around your new video. Talk about your product/service/message, include the video, and share the post on your social channels. In doing so, you will drive better search engine results to your blog. You may even draw in some business leads. Encourage other blogs to share the content as well (more about this in #6 below).

4. Email blast

This is a great time to reintroduce yourself to your clients/customers/leads through your new video! Send out an email promoting your video, encouraging viewership and urging your loyal client base to share it through their different social channels as well. You can even add a link to your video through your email signature – and you should!

5. Video SEO

There’s really a lot to this subject, so I’ll just touch on a few things.

The name of your video file should reflect the topic of the video itself. So, let’s say Zappos is uploading a video on “5 Ways to Cuff Your Jeans”. Their video filename should be something like “zappos-5-ways-to-cuff-your-jeans.mp4.” The same goes for the video title. In this case, it would be (and as this is a real life example from Kissmetrics – it is) 5 Ways to Cuff Your Jeans! Be sure to include this same phrase as a keyword. That helps too.

This sounds obvious, but many people upload video files with names such as “” or “MOV123.MP4”. Although this filename is not visible to the public, YouTube and Google will give search preference to video files whose names include topic keywords.

It is very important when posting your video that you know who your target audience is. Once you have established that, make sure you use keywords to increase search results and tagging options.

Examples: zappos, how to, jeans, denim, cuff, how to cuff your jeans, five ways to cuff your jeans, cuffing jeans, fashion.

There are plenty of keyword research tools out there. A really great free one is YouTube. You know how results start to fill in as you are searching on YouTube? These results are the top searched keywords and phrases. Use this to your advantage to see how people are searching for related videos and mimic them.

6. Find influencers

Don’t expect your video to go viral without this step. Making the video should not be a strategy or the objective. You want to identify with influencers who will love your video! This means that you don’t necessarily need to get it out to millions of people, but to key influencers that will get it out to their group and so on.

Make sure that you choose your category accordingly. This is very important to draw the right audience. For example, if you’re a bakery, you’d want to get bloggers that write about food and desserts on board to seed your video. They can create content around your video and share with their large follower-base, who will then share with theirs.

Don’t stop there. Think of places your audience hangs out on the web. Other blogs, forums, Facebook groups, YouTube channels, websites, etc. Seek them out and share where they’re at. You want people talking about your video, campaign or business. Make sure you keep them talking!

ReelSEO has some great tips on this:

Paid Seeding (If you’re an agency or have the money)

Sometimes you can do it all yourself, but when you can’t, there’s the option of hiring a seeding company like ViralGains, often used for big-time branded videos to get a viral kickstart.

You need a strategic plan, and that’s what seeding companies will give you. Comprehensive media planning includes demographics, geographics, psychographics and vertical markets.

ViralGains Video Marketing

A typical video advertising agency will treat your video as an ad. It’s much less likely you’ll share an ad from the TV, radio, etc, right? A seeding company will seed your video socially, utilizing YouTube, social media, blogs, mobile, social games and influencers. Because it’s easy to pass around, this ensures the message gets shared by more users than a traditional ad.

To break it down, let’s say you pay for 100k views (paid media). Either will get you 100k views. But with the seeded content there’s now conversation around your content and you can maximize on the extra views you get from it (earned media).

Most work as CPV (Cost per view) placements. You only pay for real engagements, not just a computer bumping up numbers. There are companies that do that. You don’t want them.

Samsung is a great example of how successful you can be with paid media. They’re officially the most viral brand in video ads for 2012.

Whether you’re paying for views or not, you must captivate people. If your video doesn’t do that, then there’s a great possibility it will never go viral and reach the people you want. It must be entertaining. And that doesn’t necessarily mean funny. Remember – there’s a lot of noise on the web (over 72 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every single minute) so your video has to appeal to the reasons why humans share content.

Be strategic and work hard to get your video seen! People will listen and believe in what you do. Show them your passion and watch your business, message or campaign thrive!

Happy seeding!