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Is Your Message Memorable?

Make Your Message Memorable

When’s the last time you heard a conversation about a great elevator pitch someone heard? Probably never.

Are you entertaining or boring your potential customers? Be memorable. This means you may have to be unconventional. Ditch the long copy. Make memorable videos.

Explainer videos are the hottest new marketing trend. They engage viewers in a short amount of time – and if executed correctly will convert viewers into clients. They’re different than ads. They use language that people aren’t used to, make you laugh with quirky subjects and keep your attention like nothing before.

  • Visitors who view videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. (Internet Retailer, April 2010)
  • With proper optimization, video increases the chance of a front-page Google result by 53x. (Forrester, January 2010)
  • 86.5% of all US Internet users watched online video during the month. The average viewer watched 187 videos and 12.7 hours of online video during the month. (Comscore, February 2010)
  • A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. (Forrester, January 2009)

Try an Explainer. You’ll be surprised by the response you’ll see. People will like, share and talk about you like never before!

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Success By Association

Surround yourself with great people. Network like a beast! Meet everyone. You never know who somebody will know or what they will get into next year. It’s amazing when I look back at some people I knew that I’d just talk to occasionally. Now we catch up on Facebook and they’re an expert in their field… and can help me with something or know of someone who needs my services.

Grow tough skin. Get rejected. Don’t be afraid of what people think about you. There will be haters. There will be lovers. Stick to the lovers. They can help you. You can help them.

Success by Association iPhone App Trailer


The good folks at MobileFWD commissioned Explainify to create a killer trailer for the launch of their new iPhone app,

“Working with Eric is always great. His work is stellar and highly creative. He can shape a vision and execute a great story through the use of video and motion graphics. I would definitely hire again and our customers love the work he does. Explainify has big things in its future!” – Joey Nelson, MobileFWD

We get excited every time Joey or Matt call us up and tell us about what’s going on. We love their story, so we jump at the chance to help them out. Whether it’s creating a teaser for an app that’s still in it’s infancy, shooting a pitch to investors or creating a trailer for the official iTunes launch – we are in!

In my agency days, I’ve gotten to know the 2 and have now watched them step out in faith and try to change the industry firsthand. Today is the day – MobileFWD’s first app launch (they’ve done many before, just not under the pseudo).

We’re beyond elated for them, would like to thank them for helping Explainify grow – and wish them all the best!

Go download the app now! Paid or Free versions available.

Freedom To Think

What I didn’t realize, when I held a salary position, was the amount of cool people I was missing out on meeting and my true potential. You can become pretty settled as an employee and start to not realize your potential. Stepping out and launching a startup really stretches your brain. You will do so much more when you have more of a vested interest in what you’re working on. That’s better for your clients! It’s unfortunate employers don’t typically grasp that. Instead, they go with the replaceable cog method – whether they think they do or not – and client work often can become stale. Work with freelancers and startup creatives. They have more of a vested interest and want to see you, the client, succeed!

Freedom to Think

Passion Motivates Us

You hear the word “passion” used a lot by entrepreneurs. Why is that? This article states that passion is just as important as talent – maybe even more important. We agree with that. There are many talented creatives and marketers, but are they passionate about what they do? Are they passionate enough to market your product effectively? Think about it.

Passion Motivates Us